Best LinkedIn Connection Messages for Sales

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When it comes to growing your professional network and making more sales on the LinkedIn platform, it is a good idea to use LinkedIn messages to your advantage. Send a LinkedIn connection request message alongside every single one of your connection requests, and be sure to personalize these messages to encourage conversation.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What a LinkedIn connection request is and does

  • If a connection request should contain a LinkedIn message

  • Best practices for each LinkedIn connection request message

  • How to use automation within your LinkedIn connection requests

  • How Kennected uses mutual connections in our outreach strategy

Read on to learn all about how to create the best LinkedIn connection messages for sales and how these messages can help your business development.

What is a LinkedIn Connection Request?

A LinkedIn connection request is an invitation sent from one LinkedIn profile to another in hopes of connecting with that individual.

Once a mutual connection is established, you can begin messaging this individual with as much frequency as is appropriate.

Consider a connection request as an opportunity to send LinkedIn prospecting messages to any LinkedIn account.

When you send a connection request message to an individual or someone in a LinkedIn group, be sure to keep the following items in mind:

  • The benefits of using a LinkedIn message template

  • Sending personalized connection requests

  • Looking at the LinkedIn algorithm

  • Sending a follow up message in LinkedIn outreach

  • Establishing common ground with the right person

  • Including conversation starters

  • Using LinkedIn message templates to increase sales outreach

Each LinkedIn connection request is a way to reach your target audience, just like on other social media platforms.

With this in mind, let’s outline more specifics on LinkedIn messaging and how often these sales messages should be written and sent out.

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Should a Connection Request Contain a Message?

Each LinkedIn connection request you send from your profile should contain a personalized message that you have crafted using your connection request template.

This is a huge piece of social selling and your message has the potential to set you up for a great relationship with this given individual.

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you could be sending a connection request for a variety of reasons.

Maybe this is a potential lead, or maybe this individual is a like minded business professional who you would like to learn from.

Regardless of who is receiving the connection request message, the person is more likely to engage in conversation with you as a result of the outreach effort.

Go the extra mile and incorporate conversation starters into your messaging and get a strong network as a result.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Connection Request Messages

When generating leads and messaging your connections, there are a few items you should keep in mind:

  • Utilize message copy

  • Emphasize business goals when applicable

  • Use sales navigator or other automation tools

  • Message professionals interested in your business

  • Avoid a cold message

  • Find individuals in your same industry

  • Use your profile as a sales pitch

  • Utilize subject lines

  • Use a new tool to expand your social network

  • Establish a shared connection

Once the prospect accepts your message request, you can now begin to message this individual freely.

If you are messaging a potential lead, engage them in conversation about your business and how your products could reduce a pain point for them.

If you are messaging a business professional, establish some common ground and encourage open conversation.

Follow these best practices and your LinkedIn messaging will be sure to get you more sales and better results.

How to Use Automation When Messaging a Mutual Connection

LinkedIn is a platform that has many features, and one of the best ways to tackle all that you can do within the application is to use an automation tool.

Here is what an automation tool can do for your LinkedIn presence:

  • Perform automated lead prospecting

  • Find new clients through advanced search features

  • Help you connect with other professionals

  • Get you more leads

  • Find individuals who are genuinely interested in your business

  • Provide LinkedIn inmail templates

  • Help schedule a LinkedIn event

  • Send automated messages to LinkedIn members in the same LinkedIn group

In short, automation saves you time and energy while getting you more sales and leads.

Employing software helps you free up time you would normally be spending prospecting on the platform.

Automation does that for you, giving you analytics, more leads, and better engagement in the process.

Get started with an automation tool today and watch your LinkedIn presence transform.

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How Kennected Uses LinkedIn Prospecting Message Templates For Sales

Here at Kennected, we use automation to help LinkedIn get us more sales and more connections every single day.

As a platform, LinkedIn is among the most beneficial social media outlets due to the high number of business professionals found within the app.

Using automation helps us find these individuals with ease, and we can connect with them much sooner than we could have if we had to manually prospect.

Employing automation can and will save you time and energy while getting you more sales.

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