Best Video Marketing Platform For LinkedIn Outreach

Breaking patterns on LinkedIn is an overlooked factor when people don’t find the success they expect on various platforms; sure you post some content on your page, and yes you sent that new connection a positive and professional message- but so did everyone else.

If I had a dollar for every generic connection message, or generic “thank you for connecting” message I got on LinkedIn, I wouldn’t be here writing LinkedIn tips for you because I’d be rich.

One of the best ways I’ve found to break the expectations of the masses on LinkedIn is by utilizing a personalized video service like “Loom” or “Bombbomb” to introduce yourself. Both of these platforms allow you to record a quick video, and depending on the purpose of a particular video mine range anywhere from 30 seconds, to 3 minutes, and send as a simple link with a thumbnail right in the LinkedIn chatbox. I like to film a quick video introducing myself to my new connections instead of sending them a generic thank you, and have found an overwhelming number of benefits to this.

  • Both Loom and Bombbomb notify you when someone has seen your video for the first time, which is a particularly useful bit of information in keeping on top of your new connections.
  • People are significantly more likely to engage with you once they’ve connected, and seen a video of you introducing yourself, as opposed to simply receiving a “Thanks for connecting, would love the opportunity to get to know each other more in the future!”
  • If I send a personalized video to John Doe, mentioning his name, or having his LinkedIn profile up, he will be more interested, and feel more comfortable with me and more obligated to respond- strengthening your relationship and building trust/rapport before you even meet (or e-meet.)

I have two different styles of personalized video content I tend to utilize, the first being that quick introduction, and the second being a slightly longer, personalized demonstration of the value I have to offer someone.

Both videos serve their purpose, and serve it well;

-After sending my introductory video, I receive a massively increased number of responses.

-After sending my quick demo video, I find a large number of bookings directly on my calendar.

Here’s a video made by one of our top sales specialists showing you how to implement video in your outreach:

Which One Is Best For Your Prospecting Efforts?

In all honesty, both platforms are really great and offer a lot of benefits. We use Loom because it’s super easy to use. 

REMEMBER:  One of the most important components of your video is an obvious call to action, or an easy way to schedule a time to talk with you.

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