How Do I Become A Successful Enterprise Sales Rep?

Enterprise sales reps work exclusively with complex corporate accounts and high-value contracts. One of their primary duties is to identify new opportunities for enterprise sale expansion and business growth while also facilitating the generation of higher revenue from current accounts. Following consumer research and data analysis, they establish and maintain new business partnerships and cultivate brand advocates and stockholders. They are involved in all stages of account management, including the setup process and implementation of practical solutions and intelligent systems.

Enterprise sales take a lot of time to close, and they involve at least five influencers and five stakeholders. Becoming a successful sales rep means understanding how all these people are engaged in the sales process. Sales reps also need to find ways to include the needs of all the parties involved in the enterprise sales process in order to close the deal

Roles of an Enterprise Sales Rep

The complexity of enterprise sales calls for a person who understands the high risks and possesses the skills needed to handle complex sales without blowing it. An enterprise sales rep needs to understand the decision-making hierarchy in a business and target an actual buyer. Sales representatives have a responsibility that involves generating business opportunities for potential clients and laying the groundwork leading to the completion of the enterprise deals.

Obtaining and maintaining recruiting leads requires time and attention. Sales professionals need to find this balance so that they can retain their current customers and attract potential leads. Kennected’s software platform helps sales managers acquire leads using B2C lead generation strategies to help them increase their revenue with enterprise sales.

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Have a Clear Objective

You cannot walk into an enterprise deal and expect to win over a prospective deal without a clear plan. Whether the meeting is in person or on call, having a clear purpose helps you make successful enterprise sales.

A sales rep with a clear goal has a better chance of landing the client because they are also able to anticipate their needs. Writing down the objectives of that meeting helps you stay on track with the conversation and, therefore, the sales process. Be confident with your ideas in order to achieve your goal.

Listen to Your Client’s Needs

One of the most essential marketing tips is to be attentive to what your client wants from you. As you are pitching your solution, make sure it is in line with what they are looking for instead of diving into what you can offer. Keep them informed about your product without necessarily sounding pushy about it. Communicate about the value of the product while simultaneously making them feel like an essential part of the enterprise sale. Enterprise deals are built on trust. Therefore, guaranteeing the success of your enterprise sales implies building relationships based on trust.

Take the time to analyze your enterprise customers’ business models and offer your advice based on experience. Your sales career is dependent on your ability to gain insight into your client’s business strategy and provide solutions that help mitigate their current problems.

Identify the Decision-Making Hierarchy in an Organisation

Every business model has a group of people authorized to make transactions. These are therefore supposed to be the target of your sales pitch. Identifying who they are and familiarising yourself with them can help you quickly close all your enterprise sales. Sales reps who have undergone the proper sales training know how to creatively spark conversations between the influencers and the stakeholders that ultimately place them in your pocket. It also helps you understand and meet their expectations business-wise.

Taking the time to map out the organization you intend to recruit also helps you gain access to all the parties involved, especially those that affect the outcome of the enterprise sales. Knowing your investors and understanding what their talking about will give you an idea of the type of presentation you need to make. Successful sales reps are those who can find a way to integrate the value of their product with their investors’ business portfolios.

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Generate a Constant Lead Flow

The process of lead generation is one that needs to be carefully handled in order to maximize results. Our enterprise sales software platform has enabled sales reps everywhere to acquire leads effortlessly. B2C lead generation helps a company build its enterprise sales and influence in the market by creating a network based on consumers’ needs.

B2C, or business to consumer, alludes to any direct business and trade between a company and its customers. This process entails locating people who would be interested in your company, interacting with them, and converting them into prospective clients. The key to lead generation and increasing sales is to provide valuable services, build relationships with the customers, and establish professional interpersonal relationships. Engaging with potential clients makes them feel at ease about choosing to buy your services. Investing in our digital platform to help promote your services helps boost your enterprise sales.

Personalize Your Messages

Personalizing your emails and messages is a marketing strategy on the rise. One way to increase your enterprise sales is to ensure your enterprise customers feel like they are talking to a real person. Sending automated messages will most likely land you in their spam box instead of sparking their interests.

Our Smart Inbox and In-App Chat is consolidated with your LinkedIn account to help you manage conversations with all your prospective leads. Kennected also helps your messages stand out by hyper-personalizing them using tags.

Our Smart Inbox helps you sort messages according to level of engagement which ensures you always keep your prospective clients warm.

Collect and Analyse Market Data

Researching your market helps you keep up with its current trends and arms you with the necessary information when recruiting leads. With Kennected, you can legally acquire data about your prospective consumers to help with your market research.

It will also help you accurately identify the number of recruiting leads addressable by you. Once you have identified your ideal market, you can now draw up an enterprise sales strategy by mapping the sales cycles

Customer Relationship Management

Once you have identified and prioritized your target clients, it’s time to build a relationship with them. The main difference between complex sales and traditional sales is the ability and need to build long-lasting relationships. Creating one with your client guarantees loyalty which is good for business.

Our platform is integrated with secure API channels that allow you to transfer data about your clients and carry out follow-ups through other social media channels

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Have an Enterprise Sales Model

Having an enterprise sales model lets your client know about your business agenda. The model gives them an understanding of the sales process, the problem encountered, and the proposed solution. Make sure you outline how it affects the overall enterprise sales, company productivity, and total cost.

The model should be a client-focused strategy that outlines exactly how they would benefit from the strategy and not just about making another sale. Make sure you are able to balance your client’s needs with the product’s capabilities. Clearly outline your product’s value proposition.

Ask for Feedback

Getting opinions from your client can go a long way in shaping your skills in enterprise sales. Having a one-on-one dialog about it also gives you an added advantage. It gives you the chance to see their reactions and body language towards your pricing and overall strategy.

Sometimes their opinions might be hard to hear, but the key to improving enterprise sales is achieving customer satisfaction. Listen to their feedback and implement it in your strategy.


Becoming a successful enterprise sales rep is directly tied to your number of enterprise sales. This is because they contribute to your overall performance. The services we offer at Kennected are aimed at helping sales reps meet the right enterprise customers.

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