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SMS marketing software allow businesses and brands to connect with their leads in a more affordable way. Even with the popularity of social media, text messages are still an effective tool for reaching customers. This is why you need to use it as part of your marketing strategy whether you are running a small business or a larger corporation.

A lot of people use social media platforms to communicate. They prefer Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to connect with other people. But it doesn’t mean companies should limit their marketing strategies and not reach out to these leads using other platforms. Just like email marketing, SMS marketing is still useful even today.

In fact, reports say that SMS marketing campaigns can get 209% more response time than conventional marketing messages through email marketing, calls, etc. This puts text message marketing above other marketing strategies that only offer 98% open rates.

This is why we need to talk about SMS marketing software, SMS marketing tools, and SMS marketing services that you can use to connect with your leads and prospects.

When people say that SMS marketing is dead, they are only subscribing to a myth. Do not miss out on a fantastic source of leads. With the best SMS marketing software at your disposal, you can expand your network, get more customers, create more connections, and generate more revenue.

Here are some of the best SMS marketing software that you can try if you want to boost your SMS marketing campaigns.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a marketing strategy that involves sending messages that are either promotional or transactional. Prospects and customers can take action or receive information about whatever product or service you are currently promoting.

One of the best things about SMS marketing is that you can get creative with them. Your text messages can carry alerts, news, updates, and offers for those who are interested in your business and its offerings.

Those who have consented to receive text messages from you will be added to your SMS list, and with SMS marketing software, you will even have access to useful customer data.

You can either send your SMS messages in bulk or send them to different lists containing different phone numbers. The best SMS marketing software will be able to handle all of these transactional, informative, and promotional messages with ease. You can even send offers, discounts, and freebies to attract new and old customers. You can analyze response rates, generate reports, maintain your contact list, and send automated messages.

There is no reason not to use SMS marketing, especially with all of its benefits. It is an entirely new channel where you can reach your target audience.

Does SMS Marketing Still Work?

SMS marketing is still around even during this age of email marketing and social media. There are plenty of reasons for that. It is straightforward, relevant, and gives you direct access into your customers’ devices. It creates a strong, personal connection between you and your leads.

Right now, almost 3.8 billion people in the world have smartphones. Most of them use it actively. However, not all of them are active on social media—but they all receive text messages. This is why SMS marketing is such a rich source of high quality leads. It gives you plenty of opportunities to stay on top of your customer’s minds. This increases your conversion rates significantly.

SMS marketing software only make the argument in favor of this marketing strategy even more compelling. The best SMS marketing software out there can allow entrepreneurs to maximize the results of each text and reach as many people as possible.

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Benefits of SMS Marketing Software

Before we talk about some of the best SMS marketing software, let’s talk about some of the things you can expect when using these tools for SMS marketing. Using these tools for SMS campaigns lets you do more than send messages—they offer plenty of other benefits.

For example, you can send bulk text messages and even use message templates with certain messaging tools. This increases your delivery times, allowing you to reach more people with text messages, faster.

Because of the nature of text messages, they also have higher open and click-through rates.   The fact that you are texting people rather than using traditional ads means that you are connecting with leads directly. It doesn’t matter what kind of phone they are using or what provider. Unlike social media and emails, they don’t even need to open their profiles or accounts just to check your message.

SMS messages have 98% more open rates than emails. Their CTR rates are 9.18% higher than other digital marketing messages. So if you think SMS marketing is dead, you are missing out.

The best SMS marketing software also provide you with measurable results. You can get customer data, which can help you with contact management and customer relationship management. You can see just how effective your text messages are at getting the point across. These SMS services can show you how many of your texts were opened, how many were answered, etc. They then generate reports based on existing analytics. You can then review the data and strategize accordingly. Improve your marketing campaigns based on results.

Finally, text message marketing services are also generally affordable. Even with bulk messaging, you can send a much larger volume of messages without spending your entire marketing budget. You don’t have to spend anything on design because SMS messaging does not require it. You can just focus on the message you are trying to send.

Now we’re going to give you a breakdown of some of the best text message marketing software out there.


If you are running a small business and are looking for an SMS marketing software that offers a fully automated way to generate sales and revenue, try using Sender. This is an all-in-one email marketing and SMS marketing app that helps you reach your global market instantly.

With this SMS marketing software, you can grow your revenue while staying on budget. Sender has a step-by-step automation builder tool that helps you create workflows so you can send emails and texts precisely, 24/7.

It offers personalized text messages that help you connect with your subscribers better. They won’t feel like they are being spammed. You can even send targeted campaigns by using the power of segmentation—you can see which subscribers are most likely to convert and which ones need more nurturing.

Sender’s FREE Forever plan includes up to 15k monthly emails for up to 2,500 contacts. As for text messages, you can buy SMS credits  for $0.015. You can also upgrade to their monthly PRO plan that gives you $70 worth of SMS credits per month.


ActiveCampaign is one of the best SMS marketing platforms to use if you want to send follow-ups, quick reminders, flash sales, and more. Keep your most loyal customers updated on new promos, campaigns, and offers through ActiveCampaign’s SMS services. Easily schedule the delivery time for your text message marketing to maximize its impact.

Your customers prefer to receive updates via text rather than have to check their email for everything. They can give you their contact details, and ActiveCampaign will collect the phone numbers either manually or by importing them. Stay in touch with your existing customers and develop stronger relationships with them by using text message marketing.

You can get started with ActiveCampaign for $9 a month.


Klaviyo gives entrepreneurs the ability to build business relationships with their most loyal customers through text message marketing campaigns. With this SMS marketing software, you can send personalized texts, wish your customers a happy birthday, and share updates so that they are always the first to know about new products, offers, and promos.

Klaviyo lets you use text message marketing and email marketing from the same platform. It also gives you plenty of analytics to work with so you can see exactly how to grow your business based on sales performance.

Set automation workflows and schedule your messages ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it. You can send perfectly optimized text messages while managing other parts of your business.

What’s unique about Klaviyo is that your customers can register themselves using a form or using subscribe buttons. You can then estimate your price by checking how many contacts you have and pay Klaviyo accordingly.

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Similar to Sender, Omnisend makes it easier for businesses to run SMS marketing campaigns by integrating SMS and email marketing. This means you don’t have to run multiple tools for your SMS campaigns.

Omnisend provides pre-built workflows for things like shipping confirmation, birthdays, cart abandonment, etc. You can access its library of automation workflows and get what you need in just a few clicks. It offers a hassle-free setup with no-limit use cases.

It pushes email marketing and SMS into a single workflow, providing a consistent and personalized SMS experience for you and your customers. In fact, it even supports other country’s SMS codes, allowing you to reach a global audience. Use Omnisend to connect with your target audience no matter where they are.

Omnisend has a free trial, but you can also choose a plan starting at $16 a month for more features and functions.


Sendinblue is an SMS marketing platform that helps you connect with customers directly using SMS messages. It lets you collect a list of contacts from Sendinblue and send bulk SMS with a few clicks.

You can compose your text message, choose the list you want to send it to, and then schedule your messages. You can set an appropriate date and time for your text so you can go for maximum impact.

Sendinblue is great because it also lets you set up transactional SMS, order confirmations, shipping updates, and a lot more. You can use segmentation to create personalized messages and add individual attributes to your contacts for future texts. You can even analyze key engagement metrics to optimize your text messaging approach and get better results.

Sendinblue has a free and a paid plan that can suit your current needs and goals.


If you want a text message marketing platform that is easy to use, try TextMagic. With this top SMS marketing software, you can send alerts, notifications, and confirmations any time, anywhere. TextMagic also lets you personalize your messages whether you are contacting your suppliers, staff, or customers.

It also has a global reach, meaning you can take your text marketing campaign to users in over 190 countries. Aside from sending personalized text messages, you can even convert your emails into SMS so you can reach customers no matter what device they are using.

TextMagic offers a simple and cost-effective way of communication. Features include SMS attachments, MMS, SMS opt-out management, virtual mobile phone numbers, mail merge templates, and more.

We can consider TextMagic an all-in-one text messaging software because of all its functions. It even supports many different languages including Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and English, among others.


Drip is one of the best SMS marketing platforms because it has an easy workflow builder which allows you to automate processes and drive better outcomes. Generate revenue by sending valuable messages and easily establishing connections with your most valuable leads.

Drip lets you schedule your SMS marketing messages by setting up a proper date and time for each text. You can also use text messaging to promote holiday sales, product launches, VIP campaigns, and other time-sensitive offers.

Drip has a 14-day free trial as well as a few paid plans that are based on your number of customers. The most affordable one costs $7.50 for 500 texts.

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Reliable SMS marketing tools can help your small business if you don’t know how to implement these brand new marketing strategies. ManyChat is a software for SMS marketing that helps you reach out to your customers without interrupting their day with calls.

With ManyChat, you can send messages and tell customers about sales, coupons, promos, and discounts. It’s quick and easy. And you don’t have to waste their time to get your message across. You can even connect it with Facebook Messenger or with emails to chat with customers for free.

ManyChat also lets you create SMS drip campaigns like 7-day challenges and monthly newsletters. This will help keep your customers updated and engaged. It’s the perfect SMS tool for nurturing customer relationships. Collect their reviews and feedback by sending them surveys and using two way messaging.

ManyChat is designed to provide a seamless experience for you and your customers.


Speaking of the best text message marketing platforms, SlickText should be one of the tools you consider for your own SMS campaigns. It is one of the most trusted leaders in the SMS marketing industry. It is full of features that can work well on any device.

For example, you can use SlickText to attach a picture to your SMS marketing campaign and get better responses from customers. Set up messages ahead of time and schedule them for a specific date and time. You can even set auto-reply messages for customer responses. Activate two-way messaging and develop stronger connections with customers.

No matter what services or features you are using, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time you like. It has a 14-day free trial, after which you can go for one of SlickText’s paid plans, starting at $29 per month.


EngageBay is among the top text message marketing services out there. You can send an SMS message to thousands of leads and then track all of their responses in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

You can also personalize your campaign to increase your chances of getting a reply. If you want to make things easier, you can add the SMS function to automation workflows so you can update customers on certain events like product updates, failed payments, new promos, cart abandonment, etc. Segmentation is one of the most useful features of a text message marketing platform. EngageBay makes it simple to use marketing workflows without any coding knowledge.

Easily organize your text message marketing campaigns with EngageBay’s powerful visuals. It also provides analytics and data so you can track your campaign’s progress and see how effective each message is.

Business owners can use EngageBay for free for 500 contacts and up to 1000 branded emails. If you want to add more connections, EngageBay’s premium plans start at $8.99.

SMS Marketing Platforms: Best Practices?

Now that you know some of the best SMS marketing software for text message marketing, it is time to talk about some best practices when using them.

First, you need to make sure that everyone in your contact list for your text messaging campaign have opted to receive your text messages. You don’t want to bother those who are not interested in your products and services. For SMS marketing, you are better off targeting those who are genuinely interested in your business.

With the right audience, all you have to worry about is the timing of your message. You need to base it on their location and time zone, if necessary. Do not send a text during odd hours. You might not get a reply. They might not even open it.

The good news is that if you time it right, people are likely to open your text and read it. SMS marketing is known for high open and click through rates.

Even though you are guaranteed your audience’s attention, you still need to find a way to keep it. So keep your text messages short and simple. Use the SMS marketing software above to send personalized text messages. You can even use relevant links to keep them engaged for longer. If you want a pro tip: make the first line of your text eye-catching or important to increase your audience’s chances of reading the whole thing.

Don’t forget to use your brand name so that they know exactly who you are. Also add all the necessary disclaimers at the end.

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More than Sending SMS Messages: Use Kennected to Generate More Lead

SMS marketing is far from dead, and you need to make the most out of it. SMS marketing software prove that this marketing strategy is still one of the best ways to generate and convert leads today. SMS marketing software give you a direct line of contact to your most valuable customers.

While you leverage SMS marketing, don’t forget to use Kennected to boost your lead generation efforts. Choose any of the SMS marketing platforms mentioned above, and then use it with Kennected to get the best results.

Kennected is a LinkedIn automation tool that simplifies your lead generation. With it, you can unlock the power of automated lead generation. But this revolutionary marketing software is more than just automated lead generation. Kennected clients have stayed on board because it helps businesses enjoy unmatched return on investment with its Lead Flow Mastery education platform.

Kennected taps into LinkedIn’s database of professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and decision makers to bring you the best possible leads for your business. Choose your target audience with ease and find your exact target customers.

Much like the SMS marketing platforms we mentioned above, Kennected also lets you personalize your messaging so that it will resonate with your target audience and lead to more conversions. If you want to find a way to stand out in your prospect’s inbox, personalizing your messages is essential. And just like any SMS marketing platform, Kennected does that for you automatically.

Kennected’s Smart Inbox is integrated with your LinkedIn so you can manage all of your prospects’ communication. Imagine being able to send personalized messages to everyone in your defined area or town that has a LinkedIn account. You can craft an offer that is exclusive to LinkedIn. Whether the lead buys something off of your first message or just chooses to connect with you—you win. Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you have access to their email, phone numbers, and other information that are publicly available.

We can help you build up your SMS list as well as email list for your email marketing campaigns. And we can do so at a lower cost than mailers. It’s about being everywhere your ideal potential customers are. Kennected can help you grow your business.

More than 17,000 clients trust Kennected to help grow their businesses. You can be one of them. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more.

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