What Are The Best Tools To Use For Content Marketing?


Most marketers and entrepreneurs are using content marketing to promote their brand. If you’re not one of them, you should definitely get started as soon as possible. Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can use, especially now that we are in the age of social media.

In the online landscape, content is the name of the game. It’s what you use to attract people to your brand. It’s how you captivate a large audience and make them fall in love with your brand.

Your competitors are surely using content to market themselves—don’t get left behind. Content marketing can help you increase your revenue, convert more leads, and establish thought leadership.

Unfortunately, making content is not the easiest thing in the world. It might even take you a while to figure it out. So today we’re going to cover the best tools you can use to boost your content marketing campaign.

Use the Top Content Marketing Tools to Generate More Traffic

If you want to make the best content for your marketing campaign, you need the right tools. With these tools, you can make engaging content faster and more efficiently. Pick the ones you need and incorporate them into your own strategy.

Whether you’re new to content creation or you’re already a pro, there are resources that can take your content to the next level. These essential tools make the process of video production much easier, and so you need to consider using them.

The tools we’ve listed below are designed to make things easier for you. Let’s take a closer look.


To make the most out of content marketing, you need to take advantage of all the latest trends. Whether it’s related to your industry or something that influences pop culture, you can get creative and produce relevant content if you know what all the current trends are.

Being savvy enough to stay ahead of all the current trends in your industry also helps you establish thought leadership.

BuzzSumo can give you all of the most important insights for your content marketing efforts. It can reveal the topics you should write about, and it can even help you find influencers who can help market your content for you.

BuzzSumo shows you the most shared content across all the social networking platforms. It can also give analytics, reports, and other helpful information. You can even look at how well your competitor’s content is doing. Use this tool to stay ahead of the curve and use that information to your benefit.


Pictures and videos are perfect for capturing your audience’s attention. If you write a long-form article, you need to break it down with high quality images so that people will stay engaged. In fact, you need pictures to convince people to click on your post in the first place.

If you have a high quality video, you still need to have an equally attractive thumbnail so that people will be interested enough to watch it. Your thumbnail should be interesting and eye-catching, but it should also give people an idea on what they are about to watch.

Canva is the perfect tool for this because it simplifies the design process. You can make attractive thumbnails and pictures within minutes when you’re using Canva.

This tool comes with tons of pre-built layouts and templates. There are countless fonts, elements, and stickers you can use to spice up your pictures. You can even upload your own and adjust them to fit the ideal size for whatever platform you are uploading it to.

The best part is that a lot of Canva’s features are free. Whether you want to make your content more visually appealing, or you want to present your topic in an interesting way, Canva is the tool for you.


Content creation is a time consuming endeavor. It’s not easy to conceptualize, create, optimize, publish, promote, and track your content. That’s why a tool like Hootsuite comes in handy. Millions of brands are using it to manage their content ahead of time.

Hootsuite, you can always post your content on social media during peak hours. This way, you can drive more engagement and attract a larger audience.

You can just keep creating content and let Hootsuite handle the rest. You can schedule your content and have them automatically posted at the best times. You don’t have to do it yourself, which means you can save a lot of time and energy. Concentrate on doing what really matters to your business.

Hootsuite works with more than 35 social networking platforms, so you can use it no matter where your target audience is hanging out online.

Hootsuite lets you draft your posts, schedule them for optimal posting, and even view your latest posts from the Hootsuite dashboard. Stay on top of your content schedule so you can focus on delivering great content.


When posting content, you want to avoid spelling and grammatical errors as much as possible. It’s not easy to establish yourself as a leader in your industry if you don’t check for these mistakes. People are not going to take you seriously if they spot these mistakes in your website. They might even think you’re unprofessional.

So if you are posting a lot of videos and articles, you need a tool like Grammarly to make sure everything is written correctly. Grammarly is important because spell checking tools are not designed to look for grammar mistakes. Grammarly even has suggestions that can help you improve your sentences.

If your article has overused words or squinting modifiers, Grammarly can catch those as well. The tool also uses context to improve your sentences based on what you are trying to say.


Content creation is not just a one person endeavor. It takes a whole team to create and optimize content for social media. Trello is a tool that boosts productivity for your whole team. With Trello’s boards, cards, and lists, you can coordinate with your whole team more effectively.

This is a great tool for staying organized and making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to writing, posting, and sharing content.

Using Trello, you can keep all your content together in one place and even leave messages for other team members. Although there are a lot of collaboration tools to choose from, Trello is one of the most reliable ones because of its convenient layout.


A sales funnel is something that can guide customers throughout their buyer’s journey. If you have any sort of presence online, you need to create a sales funnel. You can have it in your website, and it will act as a handy step by step process for your visitors to follow until they can make their decision.

With a sales funnel, your visitors will become leads, and your leads will become paying customers. While making a sales funnel from scratch is possible, it may take you a long time to make a good one. So instead of wasting your time, just use ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels will save you lots of time by letting you create eye-catching and effective sales funnels for your landing pages. It has a drag and drop functionality that really makes the process a lot faster. Plus, it has plenty of great templates for you to choose from. You can just customize the templates to create sales funnels that convert.


SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing tool that gives insight on your marketing campaign. You can use this tool to view the keywords used by your competitors. Just copy and paste the URL into SEMRush and it will show you how your competitors are gaining organic rankings.

Of course you can also use SEMRush to find out which keywords are helping your business rank organically. You can use this data to optimize your SEO, which will improve your content marketing approach.

This valuable resource will provide valuable information on the keywords that bring in the most traffic to your website. Maybe you’re ranking high for a keyword that you haven’t thought about. You can use SEMRush to check that out.

These are some of the best tools you can use to instantly improve your content marketing campaign. Whether you want to stay organized by coordinating with your team, or you want to produce high quality images for your YouTube thumbnails, these tools can take your content to the next level. Try them today.

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