Director of Demand Generation

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‘iCarly’ Star Jennette McCurdy Talks Childhood Trauma In Memoir ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’

iCarly, one of Nickelodeon’s most recognizable comedies, ended in 2012 after six seasons. Paramount+ later picked up the show in 2021.  The show continues Carly Shay’s, her brother Spencer’s, and Freddie Benson’s journey now in their 20s. However, Shay’s sidekick Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy), was nowhere to be seen. The actress’s final televised appearance was … Read more

TikTok To Overtake YouTube As A Source of Influencer Marketing By 2024

Instagram remains #1 for influencer marketing spend as it nears a 3X spend compared to TikTok. However, Meta’s other child Facebook is losing its top-notch spot. TikTok is expected to overtake Facebook’s spot & soon follow YouTube, the #2 spot in influencer marketing spend. By 2024, TikTok is expected to be the #1 platform for … Read more

For Maroon 5 Fans, This Concert Pass Is Everything & More

Maroon 5’s Music After Dark main event is at Universal Studios, Florida, on Aug. 26, 2022. Music After Dark is a show produced by EBG Presents that brings top talent & their biggest fans together. Fans get up close & personal with their favorite artists & groups, plus extended after-dark access to some Universal Studios … Read more

DemandJump Appoints Tom Millay As New CEO

Indianapolis-based marketing platform DemandJump appointed Tom Millay as the new chief executive officer after Christopher Day served over seven years as CEO.  Millay has over 25 years of management experience, serving several previous titles like vice president of sales, executive chairman, chief operating officer, and more.  DemandJump is a pillar-based marketing platform that guides content … Read more

Greenwich Entertainment Drops Trailer For Hockey Rivalry Film ‘Hockeyland’

Hockeyland is an upcoming film by director Tommy Haines that focuses on rivaling high school hockey teams in North Country, Minnesota. The town is known for its unique pool of talented hockey players that have gone on to play professionally in the National Hockey League. Hockeyland is expected to release in theaters on Sept. 9. … Read more

Why New Technology Should Be Welcomed, Not Feared

Technology has always been a subject of debate, with some implementing software whenever possible and others keeping cutting edge technology at arms length.    Prior to the pandemic, technology was prevalent, but the shift online during this time period amped up the necessity of software for businesses, schools, and hospitals alike.  This abrupt shift brought … Read more

S&P 500 Expected To Drop This Month, What To Watch For In The Coming Months

Despite rising recession risks, US stocks slipped after a rally that took them to their best month since 2020 turned fragile.  After the best month for stocks since the pandemic, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 opened lower. The 10-year Treasury yield is 2.63%, well down from June’s peak near 3.50%.  US manufacturing data for … Read more

Is SQL A Business Intelligence Tool?

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Digital Demand Generation

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What Is A Data-Driven Strategy?

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What Is Marketing Data?

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Despite Less Theater Releases, Sony’s Revenue Spikes Significantly

Operating income at Sony Pictures Entertainment for the first quarter of this year was $381M (50.7BN yen), up 70% from $232M last year. The company’s revenue grew 41% to $2.58BN (341 billion yen) from $1.87BN last year. Sony noted an increase in streaming service sales & SPECIFICALLY an increase in series deliveries, higher TV licensing, … Read more

Think Email Marketing Is Irrelevant? Think Again

There is more than one reason why email marketing has stood the test of time despite the increase in social media marketing: Email gives marketers the choice of when they can send their message & what the message will say.  Email marketing remains an excellent way to inform your target audience about exclusive deals, rebates, … Read more

Actor Bernard Cribbins Dies Aged 93

Bernard Cribbins, known for his roles in The Railway Children & Doctor Who has died. He was 93.  Older generations might remember Cribbins from his appearances in the BBC’s children’s series Jackonary (1965 – 1995), while younger generations may remember him from narrating in The Wombles (1973 – 1975).  Unlike many well-known entertainers today, the … Read more