Audio In B2B Marketing: 5 Reasons Why B2B Need Audio Content


According to Statista, spending on audio marketing jumped from $1.1 billion in 2016 to $3.09 billion in 2020.

What changed? If you guessed priorities, you guessed right.

When the pandemic knocked on our doors, the world suddenly shifted online. No more personal meetings, locked downs for a month. 

Video conferencing skyrocketed through the roof, as the need to keep in touch with others exploded. 

But, soon people became tired of video meetings, which gave rise to a new phenomenon called Zoom Fatigue.

And that’s where the audio boom started. The raw and intimate nature of audio brought back the connection that humans crave. Many people are participating in live-audio conversations, since they allow speakers to listen wherever they are, and also participate if necessary. All this, without worrying about how they look. 

It’s no secret, audio is here to stay and why audio social media is the future. Afterall, even a pandemic could not make it go away. 

Audio social platforms like Breakout are helping people return to normalcy and create stronger bonds with co-workers and higher authority with ease.

Let’s explore how you can use audio content in your B2B marketing campaigns.

Audio Marketing: An Old Medium Rejuvenated

The audio medium of consuming content is definitely not new. Before the invention of TV and the internet, all people had were radios. But, the pandemic brought audio back with a boom.

This quote by Connie Skylar, Chief Marketing Officer of IBM, perfectly emphasizes the importance of experimenting when it comes to B2B marketing. 

“Everybody’s got Zoom fatigue, and just doing your typical B2B marketing isn’t really going to pay off. So now is the time to experiment” 

The pandemic has changed the way people think, act, and shop. As a result, the traditional tactics that worked before the pandemic won’t work anymore. And that’s where audio marketing can help B2B marketers and businesses bring a change to the scenery. So Audio social media is the future.

Research by Leicester University shows that companies which match their music with their brands are 96% more likely to be remembered. This shows that sound has a deep impact on our subconscious and hearing and, even more powerful than sight, that it can have a huge impact on potential customers. 

Social audio platforms like Breakout can help break barriers that are often present in video conferencing. Hence, by transitioning to audio rooms, B2B marketers can bring together people from all backgrounds to spark a debate, turn meeting fun and take emotional connection deeper.

So, what are you waiting for? Opportunity is there for you, grab it or lose it. Try out social audio with Breakout today. Breakout Audio is available on both Apple AppStore and Android Playstore.

Benefits of Audio in B2B Marketing

If you are still apprehensive about using audio-only content in your B2B marketing, here are the top benefits that audio-only marketing brings.


1. Reach Customers Where They Are 

Audio marketing meets your customers where they are – Be it gym, work from home, running, driving, walking to work, and other places. And as opposed to visual marketing, where customers have to use a screen to watch your content, audio has no such problem. Your audio-only content can reach your audience when the screen cannot reach you. 

2. Reduce Costs 

It’s no secret that video production is costly. What’s more, is that the cost can reach over $3000 for producing one-minute video content. Audio content, on the other hand, is a very cost-effective option for B2B businesses on a budget. Moreover, with analytics and attribution models in play, marketers can ensure that content is reaching the right people at the right time with the right message.

3. Higher Customer Engagement Rate 

With an ad completion rate of 91%, audio content and advertising have a higher customer engagement rate than visual content. Audiences can easily skim through the text and video content, but the audio content cannot be easily skipped. Moreover, since everyone is listening to only one audio at a time, you have their undivided attention, which means high levels of customer engagement.

The Promise Of Audio In B2B Marketing

When people think of audio marketing, they think of podcasts!

But that’s not true. Sure, podcasts are one way for B2B marketers to step into the audio arena, but that’s not the only way. 

Here, we will explore popular ways B2B marketers can use audio.


1. Humanize Your Brand, Break The Barriers With Podcasts

The voice of B2B brands and companies has traditionally been considered dry and robotic. Business audiences can easily identify when content has been heavily edited and when brand messages have been forced.

However, it is now time to break down that barrier with audio’s inherent intimacy.

According to Edelman, 64% of decision-makers prefer a more human, less formal tone of voice to an even-toned intellectual voice. Podcasts like Dell’s Trailblazer are great examples of likeable, related hosts delivering business insights. 

Podcasts are a great way to invite industry experts to share their insights and add more human touch to your B2B brand. 

And let’s not forget that over 55% of the US population listens to podcasts every day. A golden opportunity for B2B marketers to capture the attention of business executives and decision-makers. 

2. Create Audio Advertisements

In B2B, advertising is one of the biggest areas of investment for marketers. Just like SEO is rapidly evolving to adapt to audio content, the advertising industry has progressed in recent years in response to the audio boom caused by social audio platforms. 

Research shows that the ad’s completion rate of audio advertisements is 91%. Which means nearly everyone who listened to the content has heard the advertisements. 

Another report by the interactive advertising bureau reports that 61% of listeners brought a product or service after hearing an add-on to the podcast. 

Here are different types of audio advertising formats that you can use for audio marketing: 

  • Native ads: The host or guests discuss your service or product. 
  • Short Spots: These are quick commercials for the audience before the episode resumes. 
  • Promo code: Short-specific promo code made available to listeners. 

3. Turn Blog Posts Into Audio Blogs

Audio blogs? What are those? 

If you haven’t noticed, major publications sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Atlantic, have started adding audio players at the top of written blog posts. 

And there’s a good reason why top publications are enriching their content with the spoken word. The total listening rate of audio blog is about 59% per cent. Meaning, half of the audience listened through the whole audio. 

They can boost your engagement rates because they are portable, meaning your audience can listen to them while multitasking and without looking at the screen. 

Washington Post saw steady adoption and use of their audio content in the blogs. The Economist’s deputy editor Tom Standage also termed audio as an effective retention tool.  

Incorporating audio blogs is as easy as recording high-quality audio and embedding it on your web page.

4. Spark A Debate With Real-Time Audio

Edelman reports that 81% of business executives want provocative insights that challenge their business and industry assumptions instead of validating them. 

This is true for the B2B industry because many companies face complex, multifaceted issues that do not have straightforward answers. For example, sustainability in business without losing profitability doesn’t have obvious solutions. 

The audio-only format is compelling for discussing such debates and conversations. The goal here is to spark a conversation, a debate, and make the audience a part of your conversations. 

An audio-only platform like Breakout is an excellent way to host audio-only events live. 

What’s more? 

Platforms like Breakout allow white-branding of audio rooms, called Branded Rooms. Which means you can personalize the colors and feel of audio rooms for deeper connection. Leverage the power of live audio and establish your B2B brands as a thought leader with Breakout. 

Start Networking without Boundaries. It’s available on both iOS AppStore and Android play store.

5. Audio SEO And Voice Search 

Search Engines manage the way your customers find content. If your content isn’t discoverable, say goodbye to attracting new audiences online. So, how can B2B marketers make content more discoverable?

Enter Audio SEO. This trend became popular when in 2019, Google announced that they were experimenting with ways to apply SEO to audio, just like they did with images, text, and video. This means B2B marketers will benefit from the same level of discoverability as any medium. 

Another trend that is rising is the popularity of voice search. According to Oberlo, nearly 71% of consumers prefer using voice search over typing for searching online. Moreover, in 2020, more than 30% of searches online were screenless.

Thus, with the growing popularity of voice search, that day is very near when voice search will be prioritized by SERPs just like mobile-first designs that receive a significant boost in search rankings.1.

Final Thoughts: Give Your Brand A Voice

The audio revolution is in full swing! And the good news is it is not going anywhere soon!

As more people get acquainted with audio-only content, there is no reason why B2B marketers should shy away from audio-only marketing.

Audio has the power to reach where other mediums cannot. So, power up your B2B marketing campaigns with high-quality audio-only content and see those sales charts rising higher.

Experiment with live audio with personalized audio rooms and take your connection with the audience deeper with  Breakout, as your audio-only social companion. 

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