Being Intentional With Technology & How This Aids Your Business

As our society transitions into a more streamlined and digital-based sphere, we have seen benefits of technology as well as a plethora of negative effects.

Technology can be used for the greater good, and often it is implemented in a way that benefits a large group of people, whether that is a business, a school, or any other organization.

Conversely, software advancements can be a source of stress or even highlight societal disparities, and a recent article by Open Access Government details this convoluted issue.

“People, knowledge, education, and entertainment are all digitally connected in a cost-effective, near-frictionless manner anywhere in the world at any time.

Citizens, businesses and consumers are all benefiting from a digital existence, which has opened a world of potential and promise in trade, governance, and society. Real-time access to an increasing number of resources, tools, and services in health, safety, and science necessitates smart enabled living. Individuals use smart living to improve, develop, or recreate their lives, find fulfillment, and make a positive impact on the world.

Information overload, a lack of self-confidence and personal abilities, and poor interface design are all associated with increased stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and inactivity. The internet and the quick pace of digital development, among other things, provide significant challenges to human contact, security, democracy, jobs, and privacy.

As a result of technical advancements, our world can become fairer, and more peaceful. Digital advancements can help promote and hasten the achievement of applicable sustainable development goals. Technology, on the other hand, has the potential to damage privacy, compromise security, and worsen unfairness. Human rights and self-determination are affected by them. Like earlier generations, governments, organizations, and individuals have a role in how new technology is used and managed.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

New technologies are created and used daily, and this newfound reliance on technology places a lot of emphasis on ethics and intentions of users.


If used correctly, software can alleviate a host of problems within a given organization and aid both functions and people involved within it.


However, the opposite is true as well. If a technological advancement is implemented without thought or consideration of the people involved, additional problems will arise.


Technology is all about thoughtfulness and taking the time to comprehend the full scope of the software and what issue it is getting rid of. 


In your business, you need to be using technology that supports your vision and aids your customers in some way.


Before implementing this technology, you need to be asking yourself this question: is this technology simply benefitting me, or is this software helping the entire company and client base?


Intentionality is everything, and this is especially important for a business.

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