Bell Company Unveils New Fibe TV Service

Bell, Canada’s LARGEST telecommunications service, recently announced its latest break in customer service: Fibe TV. 

The technology uses Google Android TV to access the Google Play app catalog, voice remote control powered by Google Assistant, and universal search.

Key features of Fibe TV include:

  • Access to OVER 7,000 apps with the Google Play catalog
  • Search for TV shows & movies with Google Assistant’s voice control remote
  • The universal search feature prevents users from flipping through various streaming services
  • Cloud PVR technology lets customers record up to 10 shows at once & store them for a YEAR
  • EASY access to streaming services with shortcut buttons on the remote

Here is what the article states –

“With the latest Google Android TV technology, Fibe TV now provides access to over 7,000 apps from Google Play, including favorites like Crave, Netflix and Prime Video. Viewers can easily find the content they want to watch, and explore new and exciting entertainment with a voice remote powered by Google Assistant and intuitive universal search capabilities that will find content across Fibe TV and supported subscribed streaming services. With added Cloud PVR capabilities, viewers can store content for up to a year to watch at their own convenience.”

Read the full story here

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