Which SMS Gateway Is Best In India

In India, there are 10 main SMS gateways to choose from, but the bulk SMS service provider called Kaleyra is most highly rated across several pre-rated categories.

Each of the SMS gateway providers presents a slightly different array of benefits, and each can be used to create SMS campaigns for bulk messaging.

Let’s take a look at the service providers in India and see exactly what they have to offer businesses in the way of an SMS gateway service.

Who Are The Bulk SMS Service Providers?

The 10 service providers in India that are most frequently employed by businesses are as follows:

  1. TextLocal

  2. Kaleyra

  3. GupShup

  4. Msg91

  5. 2Factor

  6. Fast2SMS

  7. BulkSMS

  8. InfoBip

  9. Bulk SMS Gateway

  10. Exotel

Source for this list is included here:

As an SMS gateway provider, each of these platforms are able to send SMS messages, receive SMS text messages, send promotional SMS, create personalized messages on their API or web platform, and utilize voice SMS as well.

As the best SMS gateway providers, these ten platforms each offer a slightly different approach for their SMS marketing capabilities.

Before we can truly determine which of these bulk SMS service providers is one of the best SMS providers in India, we first need to see the categories that can definitively measure these providers against one another.

What Categories Determine a Successful SMS Gateway Provider?

Each of these SMS providers in India are weighed against one another through 4 main categories.

  1. SMS APIs

  2. Web Messaging Interface

  3. Operator Connections

  4. Flexible Pricing

As performance driven messaging services, it is important to take a look at which SMS providers do the best job of mastering each of these four elements in their SMS API integration.

The first category of measurement is arguably the most vital element of what makes a successful premium service provider in India, so let’s first define the concept.

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What is an SMS API?

In simple terms, an SMS API platform is used for sending short messages from a business to a designated client base using code.

SMS stands for “short message service” and API stands for “application programming interface.”

An SMS API is used to describe any bulk SMS provider that can enable SMS functionality for your business.

The term is used not only to describe SMS providers in India, but also for any country worldwide that seeks to employ the benefits of a messaging API and free SMS credits.

Each of the SMS API providers listed above fall under the category of an SMS gateway API, so the measurements and comparisons do not tell us anything about their effectiveness at this stage.

When you utilize SMS and the bulk SMS services, the first thing you should note is if they are classified as an SMS API and bulk SMS provider.

Since the 10 best bulk SMS service providers in India are all classified in this manner, let’s move on to the next category.

Web Messaging API (Interface)

Web messaging API refers to the ability for messages and documents to be read across a wide variety of different domains while within a web browser.

As an SMS gateway provider, it is extremely important to have a solid rating in this category, as it ensures accessibility across platforms for your content in the creation and delivery status stage.

Even though this is a vital function for bulk SMS service providers and SMS API to have, not every SMS gateway provider caters to this need.

In fact, only 6 out of the 10 upcoming SMS gateway providers feature web messaging APIs in their bulk SMS gateway.

The SMS APIs that do have web messaging API integration are as follows:

  1. Text Local

  2. Kaleyra

  3. Fast2SMS

  4. BulkSMS

  5. InfoBip

  6. Bulk SMS Gateway

Since this is only the second category of measurement, we still have a fair number of platforms that are in the running for best SMS gateway provider in India.

In the US, some bulk SMS providers that are similar to the above 6 include Twilio SMS API, Nexmo SMS API, Telesign SMS API, and CRM and ERP softwares.

Each of these bulk SMS service providers has the ability to send transactional SMS, promotional SMS, and use free SMS API to send SMS to specified mobile phones.

Now that we have narrowed down our list from 10 to 6, let’s move on to the next category: Operator Connections.

Operator Connections

Operator connections is a way to refer to the option that your business will have to connect your specific company name with the SMS provider when you send bulk SMS.

This sort of SMS API integration is very helpful for when you want to directly manage your SMS messages or send bulk SMS campaigns.

This feature is excellent for businesses to employ when they are using an SMS service.

From our previous list of 6 of the best SMS messaging platforms, we now have only 4:

  1. Text Local

  2. Kaleyra

  3. InfoBip

  4. Bulk SMS Gateway

In addition to sending and receiving, each of these bulk SMS services excels in sending and receiving premium SMS messages, group SMS, google spreadsheet plugin, and the ability to send unlimited SMS for small and medium enterprises.

These service providers in India ensure their prowess as an SMS gateway service through having an SMS API, web message cohesion with their API, and operator connections, but still one category remains: flexible pricing.

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Flexible Pricing

Out of the initial 10 most utilized service providers in India, only two of the bulk SMS providers have flexible pricing options:

  1. Kaleyra

  2. MSG91

It is logical to feature flexible pricing options for businesses depending on the SMS service and text messages they will be sending.

When it comes to SMS communication, there are quite a few items that might require flexible pricing: the integration of a WhatsApp business, using FB messenger, an excel plugin, and SMS alerts all add robust messaging capabilities for mobile phone networks.

Now that we know the categories that deem SMS services capable and most useful for your business, let’s take a look at the tangible benefits of using SMS API for your business.

Benefits of SMS APIs

Some of the main highly touted benefits of including SMS APIs in your marketing strategy are as follows:

  1. The ability to send SMS and makes sales through text messages.

  2. Sending promotional SMS to boost your product or service.

  3. Using SMS marketing to foster client relationships.

  4. Using the at rest API features to view delivery status, google spreadsheet plugin, excel plugin, and other SMS services.

  5. Send bulk SMS using your best SMS gateway provider.

Ultimately, you want to choose the bulk SMS provider that best suits the needs of your business, while also allowing you to send transactional SMS and use SMS marketing techniques to your advantage.

Each bulk SMS service provider features a slightly different set of benefits, so do your research!

Choose your own SMS provider based on what the way you want to send SMS.

How Kennected Evaluates SMS Gateways

Much like any company worldwide, Kennected values bulk SMS service providers that can give your business as much flexibility and help as they can.

Transactional SMS, at rest API functions, and the ability to connect with your clients conveniently are all functions of SMS that we value highly and seek to incorporate in our marketing strategy.

The categories described above are extremely helpful for determining which bulk SMS providers would work best for your business.

Make sure to maximize your transactional SMS efforts, as well as the other helpful functions that bulk SMS providers can do for you.

The sooner you begin your own SMS campaign, the sooner you’ll see just how much your marketing efforts can and will improve. 

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