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What Are The Steps In Video Production?

Navigation: Step by Step Process for Producing Videos, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production Video marketing is everywhere, and if you’re not producing


Is Video Better Than Text?

Navigation: Is Video More Effective At Helping You Sell More Than Written Words?, Videos are Eye-Catching, Videos are More Engaging,

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Robin Tucker – Kennected Interview

We are so greatful for amazing customers like Robin Tucker from The Frantrepreneur. We have worked with thousands of people


How Do You Distribute A Video?

Navigation: Place it on Your Website, Add it to Your Landing Pages, Distribute it on Social Media, Upload it on


What Does A Video Marketer Do?

Navigation: What is Video Marketing?, What Does a Video Marketer Do?   A video marketer is anyone who uses video


How Do I Create Video Content?

Navigation: Choose an Interesting Topic, Select the Right Video Format, Write a Script, Prepare Your Equipment, Find the Best Location


How Do You Practice Videography?

Navigation: Use the Equipment You Have, It’s All about Lighting, Look for a Simple Background, Mind Your Framing and Composition,

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Kennected Custom Shoes

Shout Out To The Canvas Project For These Absolutely 🔥Shoes​ As some of you know, our CEO Devin Johnson is

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