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When it comes to business strategy and emphasizing the core values of a company, EOS software is one of the best ways to better your own company every single day. The six key components of an EOS implementer will strengthen your business and ensure that each of your core processes is benefitting your leadership team.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What an entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) is

  • Best practices for implementing EOS principles

  • How running EOS has changed the marketing strategy of several companies

  • How your entire company will benefit from the proper traction tools EOS provides

Read on to learn all about an entrepreneurial operating system and how you can get your company on the same page using the different features that the system provides.

What is an Entrepreneurial Operating System?

An entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) is a framework designed for resolving issues within your business using the six key components within their system.

The six key components for EOS implementers are vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction tools.

An EOS system is designed to help with the following items:

  • Strengthening your leadership team

  • Providing an accountability chart for your business

  • Helping you structure training videos

  • Helping you reach your own version of success within your business

  • Getting you the right seats and critical numbers

  • Aiding annual planning and your daily to dos

As a great boss, using EOS will help you reach your same goals, just with a plan and services to do so.

With the key components in mind, it will be much easier for your business to focus on what matters and gain traction in your organization.

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Best Practices for Implementing EOS

Before we get into some of the company examples that benefitted from EOS, we should first outline how best to implement an entrepreneurial operating system into your business.

  • Use your accountability chart accordingly

  • Emphasize the core values of your own company

  • Focus on quality in everything you do

  • Think about the future and develop strategies that will help support your journey

  • Study what other entrepreneurs do and use the market as a guide

  • Measure each investment you make against competitors

  • Track your growth and celebrate your wins

Make sure your business is supported by the right people and the teams that work together to make things happen.

Do something every day to support your vision and enhance your company.

Praise from a Few Companies

More than 80,000 companies utilize an EOS implementer, and here are several of the most influential:

  • Forbes

  • Pivotal Advisors

  • Schwally

When founder of EOS principles Gino Wickman wrote Traction and designed the EOS model, he knew immediately that businesses of all shapes and sizes could benefit from this model, and they have.

Each of these three companies have highlighted the positive changes that have come from their specific EOS system.

They have seen improvements with their clients, stronger technology, a supported company vision, and the tools they need to continue to achieve their goals.

When it comes to managing a business and making sure that each person is contributing positively to the company, an EOS system pays off in spades.

How Kennected Uses EOS

Here at Kennected, it is especially important for us to have a comprehensive system in place to help us achieve our goals, and EOS helps us get there.

Our meetings now include a streamlined plan for each week, complete with our vision and values being emphasized every day.

Let’s be honest- it’s not easy to manage a growing business and the aspirations that come along with it.

Every business owner wants to reach greater heights with their company, but some feel lost and unsure how to get there.

That’s where an EOS implementer comes in, and this system will help you to evaluate what matters most to you and help you strengthen your entire business.

Join thousands of businesses across the world and implement an EOS system today.

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