How To Find Coaching Clients in 2021

Social networking platforms are invaluable for coaches who are looking for more clients. These social channels allow coaches to find their target audience and easily connect with them online.

Social media in general is the most reliable way to secure leads especially now that we are moving into 2021. Even if trends shift and strategies change, we can be sure that social media will remain a big part of our lives for the near future. And so it is safe to invest in them.

If you are a coach and you want to increase your clients and expand your reach, social media is the most inexpensive approach you can take—and it’s also one of the most effective. So let’s take a closer look at the different online platforms you can use to grow your coaching business in 2021.

What are the Top Social Media Platforms for Coaches to Attract Clients?​

For those who are not active on social media, using it for marketing purposes may feel overwhelming. So we suggest that you spend a little more time getting to know all of these different platforms. This way, you can get a feel for what will work best for your own coaching business.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with one platform, you can move on to the next and try that one, and so on. In this current business landscape, everyone needs to be a little bit more internet savvy in order to thrive. Your competition will be using it for sure—so don’t get left behind.

Don’t worry though: even if you think you’re already arriving late to the scene, you’re not! If you’re only opening a new account today, you can still get a ton of business from it.

The key is in identifying where your target audience is. As a coach, you are probably already familiar with your target audience. You can use this to figure out where they are hanging out online. The good news is once you’ve identified the social networking platform they are using, you can focus all your marketing efforts on it.

The next step is to build a following. This will happen naturally over time, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. What you should focus on is the quality of your work. People will flock to you on their own if they can see the value of what you are offering. People want to know what they can learn from you—that’s why you need to showcase your value on social media.

Join a popular social networking site and start building your audience there.


LinkedIn is a great choice for coaches, primarily because of the site’s user base. LinkedIn members are professionals and the website itself is built to help them boost their career. The people you will find on LinkedIn are those who want to develop their skills and learn more skills. As a coach, you are equipped to give them the tools they need to take their career to the next level.

If you start working on your LinkedIn community, you will attract a lot of professionals, decision-makers, CEOs, business owners, etc. This is the world’s biggest professional networking platform, with over 760 million users as of 2020. We can assume that it will only keep growing next year.

So if your target audience is on LinkedIn, create your profile now and start connecting with them. LinkedIn is a great source of high quality leads.


Your goal on social media is to generate buzz through word of mouth. It’s this kind of organic marketing approach that you need in order to grow your coaching business, because people value authenticity. They would rather hear from their friends that you are a great coach rather than see a billboard of you saying that you are a great coach.

Facebook is one of the best platforms for generating that buzz. It is the most popular social media right now, and basically everyone has a profile here. If you want to find your target audience, they are probably spending their time on Facebook.

Facebook also supports many different types of content, which means you can share clips of your coaching programs, or write articles full of tips and tricks, etc.

Another benefit of Facebook is that you can join groups. Being an active member of a community can be just as effective as being a thought leader in your industry. Join a Facebook group for coaches or anything related to your niche. Be an active member: leave comments, start conversations, and develop strong relationships.


Social media marketing is more about substance rather than style. People enjoy flashy and interesting content, but they also want to get something valuable out of it. So no matter what type of content you create, make sure that you are giving value to your audience.

Twitter is a good example of this. Twitter is a microblogging platform where people can share their thoughts on just about anything. Most of the content you’ll find here are text-based, aside from the handful of videos, GIFs, and images you’ll see.

This means if you want to market yourself successfully on Twitter, your tweets need to be valuable. Grow your following by giving tips, tricks, and life hacks that are genuinely helpful. In between these tweets, you can also share clips of your programs. It’s all about value.

You can easily find your target audience on Twitter by just searching for hashtags and topics that are relevant to your niche. Twitter has over 330 million users per month—and you will surely find hundreds of people talking about your niche at any given time.


If you are worried about not having too many followers on social media, remember that algorithms have evolved and that engagement is now more important than your numbers. Instagram, for example, now places more value on the number of people commenting on posts over the person’s follower count.

This makes it even more important to provide value through content and encourage meaningful conversations with your followers.

Coaches can use this popular photo sharing platform to share clips and images of their programs in order to wow your prospects. Your content should drive engagement, and not just likes. The followers will come later.


As you can see, social media marketing and content marketing go hand in hand. It’s all a matter of finding where your audience is, and focusing all your content creation into that channel.

In terms of users, YouTube has even more active users per month compared to Facebook—with over 2 billion. YouTube is also the best platform for coaches who want to share their clips and programs online because it is built for video sharing.

Upload simple guides and keep your channel updated with content to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Add an attractive thumbnail and use relevant keywords to connect with your target audience.


Some people may dismiss TikTok as just a place for silly videos and dances. But marketers are starting to recognize this platform’s potential, because TikTok’s popularity is undeniable. TikTok is available in over 150 markets around the world, and it is where a lot of teenagers are spending their time.

TikTok can actually be used by coaches too. In fact, there are influencers on TikTok that use it to teach subjects like math, history, etc.—all in a fun and engaging way. If your content is entertaining and informative, people will come to watch.

So if your target audience is on TikTok, there’s no reason not to go for it. Don’t be afraid to try out different marketing channels, especially something as huge as TikTok. We can only expect it to get bigger by 2021, so it’s a safe investment right now.

Go where your audience is and grow your community there. Trends may change over time, and new social networking platforms may rise, but the ones listed here are already established. What’s more important is that you build a strong community and develop relationships with the people in your social media circle. That is how you can grow your coaching business online.

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