What Are The Lead B2B Tools?

Lead generation can be tricky depending on several factors like the customer, the company you work for, and the product you’re offering. B2B sales leads are potential customers or prospects that will not only purchase the product you’re selling, but will stick with the company too. In other words, they are a loyal customer of the company you work for.

But no difficulty comes without a helpful tool to combat it. Lead generation tools work with the sales teams to find those customers to initiate the deal. Quality leads come from landing page views, website visitors, and successful email marketing. With several lead generation tools to choose from, your sales team could be landing new leads in no time.

Kennected CEO Devin Johnson provided me with inside knowledge on what drives engagement and lead generation.

What Is B2B Lead Generation?

Business-to-business sales or B2B differs in approach from business-to-customer or B2C. When working B2B, prices are expected to be lower as you’ll be working for a deal with companies trying to sell your product. The supplier spends less time selling the product but at a lower price. This approach is typically what customers see with wholesale foods and other mass-produced products.

The B2C approach requires more effort and time to sell your product. Independent companies and non-corporations usually go this route as it’s less expensive to mass-produce their product. However, the process comes at a higher price for the customer.

More thought and planning goes into B2B lead generation because companies want other companies to sell their product. How much percent of the profit do those companies share? How will shipments be split?

What Are Lead Generation Tools?

Of course, it’s possible to obtain new leads without the help of lead generation tools. Still, it will be more work for the sales executives and potentially damage your company’s reputation. For starters, lead generation tools come in various forms like advertisements, marketing efforts through lead forensics, email campaigns, and automation tools.

A company landing page is one of the first, if not the first, impression prospects will have of the company. Landing page builders can help make the landing page more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Many companies want to increase engagement with their website and social media. While suitable for social media planning, Google Analytics can also help in honing in on a company’s target audience. Targeted leads will stem from these efforts, and companies can choose the best lead generation tools to retain customers.

Software companies like Kennected use what is known as marketing automation tools to pitch to sales-qualified leads. These technologies do most of the hard work for the sales team to track leads, lead qualification, and potential leads that may do business with them. Instead of worrying about if companies will benefit from the prospective customers, the lead gen tools can ensure a swift victory for sales executives.

How To Generate Leads

While several methods can generate leads, not every approach will work for everyone. More leads will come from the best possible route. Capturing lead data from lead generation campaigns can provide valuable insights about company details, lead scoring, and maybe even provide an all-in-one solution.

Kennected takes the personal approach when seeking outbound leads. That sense of personality and genuine care is offered every day during our business hours. It’s not about what we can get from our sales but from what you can get out of the sale. Generating leads should never be one-sided because excellent lead generation tools call for constant contact.

Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with leads every step of the way through the sales pipeline. Although we make marketing efforts through the web and social media, nothing provides lead generation efforts more than phone conversations. Kennected has all the tools, but not every company wants growth, which isn’t possible without potential leads.

How do you capture leads? Do you think you can just let them go through this buying cycle and buy something? You are responsible for cultivating these leads throughout every phase of the purchasing procedure, and communication is essential for that.

Lead generation tools come from machine sources, and we don’t want to seem like another machine out to make money. A great lead generation tool can come down to something simple as a conversation. If customers are valued and treated like their inquiries matter, they’ll be more likely to return and become loyal customers.

Another way of looking at this is to nurture leads and adapt to each situation. Everyone is different, making for a less boring day, but it also makes for a potential lead generation strategy. The sales funnel is not as cookie-cutter as many of us make it seem. Get to know the customer and think of them as a puzzle that needs to be put back together. Sales tools can get you there for more quality leads.

How To Use A Lead Generation Tool

How put together is your company’s website? What about your social platforms? You can capture leads with a simple, sophisticated look. A landing page builder can attract more traffic to the website with product descriptions and trials. If Google ads run rampant, or email campaigns pop up every time visitors click a page, you might as well tell them to leave. If you have a coder on the team, you can get fancy using a drop builder to create custom landing pages. The bottom line is to get creative and make sure whatever the design form is genuinely represents who you are as a company.

Regardless of how you use lead generation software, marketing relationships over profit is a foolproof way to organize outbound leads.

Why You Should Look Into A Lead Generation Tool

Sales executives constantly look into probable prospects by scouring competition and connections through social media and more. Every company can benefit from a lead generation tool for the main reason of time. Companies save more time having marketing automation collect information rather than cold calling and emailing professionals that will likely decline.

We have all the best tools to help with lead generating. What should be your decision?


Kixie is an automation tool that uses strategic lead generation tools to attract sales and marketing team leads. Automated voice and SMS messages reach out to a targeting audience so sales executives can avoid the hassle of cold calling. Kixie is one of the more well-known outbound lead generation tools providing a lead generation funnel made from lead data.

While it’s one of the more impressive marketing tools, companies should not solely rely on Kixie. While convenient and providing less stress for the already stressed salesperson, the marketing tool won’t always connect with prospective customers. Why? Because it’s a machine approach to a human-centered issue. There’s an emotional edge a sales team must have to hope to win over a lead.


Most people are familiar with content management systems or CMS as they greatly help keep track of source information. Past customers’ titles, phone numbers, and more are kept within CMS systems for later reference. Some examples include WordPress, Magnolia, and Sitecore.

Hubspot is a customer relationship management tool or CRM. It’s a software solution for keeping track of the progress of a sale. Until a deal is reached, CRMs can track a lead’s interactions with a sales team, allow emails and phone calls to be exchanged, and even be used as a social media tool. Although the two are similar, a slight difference makes a clear distinction between the two.

A free CRM is difficult to come by like Hubspot, but makes for a valuable lead generation tool.

Examples of CRMs include Pipedrive, Freshsales, and Keap.


Gong is similar to Kennected in the sense that we have similar goals. As a software company, Gong uses B2B lead generation tools for lead generation, targeted leads, marketing management tools, and more to ensure sales last and website visitors become qualified leads. The company works for the customer rather than the other way around.

Security, deal intelligence, and a sales navigator are the main products Gong offers to its customers. Marketing tools come in all sizes, but all share a common goal of making a sale.

Gong provides a clear look into how well our sales team is performing. For Kennected, we use Gong to record, transcribe, and analyze our sales calls. The sales team can be better coached and hopefully close more deals based on those results.

Zoom & Google Hangouts

With remote work now the norm at most companies, sales teams can reach more leads by a virtual face-to-face option. The two mainstream options, Zoom and Google Hangouts, are your best bet as they’re both affordable and user-friendly. But like any product competition, the two options differ in performance, data security, and other technicalities. So which option do you choose?

Zoom maxes out at 1080p video resolution, while Google Hangouts maxes out at 720p. If minor pixelation isn’t an issue, the option doesn’t matter, but companies want their employees to obtain lead gen with professionalism and quality.

Everyone’s aware of the time limit Zoom gives when communicating with more than two people. Zoom gives three or more participants 40 minutes to conclude their meetings. Google Hangout lets participants talk forever, but only 25 members are allowed in a hangout. Depending on how you want to capture leads and carry lead generation, you may or may not want more time to talk.

When it comes to setting up an account, Zoom doesn’t require the process of setting up an account for participation. No passwords or usernames are required. The host can send a link for participants, and that’s it. Your target audience might be more grateful for a more straightforward sales process than having to keep track of an additional password or username.

Kennected uses Google Hangout and has been a successful means of communicating virtually. Google Hangouts only requires a Goole account to be on file, which nearly everyone has. It’s not an all-in-one solution, and Zoom is an excellent marketing tool, but it’s up to you.

Zoom can make lead generation fun with various bells and whistles options that Google Hangout cannot. Zoom can change backgrounds, screen share, record meetings, and more. Google Hangout offers few design options besides your average muting, flipping camera options, and invitations for additional participants.

Zoom Info

Zoom might be the more sought-after platform in terms of marketing management tools. In general, email marketing tools and marketing campaigns can include a Zoom link to improve additional lead gen. Many companies like Kennected are looking to improve people’s lead generation and their own. And those conversations don’t usually begin on virtual calls.

The logical first step would be email marketing or cold calling warm leads and scheduling virtual meetings. Website visitors and recipients of landing pages or email marketing are some products of a good lead generation tool. While Zoom cannot be used as marketing automation, it’s another helpful lead generation tool.

Click Funnels (Optimized Sales Landing Pages

A lead generation tool like a lead form or a link produced through email marketing is a click funnel. A drag and drop builder is usually the first step to any sales landing page as email marketing and lead generation tool can point back to the original website. Kennected’s LinkedIn sales navigator can help lead customers back to the website for potential sales.

Email marketing, while not as personal as a phone call or automated voice message, can be used as an innovative lead generation tool. A drag and drop builder crafts a website with email marketing and other tools like Google ads in mind to find potential for click funnels.

Software companies must have a landing page builder on staff as it will make a lead form or email marketing tool that much simpler to craft. A LinkedIn sales navigator is what Kennected pushes for when trying to sell with prospects.

Email Follow-Up Tools

Email marketing goes beyond the casual template fill-in or click funnel placement. At Kennected, one of our core values is maintaining customer relationships after purchasing the product. Kennected has its automated tool, which follows up on leads and those who have become successful customers with the company.

How Do I Find the Best B2B Leads?

How do we get B2B leads? When you find the perfect customer by their job title and key duties and where they spend their time offline right up to their goals and pain points, it can help you find potential customers with similar attributes to you.

What Are Common Lead Generation Mistakes?

The number one mistake businesses make is leading on a transaction. They lead on selling features, benefits, and don’t take the time to listen to the customer.

“They’re just pushing what they have,” said Johnson. “They’re simply taking orders or pushing the market and ultimately pushing their companies out.”

How Does Kennected Use Lead Generation Tools?

Kennected takes lead generation seriously from the initial pitch to closing a customer deal. Our main product Cloud Kennect is a LinkedIn sales navigator that ensures customers get the most LinkedIn offers. The social platform is quickly becoming one of the biggest professional social media platforms available, and we had to take advantage.

B2B lead generation tools are the future of the sales market, and it’s a matter of utilizing the lead generation software to generate leads. But finding what best lead generation tools are available can prove challenging. While cold calling is relevant in today’s world, it’s a dying “art,” and marketing automation is taking its place.

“Every quarter, we meet and discuss what targets we want to be hitting and what companies we want to get inside of,” said Johnson.

The company then takes data loaded onto Kennected and creates personalized messaging. And in some instances, employees can record personalized videos to reassure intentions.

“Everything we do is premeditated,” said Johnson. “And I advise any company to think through that key customer or ICP, the ideal customer profile.”

Kennected uses Hubspot to email prospects and target paid ads through Facebook, YouTube, and pay-per-click advertising. Articles like this one are placed in front of potential buyers, informing them of the product we offer and how it will benefit them.

Cloud Kennect is a predictable lead generation machine that finds possible prospects on LinkedIn for your benefit. Kennected is working on making their customers’ lives easier and our own. Our marketing tools come in various forms online, including email marketing tools, landing pages, and our sales navigator, for example.

B2B lead generation tools like email marketing, lead forms, google ads, and our lead generation software continues improving our lead gen. Kennected is full of experts on using a sales navigator, lead capture forms, and marketing automation, in general, to not only improve our lead gen but other’s lead generation software too.

B2B lead generation tools are a tedious and sometimes confusing approach depending on your company but can be a fun challenge. Although landing pages help in any lead generation campaign, our LinkedIn sales navigator is different from other competitors. It’s one of the reasons we’re one of the best lead generation software companies in Indiana.

Lead generation has never been easier. We can’t forget about the lead forensics who use google analytics and assist in the B2B lead generation process. Google analytics taken from email campaigns and lead capture forms give lead forensics a leg up in knowing which lead generation software tools to use for lead gen. Search marketing tools like Google ads can improve B2B lead generation by helping sift through the interested leads and those who might need to be persuaded.

It isn’t easy to keep track of what everyone’s up to on LinkedIn, but we introduced this technology in 2018 to inspire growth not just for us but also for our customers. With our software, you can turn any cold connection into a sales connection.

The market has grown regarding the need to be communicated with. Kennected has added tags and artificial intelligence to learn how people converse on platforms.

“I believe any business starts with a real relationship,” said Johnson. “Build a friend in the process and don’t look at every person like they’re a dollar sign.”

If you’re looking for more information on lead generation software, you can check out this blog for more ideas.


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