The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

We all know LinkedIn is the best place to be if you want to generate leads and increase your revenue. But for those who are still hesitant about pursuing this social networking site, here’s why you should use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn now has over 760 million users around the world, and it is still growing. And because of its focus on building professional and business relationships, it is an excellent source of high quality leads. LinkedIn is like one giant networking event where you can meet people from all industries.

It is the biggest professional platform, and that’s what sets it apart from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although these social media platforms are comparatively bigger, LinkedIn can offer you better leads—because every LinkedIn user is a working professional.

Now if you’re looking to step up your LinkedIn game, there are tools you can use to generate more leads, and automate your outreach and prospecting on LinkedIn.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the top tools that you can use to get the most out of LinkedIn. These are the top automation tools to generate leads, automate your outreach and prospecting on LinkedIn.


Ok, ok. We get it. “We’re #1” chants all across the office. But we seriously believe that we are the best LinkedIn software on the planet. Every provider should, otherwise you’re doing something wrong. That being said, there are tons of great LinkedIn tools other than Kennected that will help you grow your business.

Kennected is not just a LinkedIn automation tool. We give you the education you need to build a sustainable pipeline.

Kennected generates a stream of leads, connections, and meetings, so you don’t have to waste your time spraying and praying on LinkedIn.

What Does the Tool Do?

· Gives you smart prospecting on autopilot, so you can focus on important things like running your business and building relationships

· Send personalized messages and follow-ups to thousands of LinkedIn users automatically, but not in bulk.

· Synchronize prospect details and activity to HubSpot with a click

· Integration with FindThatLead,, Anymail Finder, etc., lets you find business emails with ease

· No need to go back and forth between LinkedIn and Kennected: you can do it all from the Kennected dashboard

· Access your network’s contact information instantly

Is it for Enterprise-Level or SMB?

We work with just about any business you can imagine. In fact, Kennected is trusted by more than 10,000 companies. So whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our LinkedIn automation can help you reach your business goals.

How does it help the User?

Imagine being able to send personalized messages to everyone in your area that has a LinkedIn account. You can do all that and more with Kennected.

This tool works with LinkedIn Basic as well as Sales Navigator to simplify your lead generation efforts. Just use the LinkedIn search bar to look for your target audience and then paste the results onto Kennected. You can set up multiple sequences at once in order to target different demographics.

Kennected only sends up to 100 connection requests per day, following LinkedIn’s imposed limits to keep your account safe. But you can split those 100 messages between different sequences freely.

You can set up a personalized message for your target audience, but we also provide successful templates. Either way, we will help you get responses so you can focus on converting your leads.

Once they start connecting with you on LinkedIn, you can get their email address or phone number right in your Kennected dashboard. As long as the information is available publicly, you will see it on Kennected. This helps you build your email list, your CRM, etc.

Kennected is the safest, most effective automation tool for LinkedIn, so it’s safe to say your business should start running this tool.


Our onboarding process is great because we hold your hand and make sure you don’t mess anything up: from optimizing your LinkedIn profile to reaching your targets with our sequences. When you’re getting started with Kennected, we have a one-time onboarding fee that costs $1,497. It is a single transaction that gives you lifetime customer support, lifetime training, and lifetime education from Kennected.

After that you can choose from our three packages: Professional, Grow, and Ultimate, which cost $59.95, $89.95, and 115.95 per month, per user, respectively. You can choose the plan that fits your needs. Kennected will help you generate more leads, grow your business, and reach your goals with LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator​

LinkedIn has its very own tool that can help you with your business endeavors. In fact it comes in both free and paid versions. The free version is the basic profile everyone has, while the paid version is called LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn’s paid sales solution is a sales management tool that helps users tap into the social platform’s extensive network and land more deals.

What Does the Tool Do?

· Gives you access to InMail, a key LinkedIn feature that lets you message people outside your network

· Allows you to save thousands of leads

· Gives you access to advanced search features that help you identify your target audience

· Lets you use notes and tags to stay organized

Is it for Enterprise-Level or SMB?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers three levels of subscription plans: Professional, Team, and Enterprise. So you can enjoy its benefits whether you’re an individual user or in a much larger team.

How does it help the User?

Sales Navigator is the next step for teams who want to take their sales pipelines to the next level. LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s two most important features are InMail and advanced search. The tool is worth investing in for those two features alone.

InMail is a very important tool for salespeople who are hunting for leads. It lets you message people who are not yet connected to you on LinkedIn—which you cannot do with the free version. With a basic LinkedIn account, you cannot directly message people until you connect with them.

As a side note, you don’t need Sales Navigator to use Kennected. It works well whether you have it or not.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced search gives you access to even more search filters. Your lead search can be as narrow or as broad as you want. You can also save leads, create custom account lists, and add notes or tags to accounts. The paid version of LinkedIn is designed to make managing your sales pipeline a lot easier.


LinkedIn’s three pricing tiers are: Professional, Team, and Enterprise. Your team’s size, as well as your goals, will determine which plan you should go for.

The Professional plan costs $79.99 per month, while the Team plan costs $139.99 per month. The Enterprise plan is recommended for teams of 10 or more people—and it requires a custom quote.

The annual price plans for Sales Navigator are a little bit less expensive: the Professional plan is $779.88 when billed annually, while the Team plan is $1,240.

Both monthly and annual price plans have a free trial and demo, and you can cancel any time.

LinkedIn Plugins​

If you are interested in adding LinkedIn functionality to your website, this is the best way to do it. LinkedIn plugins are a quick way to use these popular functions for your own purposes.

What Does the Tool Do?

· Add LinkedIn functionality to your website

· Use popular plugins like Share, Follow Company, Company Profile, Member Profile, and LinkedIn AutoFill

· Make it easier for website visitors to view your information

Is it for Enterprise-Level or SMB?

Any business that wants to optimize their website by using existing LinkedIn functionalities can benefit from LinkedIn Plugins.

How does it help the User?

One good use of LinkedIn Plugins is when you want to share your company profile with your website visitors. You can do this to give prospects a better idea of what your organization is all about. You can even introduce them to the people associated with it.

While LinkedIn Plugins are more of a passive way of increasing your sales, it can give prospects that extra nudge towards making a sale. You can give them more reason to contact you.

Here is a list of available LinkedIn Plugins: Share, Follow Company, Company Profile, Member Profile, Alumni Tool, Company Insider, LinkedIn AutoFill, and Jobs and Job Titles You Might Be Interested In.


The best reason to use LinkedIn Plugins is that these are completely free. Business owners can leverage plugins to take their company to the next level. You can increase your engagement absolutely free of charge. Not a lot of companies know about these awesome plugins—so take advantage of these tools today.


Crystal is a tool that uses personality AI to give you a prediction of anyone’s personality. Crystal helps you understand other people so you can engage with them better.

What Does the Tool Do?

· Crystal’s Personality AI tells you anyone’s personality based on their publicly available data

· Create custom personality Playbooks for anyone on your team

· Use personality-based insights to navigate important conversations

· Identify team strengths and weaknesses

· Quickly conduct personality assessments at scale

Is it for Enterprise-Level or SMB?

Larger companies may benefit more from Crystal because they have more team members to work with, and more people to understand. The larger volume of clients also makes the personality assessment more useful. However, small businesses can still benefit from Personality AI when hiring new team members or optimizing client interactions.

How does it help the User?

Crystal’s Personality AI is a new technology introduced in 2015 that uses machine learning to predict someone’s personality using their online footprint. A huge part of running a business is developing relationships and establishing social connections with others. Knowing their personality is a good way to make sure these interactions will go smoothly.

Crystal helps users understand those around them so they can figure out the best way to engage with them. This tool improves communication with the use of valuable personality data and insights.

The Personality AI works much like the brain does: it uses publicly available data to make a prediction about someone’s personality. The only difference is that it takes in millions of data points to make highly accurate predictions. It considers demographic information, job experience, text samples, and a lot more data to provide specific insights on their personality.

With this information, you can better prepare for every conversation and be more confident in your communication.


There is a free version, but Crystal’s paid version starts at $19 per month. It has bonus features such as email templates and more. Crystal does not offer a free trial.


Bizintro is a tool that helps you make effective introductions. Although not as great as Kennected’s award-winning templates, Bizintro can still help you connect with someone and start developing a good relationship.

What Does the Tool Do?

· Allows you to connect with people quickly so you can jumpstart your business

· Use ready-made email templates that fit every circumstance

· Make multiple introductions in seconds

· Real-time tracking lets you see the outcome of each introduction sent

· Track opened emails, proposed times, and appointments set

Is it for Enterprise-Level or SMB?

Both enterprise-level businesses and small to mid-sized businesses can benefit from an effective introduction. For entrepreneurs who are manually prospecting, this tool can actually come in handy. You can make multiple new connections in a short span of time.

How does it help the User?

Bizintro has created a tool that’s centered in networking. The Bizintro team has both seen and done networking poorly—and this experience allowed them to optimize their introduction tool. Bizintro understands that networking done well can be a thing of beauty.

Whether an introduction goes well or poorly reflects back on you, so make your introductions count! Bizintro’s proprietary introduction process is designed to save time while helping you manage your network.

Bizintro’s scheduling functionality means there’s no need for constant back and forth when setting up meetings or calls. The tracking functionality means you know exactly when people respond to your introduction—similar to how Kennected lets you keep tabs on multiple conversations while tracking responses.


Bizintro gives you a free one month trial. After that you have to pay $4.99 a month.

LinkedIn for Small Business

LinkedIn for Small Business is a resource for entrepreneurs who want to grow their small business. It’s not a tool per se, but a collection of resources for small businesses.

What Does the Tool Do?

· It ensures that your small business can be found on the world’s largest professional network

· Easily become a service provider on LinkedIn and showcase your services

· Let potential customers know about your business by filling out your Showcase Services card on your profile

· Become discoverable on LinkedIn search results

Is it for Enterprise-Level or SMB?

As the name implies, LinkedIn for Small Business is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses that want to use LinkedIn to grow. LinkedIn created this resource to provide value to thousands of small business owners on the platform.

How does it help the User?

LinkedIn for Small Business lets users showcase their services so that they can be connected with potential clients. So if your goal is lead generation, this is a good way to achieve that.

“Running a business can be tough. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help small business leaders connect with what you need to grow your business,” says LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Small Business is all about helping entrepreneurs make connections and grow their network. If a potential client has questions about your business, you will get contacted for free.

Whether you want to showcase your services or just find new potential clients, this is the resource for you. It provides an opportunity for you to tell people exactly what you do.


LinkedIn for Small Business is a free resource. Just sign up or request access if you don’t see the feature on your profile.


Hootsuite is a social media management platform. It handles almost every aspect of a social media manager’s role.

What Does the Tool Do?

· Automate your posting to social media platforms like LinkedIn

· Get into “flow state” by batch loading your creative work and scheduling it out over the course of a week or month

· Monitor your social media activity such as new mentions, new followers, and new likes

· Keep up to date with interactions even with multiple social media accounts

· Keep track of your performance over time with built-in analytics functionalities

Is it for Enterprise-Level or SMB?

Hootsuite can work for enterprise customers and small businesses. Both can benefit from social media scheduling and creating an optimized workflow. Hootsuite lets business owners get into “flow state” so they can focus their energy on other tasks instead of worrying about their social media.

How does it help the User?

Social media is an excellent source of leads—especially LinkedIn. But social media marketing eats up a lot of time. When you’re managing multiple accounts in multiple platforms, things can get messy and confusing. But Hootsuite keeps things organized.

With this one platform, you can do things like schedule your posts and curate cool content from other sources. This will help you keep your content calendar full, so you can keep driving traffic and generating leads.

We all know that the timing of your content is just as important as the content itself. Even if you post something groundbreaking, if no one is around to see it, you won’t get any engagement. For example, if you tweet while your audience is offline, the chances of them seeing your post is pretty low. This is especially applicable in sites like Facebook and Instagram, where the timeline format means that posts can get buried very quickly.

If you post too many things too often, you will probably annoy some of your followers and you may lose them in the process.

With proper scheduling, you can make the most out of your content creation efforts. Hootsuite lets you post content ahead of time so you don’t even have to be online for that. You just click “New Post”, choose which accounts you want to post from, add the text and media, then click “Schedule for later”.

Hootsuite also handles things like measuring ROI and managing your team members.


When it comes to Hootsuite, there are several plans for you to choose from. There’s a single user plan, and even a customized enterprise account that’s best for large organizations. You can easily pick which plan is right for you.

The Professional plan costs $19 per month. It can handle 10 social accounts for 1 user, and provides unlimited content scheduling. The Team plan costs $99 per month, and works with 20 social accounts for up to 3 users.

The Business plan is advanced and offers scalable tools for large marketing teams. It costs $599 a month, offers 35 social accounts and more than 5 users. Finally, the Enterprise plan requires a custom quote. It is designed to take your sales, service, and marketing to new levels.

There’s a free 30-day trial for the Professional and Team plans. You can request a demo for all the subscription plans.


Buffer is also a social media management app that allows you to publish content on a schedule. You can use it to manage your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

What Does the Tool Do?

· Automate your posting to social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

· Get into “flow state” by batch loading your creative work and scheduling it out over the course of a week or month

· Set up your own updating schedule that is unique to each account you manage on Buffer

Is it for Enterprise-Level or SMB?

Social media management can benefit small and enterprise-level businesses. Whether you should use this app depends on your social media needs and goals. It also depends on how actively you are using those various social media platforms to generate leads.

How does it help the User?

Just like Hootsuite, you can use Buffer to schedule your social media posts so they reach you audience at the right times. Additionally, being able to set up tasks ahead of time frees your schedule so you can do other things. This means you can spend a day on content creation and then free up the rest of your week. You can ensure that content is always posted at your users’ peak time on every platform.

Buffer’s analytics also give you a clear idea of just how effective your content marketing is. You can look at reach, click-throughs, and other important data. Business owners and marketers can use this to find out what works and what doesn’t.


Aside from Buffer’s Free plan, there are three more subscription plans you can choose from: Pro, Premium, and Business.

The Free plan offers 3 social channels, with up to 10 scheduled posts for 1 user. The Pro plan is $15 per month, with 8 social channels and 100 scheduled posts for 1 user.

Premium costs $65 per month and is for 2 users. It still gives you 8 social channels, but you can schedule up to 2,000 posts. The Business plan is $99 per month, offers 25 social channels and 2,000 scheduled posts for up to 6 users—perfect for larger teams.

Kennected firmly believes that we are the #1 educational destination for LinkedIn training and automation software. However, there are other tools out there that, while in our opinion are not as robust and certainly do not offer as much value as Kennected does, deserve to be mentioned in this round up.

So here is a list of some worthy contenders:

Dux Soup, this is an OG in the LinkedIn automation Space. Meet Alfred or Meet Leonard, hard to keep up with the names—but they’ve been around for a long time. Octopus CRM, love us some seafood so they would probably great to go out to dinner with. Zopto, LinkedSelling, Expandi, Seamless AI, Linked Helper, LinkedIn Assist. I’m sure there are more out there, but truly just book a demo to see why Kennected is the best!

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