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When you engage in LinkedIn outreach campaigns, the best thing you can do is add a personalized message to serve as a pitch for your business. This will help you to differentiate yourself from other individuals, even from within the same LinkedIn group.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • How to message a mutual connection

  • If a message template for a connection request is necessary

  • When message templates should be used

  • How to use a LinkedIn message template effectively

  • How Kennected uses automation tools to enhance messaging

Read on to learn all about how to send the best LinkedIn message to get a meeting and how you can reach your target audience more effectively using personalization rather than a cold message.

How to Message a Mutual Connection

LinkedIn messages serve as a great way to connect and build relationships with those you are connected to on the platform.

There are two main forms of messaging on the platform: LinkedIn cold messages or warm messages.

Both types of messaging can include a connection request template, and both forms would be strengthened as a result of a template.

When you use cold message templates, you are sending messages from your LinkedIn profile to individuals you have not previously connected with.

You can use cold message templates for posting valuable resources, reaching out to a LinkedIn user, or sharing information about a LinkedIn event.

When sending cold messages, it’s best to consider these messages as a sales pitch.

You want to expand your professional network and receive a follow up message from this person, so be charismatic and intentional with your cold messages.

Warm messages include the following:

Any form of messaging on LinkedIn, whether warm, cold, or accompanying connection requests, should be personalized and portray your brand persona.

Every inmail message you send is an opportunity to expand your business, so take this practice seriously.

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Should You Send a Message With a Connection Request?

Every connection request you send should feature a message alongside it.

This is where message templates come into play, and you will find that automation tools are equipped to aid you in this endeavor.

Each message you send from your LinkedIn profile should be intentional and aim to accomplish a specific goal, and that includes when you are sending a connection request.

When a connection request contains a message, the individual receiving it is more likely to respond to you and to want to engage in conversation.

When are LinkedIn Message Templates Best Used?

LinkedIn message templates can be used for any messaging you are doing on the platform.

They can be used for the following:

  • Connection request messages

  • Promoting a LinkedIn event

  • LinkedIn networking

  • Alongside a post

  • When messaging a mutual friend

  • When speaking with someone in the same industry

  • Connecting with like minded business leaders

  • Providing feedback

  • Customer support

You can use a message to initiate a conversation, or even transition from the platform for a quick phone call.

Each basic template you create should have a catchy subject line to open the message and initiate conversation.

Use messaging to boost sales and for lead generation purposes every single day.

How to Use a LinkedIn Message Template Effectively

When you create a template, you need to think about the reception of the message you are sending out.

Each message has an intention and goal behind it, but what does the other person see?

Think carefully about the goal of each message you send, and ensure that the templates you have created support this goal.

Here are some best practices for using a template effectively:

  • Use message copy

  • Find common ground

  • Include company name

  • Include business needs

  • Use a boolean search to find leads to message

  • Look at search results

  • Connect with people interested in your business and building partnerships

  • Include personalization

  • Make more deals through your messages

Invite your leads to have a quick call with you.

Choose a background image and profile photo that embodies your business.

See who is working on similar projects and model after their methods

Focus on generating leads and sending relevant messages to qualified leads.

Create a message copy that serves your business.

There are a lot of incredible companies out there who launch successful outreach campaigns with their message templates.

Do your research and find how your templates can be structured to best suit the needs of your business.

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How Kennected Uses LinkedIn Messaging Effectively Through Automation

Here at Kennected, we have recognized the power of LinkedIn.

It is a platform unlike any other, and the opportunities it provides for connectivity and relationship building are exciting for businesses.

Use the platform to your advantage through automation and software tools.

Your templates will be extremely successful and help to strengthen your business messaging.

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