Kennected Wins Powderkeg Award For Best Places To Work- 2020 National Tech Culture Awards!

We are humbled and excited to announce that Kennected has just received a national award for “best tech places to work in 2020” according to PowderKeg. Try as we might, we can’t get everyone to start spelling “culture” with a “k”. Trust us we’ve tried- so without further preamble, we are pleased to announce we are a Top Rated Kulture tech company to work for in 2020. If you are looking to start a career with massive room to grow, give us a hollar.

Kennected is honored to have received a few awards including:

  • 2020 Work-Life Balance Culture Award Winners

  • 2020 Leadership Team Culture Award Winners

  • 2020 Career Path Culture Award Winners

  • 2020 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Culture Award Winners

  • 2020 Sales & Marketing Team Culture Award Winners

Check out our profile on Powderkeg.

The award winners were selected after their participation in Powderkeg’s 2020 Tech Culture Awards, a survey that gathered information from technology-powered software, hardware, product, and services companies across the country about the culture within their workplace. Employees rated their companies and employers on several topics that contribute to company culture, including leadership, diversity and inclusion, career path, work-life balance, and remote work. There are also categories based on teams and regions where companies are headquartered. Awards are based on application responses and survey rankings by each company’s employees.

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