BigLinker LinkedIn Automation VS. Kennected: What Is The Best Lead Generation Tool?

LinkedIn is by far the biggest social networking site for businesses and professionals. It is therefore one of the best platforms for lead generation.

Automation tools like Kennected and BigLinker help users make the most out of LinkedIn. However, it can be difficult to choose only one LinkedIn automation tool. It is important to take a closer look at all the options and see which one will suit you best.

BigLinker vs. Kennected for LinkedIn Automation Supremacy

BigLinker and Kennected both have thousands of professionals using their lead generation tools to find their target audience on LinkedIn. However, the approach used by BigLinker and Kennected are quite different from one another.

BigLinker Overview

BigLinker is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps users automate their LinkedIn profile, generate leads, and make new connections. Its primary functions include automating targeting and messaging, and generating leads and prospects. Just like Kennected, it is used by thousands of professionals to generate leads and sales.

LinkedIn users simply input their search parameters based on the type of person they want to connect with, and the connection requests are sent automatically to the targeted query. Users can search by job title, location, company, industry, or name. BigLinker provides 3,000 requests per month.

Similar to Kennected’s personalized follow-ups, BigLinker lets users enter a follow-up message that gets sent automatically to anyone who accepts the connection request. Users can even create a series of follow up messages that will be sent automatically based on a set schedule.

BigLinker can also be used as a Sales CRM to track at what point certain leads are in the sales cycle. Finally, BigLinker also lets users download all of their connections by exporting name, title, phone numbers, email addresses, and more into an XLS or CSV file.

BigLinker is quite easy to use, with no tech knowledge necessary.

Kennected Overview

Kennected is a LinkedIn automation and lead generation tool that’s perfect for marketers, salespeople, coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants, realtors, and many other professionals looking to find leads. Kennected simplifies the lead generation process by automating your outreach, personalizing your follow ups, building real relationships at scale, and helping you create new revenue streams.

This automation tool is easy to use. It has data-rich filters that help users find their ideal audience more easily. Once you have fine-tuned your outreach using accurate data, you can launch your campaign and wait for the connections to come rolling in.

Kennected gives users 30+ proven scripts to help get better results on your outreach. With its onboarding process, users can start seeing results within a few days. This automation platform helps you bring in a steady stream of connections, appointments and sales through LinkedIn. It takes out the frustration out of prospecting.

Why Our Onboarding Process Is Superior

What gives Kennected the edge over its competitors is that it structures campaigns based on each individual customer’s unique needs and goals. It helps save time by focusing on what matters: this automation platform empowers customers to work on their business and not in it.

Overall, its lead generation is better than most tools in the market. Kennected helps you connect with people at scale, building your sales pipeline even while you sleep. It effectively takes the place of cold calling, prospecting, and going to time-consuming networking events. Manually prospecting on LinkedIn can sometimes work out—but using automation tools will more than triple those results. Kennected gives thousands of users a better way of generating leads.

BigLinker and Kennected have many similar features that are commonly associated with LinkedIn automation and lead generation.

BigLinker is a reliable tool by itself. However, Kennected has a bit of an edge because of its personalized campaigns. By using data to provide laser accurate search results and personalizing each campaign, Kennected gives users exactly what they need to take their business to the next level.

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