What Are The Best Free Tools For Lead Generation?

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Some of the best free lead generation software include:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Sumo

  • HubSpot

  • Mailchimp

Your customers aren’t just going to tell you what they’re thinking. You need to ask the right questions and gather the right data to better understand their pain points.

And why they are (or aren’t) buying from you. Lead generation programs allow you to quickly capture more useful data from your potential customers.

With better insight into why people show interest in your product or service in the first place, you can lean into the features that people like the most.

The better you understand your customers, the better you tailor your sales pitch and pipeline to their specific needs.

Ultimately, lead generation software can help you grow your business smartly. But, you need to choose the right solution for your business, smartly.

Let’s check out what you should look for before choosing the perfect lead generation tool.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on if you’re a B2B or B2C business, you’ll use lead generation programs differently.

Some lead generation tools are meant to increase customer engagement, while others help you streamline the sales call process.

But no matter which approach is best for your business, the idea is the same. Get your name out to customer leads, and attract them to your door before they go to the competition.

Generating leads sometimes costs money in paid advertising, media distribution, or contact list purchasing.

For some B2B businesses, the cost of acquiring a new lead can be as much as $200 for one contact. But there are some free and low-cost lead generating options out there.

Imagine your business is a fishing operation. Fishing in murky waters isn’t a good use of your time. Guesswork drains your resources, wasting valuable hours and workforce.

Using a lead generation system would be like seeing exactly where the biggest fish swim, what they like to eat, and when they’re most ready to feast.

And that would most certainly put you ahead of the competition.

Who Uses Free Lead Generation Software?

Free lead generation software is typically designed for small businesses.

If you’re a small company with no plans for growth, it would be possible to continue using a free platform forever.

However, the more qualified leads you bring in, the more profit you’ll make.

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Why Is Lead Generation Software Important?

From start-ups to global enterprises, millions of businesses are already reaping the benefits of using the best lead generation software.

There must be something pretty serious about such tools, right? Here’s what companies find beneficial about lead generation tools:


  • The tool helps in identifying new prospects and high-quality leads.

  • It finds accurate contact information about the leads.

Create A Lead Generation Plan

Before committing the time and money to learn a new lead generation platform, create a lead generation plan by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you primarily engaging in inbound or outbound lead generation?

  • What are your current goals?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • Where are you currently finding most of your leads?

  • How are you currently scoring your leads?

  • Which channels are you getting the most engagement from?

  • Which channels aren’t you using?

  • Are you currently creating engagement content like blogs, videos, and e-books?

Multiple Pricing Plans

Different tools offer different pricing plans. You need to check that the tool offers multiple pricing options, from free to paid plans.

It helps in choosing the right budget option, and there should be scope for an upgrade if required after the business grows.

Often, there are tiers within the paid plans, so you can choose the correct option depending on your budget.

Some lead generation platforms also provide a free trial, so you can test the tool before purchasing it.

Landing Page Builder

The landing page builder allows you to create beautifully designed landing pages that capture visitors’ attention and offer them multiple opportunities to convert into leads– with easy-to-complete lead capture forms, meeting modules, or live chat.

And the moment a lead shares their email, you’ll be ready to follow up right away.


Unbounce is a lead landing page platform for e-commerce, SaaS, and agencies, with features for building landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars.

The platform features a drag-and-drop editor as well as many pre-built templates. Opt-in popups and A/B testing are also available.


Leadpages is a landing page builder program for small businesses that host features for creating landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and 40+ integrations.


Clickfunnels is a sales funnel and landing page builder all-in-one solution.

With the tool, you can select from various sales funnels, and build the process, including adding subscribers to your email list and collecting payments.

It’s the perfect sales funnel creator to set up a lead generation system and bring more prospects into your sales funnel.


WPForms is one of the most popular drag-and-drop WordPress form builders. Professionals use it to build smarter forms and surveys.

Sales and marketing teams can create custom lead generation forms, gather information about their audience, and collect payments.

WPForms integrates with your favorite sales and marketing tools, including Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and Zapier.


With Pardot (now part of Salesforce), you can create landing pages, conduct A/B testing, capture leads, integrate Google Adwords, create email campaigns, and set up email automation.

There is no free trial available; however, you can view a demo by filling out a lead form on Pardot’s website.

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Create Surveys

To design your surveys and collect behavioral insights from your visitors, you can choose between multiple-choice questions, ratings, NPS, CSAT, and free-form answer types.

Choose how, when, and who to target with each survey and lead form using advanced targeting options.

Offers AI-powered sentiment analysis to track mood metrics and keywords across all customer responses and free-form answers.

Advertising Tools

Advertising tools are perfect when you know your ideal target audience.

Easily promote your products and services on search engines and use social ads to generate more leads.

Email Marketing

Manually collecting and storing hundreds of emails does not sound like a good day. Luckily, there are automation tools designed specifically for these tasks.


AeroLeads is a prospecting tool and a prominent email finder solution for the email marketing operation.


Sumo is an email marketing tool for e-commerce businesses that offer multiple integrations, including MailChimp, Shopify, and Campaign Monitor.


Mailshake is one of the most effective mail outreach and lead generation tools. It offers many personalization and targeting options for your cold mail campaigns.

Send bulk emails to your contact list, generate new leads from replies, nurture them using drip mail campaigns, and convert them to your customers using Mailshake.

It provides a single dashboard view to manage your entire marketing campaign from one screen. is a multifunctional tool that helps collect emails from the company website, get emails based on personal and domain names, find emails on Google and LinkedIn, etc.

The B2B lead generation platform also helps with nurturing through automated outreach and lead research.

What Is A Dashboard?

A central hub for your marketing analytics.

See which marketing efforts are generating leads, track the channels driving the highest engagement, and monitor your sales team’s performance over time.

Customer Feedback Software

The more time you spend piecing together marketing tools, the less time you have to focus on what matters – the experience you’re providing your customers and leads.


Are you looking to increase the number of sales calls from your website, decrease lead response time, and provide better customer service?

CallPage can get you there with their callback automation tool that connects you with prospective leads in seconds.

Simply install a widget on your site, and site visitors can click to call and be automatically connected with your team.

CallPage is also ideal for customer service and call centers. With call scheduling and voice messaging features, you can improve your customers’ experience.

Turn website visitors into sales calls. Use CallPage and provide an immediate free phone callback to your leads in 28 seconds.

CallPage is an industry leader in providing automatic callback software and call tracking solutions.

With customizable widgets, CallPage enables businesses to generate up to 75% more inbound calls from their website visitors.


Qualaroo is an efficient customer and user feedback tool to survey website visitors and collect leads.

It is not exactly a popup solution, but the popup form can get the job done to capture high-quality leads from engaged site visitors.

Its Nudge TM pop-up allows you to ask for feedback and collect leads in a non-intrusive way.

Moreover, it is a great software for collecting valuable insights on user experience and conversion optimization.

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Calendar Scheduling

Calendar tools are useful in lead generation to schedule meetings without going through a lot of back and forth between prospects to find a time that works.

By allowing potential prospects to schedule a time on your calendar, you can make it much easier to schedule sales calls or demo requests.


Calendly makes it easy to schedule meetings, sales calls, demo requests, etc.

With the tool, you’d simply set the available times, and prospects can choose a time from your schedule that works for them.

You can even add a Calendly link to your email signature.

Kennected Calendar

Today, it’s nearly impossible to set up a meeting that works for everyone’s schedule.

Rather than manually looking through all the dates, times, etc., Kennected created Kennected Calendar, a solution that automatically schedules meetings for you.

Update Your Website

Upgrade your website to make it more user-friendly and interactive. In other words, try to make your website a lead generation powerhouse.

As marketers, we often miss out on the opportunity to convert our website traffic into leads. Embedding simple lead forms just doesn’t help anymore.

Instead, try embedding interactive content on your website to keep your audience engaged and lure them into giving up their contact information.

Using survey and customer research tools, you can gain helpful information on your target audience, such as what websites they visit, if they found your website useful, how much they’re willing to spend, etc.

All of this information can then be used to tweak your website and sales process to serve potential customers better.

Most of these are free lead generation tools, with just a few being paid-only.

Consider The Learning Curve

Choose a lead generation software that is easy to master for your marketing and sales team.

It should also have an extensive support service and plenty of help material to facilitate your team’s smooth onboarding.

Lead Generation Software

It is easy to convert existing website traffic into leads and customers with a lead generation platform.

Lead generation software is a time-saving marketing and sales app that lets you automatically generate more leads and route them to the proper team.

A lead generation system is often a feature of a larger platform, like a CRM. That gives both teams even more valuable tools for streamlining productivity and boosting profits.

It helps you increase brand awareness, attract more qualified leads, and close more sales deals.

Lead generation focuses on the top of the sales funnel, typically pulling leads from online channels like email, social media, and landing pages.

From these channels, it collects contact information from people who have expressed interest in your product or service. So you can market to them with better insight.

These automated best lead generation tools help you prospect new leads through their database, social media platforms, or other sources.

You can easily turn more contacts into leads and sales efficiently.

An internet search of lead generation platforms will reveal many results.

To narrow it down for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best lead generation tools on the market.

If you’re considering building a lead generation system, this is the list for you.


Proof is a SaaS-based lead generation tool that prompts website visitors to take action by adding social proofs and experiences to your website.

You can show how people interact with your website and products in real-time, making Proof a perfect tool to build brand credibility and trust among your visitors.

Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace is a tool to boost customer engagement and lead generation with surveys, quizzes, and personality assessments to generate new leads.

It adds value to your surveys and quizzes with personalized results to drive maximum visitor engagement.


RightHello is a B2B lead generation tool for marketing agencies, software developers, and tech start-ups.


  • Prospecting tools

  • Lead capture

  • Lead segmentation

  • Campaign management

The Chrome extension helps you find prospects in one click and launch cold email campaigns straight from your browser in mere seconds.

Looking for new leads takes time and effort. With, you can focus on what matters: selling to decision-makers.


Leadfeeder generates new leads, offers insight into your customers, and can help you increase your marketing ROI.


Lead conversions don’t have to happen through lead forms or list-building tools. They occur through live chats too.

With Drift, the live chat tool, “any conversation can be a conversion.” It is one of the best lead generation tools that enable you to generate leads through the chatbot.


Vyper is a social media marketing and lead generation tool to create viral contests and giveaways. It can make things easier for you by engaging your target audience on social media.

The tool is excellent for generating rewards, social followers, and referrals. The more your audience shares the contest, the more they get extra entries.

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is an all-rounder tool designed to generate more leads and assist website visitors in delivering them a delightful experience.

Once you capture qualified leads, they are automatically saved to your CRM.

With the help of the announcements and alerts feature, you can let the visitors know about events, sales, product launches, discounts, etc.

It helps increase engagement and identify upsell opportunities.

ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is an ideal tool to create surveys and capture quality leads.

Using this easy-to-use tool, you can design delightful popup surveys to collect valuable insights and feedback from website visitors.

Apart from lead generation, the tool helps in reducing bounce rates and website abandonment.


LeadsBridge is a lead generation program for advertising agencies, retailers, financial services, and real estate businesses.

It includes social media marketing tools, and offers 350+ integrations.

Cloud Kennect

Kennected offers Cloud Kennect as one of its automated solutions for lead generation.

Unlike most lead generation software, Cloud Kennect works on LinkedIn to build lasting relationships with clients.

This tool lets you narrow your target audience and personalize outreach messages.


Datanyze is one of the B2B best lead generation tools to help your sales team connect with prospects.

By providing accurate contact information like name, company details, and other relevant business information, Datanyze lets you warm up the cold calls and email outreach campaigns.

You can set the target technology and companies to find the correct prospects easily.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is probably one of the best lead generation tools for B2b business.

It helps you target the right buyers, understand key insights, and engage with personalized outreach.


LinkeLead is a lead generation platform specifically built to search through LinkedIn Sales Navigator for clients, partners, and businesses.


Sendinblue is one of the best experience optimization and lead generation tools.

It offers many advanced features to optimize your website, maximize engagement, target visitors to collect leads, and streamline the sales process.

You can do it all with this single tool – email and SMS marketing, website live chat, marketing automation, designing landing pages, creating lead forms, and deploying Facebook ads.


With OptinMonster’s laser-focused targeting and segmentation rules plus A/B testing and personalization, you can easily target the right visitors at the right time to gather maximum leads.

The software integrates seamlessly with other email marketing tools.

DemandScience Intelligence

DemandScience Intelligence provides leading global B2B data and lead generation solutions.

Their compliant, and actionable data enables brands to reach their ideal customers within their target accounts at the right time.


SEO is one key element in generating leads, and with the SEO lead generation tool from WebCEO, you won’t lose any of your lead generation opportunities.

While you are at a snooze, or busy in some on-premise marketing campaign for your company, WebCEO will watch your back.

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Seamless Integrations

If your sales/marketing team has to manually enter the leads data in your CRM or marketing tools, that won’t be an efficient arrangement.

Look for tools that offer seamless integration with your other tools to transfer leads automatically in real-time.

What Is Lead Scoring?

Having more leads isn’t always a good thing. More leads mean more work, and if most of your leads are cold or lukewarm, you’ll work harder for smaller returns.

Lead generation software uses lead scoring to analyze customer data and identify the ones who are most likely to buy from you.

It tracks their engagement, personal information, and interactions with your company to determine who’s worth your time and effort.

Calculating lead value lets you reach out to the best-qualified leads faster.

Customer Relationship Management

In your search for lead gen software, you’ll probably come across CRM software — customer relationship management.

Lead generation is often included as a feature of CRM because it falls under the umbrella of nurturing customers in your sales pipeline and building a loyal customer base.

You simply can’t manage your leads or streamline the sales process without including CRM tools.

If you’re worried that CRM sounds too big for you at the moment, don’t be.

CRM for small businesses is specifically designed to scale with you, while still providing all the benefits of lead generation, contact management, and sales tracking.’s incredible CRM is easy to use and fully customizable to meet your team’s needs, keep you aligned, and manage lead relationships at scale. helps you efficiently manage all your leads, customer relationships, sales pipeline, and tasks in one place to focus on closing more deals quickly.


HubSpot provides an all-in-one platform of tools to help businesses generate more leads for their business.

They use some of the best lead generation tools to mine a stream of qualified leads.

Forms, landing pages, email marketing, SEO tools, social media marketing, blogging — it’s all available in the software to generate leads and grow your business.

Plus, analytics tools are baked right in, so you can measure and continually improve your lead generation efforts.

Reporting And Analytics

Data analysis is important to segment the leads. To identify your potential customers, the tool should be able to help you sort the leads data.

This process gets easier with advanced analytics and in-depth data reports from your lead generation campaigns.

Using reporting, you can easily gain valuable insights on website usage. With precise targeting, these tools help in fighting website abandonment.

Lead Management

After generating leads, it’s worth looking into tools to help you manage leads and show you where they should be routed.


Marketo is a lead management and marketing automation solution that helps businesses interact with potential customers.

You can easily develop and qualify the leads before passing them to your sales team. Using inbound and outbound marketing, you can improve the quality of your leads.

With email marketing campaigns, attract leads with engaging conversations.


Keap is an all-in-one sales and marketing solution to grow leads and sales.

The fully customizable CRM lets you score leads, manage contacts, create landing pages, email marketing campaigns, track visitors, etc.

With this CRM, you won’t miss a chance to capture leads from landing pages, forms, and social media.

Live Chat

Live chat tools let your team grab the attention of site visitors using a chat bubble visible on any pages you set.

This allows potential customers to quickly get in touch and answer any questions about your product. is a live chat tool similar to Drift and Intercom. The tool can be installed for free with Tawk branding on the chat widgets. It’s then $19/month to remove the company branding.

Setup takes less than a minute, and you can monitor and track progress over time.


Intercom is a widely-known live chat and communication platform to connect with potential customers and build relationships.

You can use the tool for live chats, chatbots, product tours, self-serve support, etc.

The collected information and user behavior help you create message triggers for onboarding and support.

Refined Marketing Tactics

With powerful analytics reporting, your team will see exactly which marketing campaigns brought in the highest value leads.

With this information, you can continue to build campaigns that resonate with the most qualified leads.

Then you’ll attract even more high-value customers, and minimize time wasted with cold leads. All of this adds up to time saved.

Is Lead Generation A Marketing Tool Or a Sales Tool?

In some ways, it’s both. The marketing department’s job is to create materials that target your ideal customer and attract leads.

Sales take over to nurture the lead until the deal is closed.

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The Future of Lead Generation Tools

Software constantly updates as times change, and lead generation technology is no different.

As developers push the envelope, here are some of the upcoming trends you can expect to see coming out of the lead generation landscape:


  • Better buyer intent data that lets you create even more personalized outreach methods.

  • Improved data sharing and communication tools between sales and marketing teams for generating higher-quality leads.

  • Accounts-based marketing that targets a narrower, more qualified pool of leads.

Kennected's Take On Attracting Relevant Leads

Any company can generate leads. It’s become one of the most dividing factors between many companies.

However, our lead generation software stands out not because of the number of leads it produces, but the quality of leads.

Leads don’t stick without lasting relationships. “Relationships over revenue;” that’s Kennected’s motto.

If you’re curious about learning more about Kennected and the solutions we provide, check out our site or reach out.

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