The Best Lead Generation B2B Strategies

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Some of the most beneficial lead generation strategies include content marketing, using your sales and marketing teams effectively, and employing marketing automation software to help with obtaining high quality leads.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover all things lead generation strategy, as well as the following topics:

  • What lead generation is

  • What qualified leads are

  • How to generate leads efficiently

  • The most effective lead generation strategies to employ

Read on to learn about the lead generation process, as well as the best methods to aid in generating leads for your business.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of reaching potential customers through a variety of social media platforms, marketing campaigns, and other content marketing modes.

The main goal of these marketing processes is to generate leads, or reach individuals in your target audience to help convert these leads into paying customers.

Potential leads are everywhere, so it is especially important to employ a wide variety of strategies when it comes to lead generation, all of which we will touch on during this article.

While marketing and content creation are huge in this process, your sales team is also very influential and will often be the group that truly converts leads into customers.

The general cycle of lead generation will look something like this:

  1. Create content that is relevant and helpful to the consumer

  2. Generate leads from this content

  3. Send lead information to a landing page for organizational purposes

  4. Have these sales leads distributed among your sales team

  5. Bring the leads through a sales funnel

  6. At the conclusion of the sales process, your leads should have been converted into customers!

Now that we have the basic structure of lead generation outlined, let’s back up a bit and review what qualified leads are and their importance.

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What are Qualified Leads?

A qualified lead is someone who has indicated interest in your product or service and you perceive them to be more likely to become a paying customer than other leads.

The more leads you can obtain that are qualified, the better success you’ll see for your business.

You can tell a lead is qualified through these items:

  • They express intense interest in your product

  • They send you a marketing message or respond to one of yours

  • They enjoy personalized content and give feedback on it

  • They are interested in customer success stories

  • They sign up for email marketing campaigns and seem engaged in your content marketing agency

  • They seek out a sales person to speak with about your business

Your B2B lead generation should help you secure these high quality leads on your landing pages, but it is important to recognize the indicators present in these types of leads as opposed to regular leads.

Let’s dive into some marketing tactics and social media marketing automation that will aid your ability to generate leads.

How Do I Generate Leads?

There are many options when it comes to generating leads, so let’s just list them out:

  • Create a google ads campaign to serve as a lead magnet

  • Use B2B lead generation strategies to structure your sales funnel

  • Hosting online events can be a great way to generate leads!

  • Use email marketing for long form content marketing

  • Post varied content on social media channels

  • Create different social media accounts across platforms

  • Study other business to consumer tactics and implement them

  • Use proven strategies that most companies employ

  • Use a real life example of customer success and model after it

  • Do market research on ad campaigns and sales pipeline construction

  • Track site visitors and engagement on a blog post

The more methods you employ for your lead generation, the more leads you will get.

All of the above methods are B2B lead generation strategies, meaning that most of them are applicable as a free tool and can serve as a call to action to new customers in your marketing funnel.

User generated content like LinkedIn ads and other web forms are very beneficial to the success of your highly targeted lead gen, but there are other ways to expedite the buying process for prospective customers as well.

Let’s dive right into it!

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The Best Lead Generation Strategies

Just like there are many ways to get potential leads, there are also quite a few ways to implement various lead generation strategies into your business approach.

Let’s split up the strategies into three main categories:

  1. Using B2B lead generation manually

  2. Employing lead generation software

  3. In person event marketing

Since the above paragraph details much of what makes up the first category, let’s skip ahead to the second category– the power of solid lead generation software tools.

There are a lot of options on the market currently for software providers designed to help you when it comes to lead generation.

While the lead generation process is rooted in the ability of several individuals on your sales and marketing teams, there are always members of your target audience that go unreached.

It does not have to be this way!

B2B lead generation software can help with social media platforms, structuring of a landing page, email marketing, organic traffic, and even the priorities of the sales teams.

While accounting software and lead gen software can aid in all of these functions, the best feature of this software are the search intent features.

These features find leads in your target audience without help from your content marketing, saving you time and energy!

Software for lead gen can perform the following functions:

  • Search within a web form and find leads

  • Sort through buyer personas to aid in highly targeted lead generation

  • Give a sales rep information about a specific lead

  • Condense all relevant information into one landing page

  • Sort through lead magnets

  • Help with search engines and email marketing automation

  • Broaden your lead generation strategy by getting more leads

Don’t underestimate the power of an online service that can get your more leads without even lifting a finger.

In addition to manual lead generation strategies and software to aid in reaching your target audience, there is also event marketing, a practice where your company hosts events in order to make connections and widen your client base.

Events can take place in person or online, but either method will give you great benefits like these:

  • The opportunity to engage with leads in conversation

  • Free access to networking opportunities

  • Sales leads and connections to get more leads from

  • Social media channels can use content from this event to continue the lead generation cycle

  • Having your sales team present at the event also helps with the lead generation cycle

  • The opportunity to use the event itself as a lead magnet

  • Promoting organic traffic throughout the event and after as well

An event is a great way to not only meet lots of new people interested in your business and what it has to offer, but also for lead generation purposes.

A cool thing about hosting an event is that each person who attends is already indicating strong interest in your product, making each attendee a warm lead.

While the sales process will look different in the event context, this is still a great stride when it comes to broadening your lead generation strategy.

Another great feature of these events is that you have a great group of individuals to network with and demonstrate the value of your product to.

Events give you the option to collaborate with other brands, showcase your product, and network with other individuals who may benefit from your services.

Arguably the most effective lead magnet is hosting an event for your business, so be sure to do so if you feel you have the support and funds to provide a great outing.

How Kennected Uses Lead Generation Strategies

Here at Kennected, we want everyone we work with to expand their lead generation strategy to their full potential.

The three above categories of manual lead generation, software generation, and event hosting are absolutely essential when it comes to effective and constant lead generation.

Make sure to research as much as possible, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different lead generation strategies and methods.

You’ll learn a lot about lead generation along the way, and you’ll also get more leads with every method you try to implement. 

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