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$10 / month
  • 1 Calendar / user
  • Calendar integrations
  • 1 Event
  • Automated Event Notification
  • Teammate section
  • Meeting Reminders
  • Support


$20 / month
  • 2 Calendar / user
  • Calendar integrations
  • Unlimited Events
  • Automated Event Notification
  • Teammate section
  • Meeting Reminders
  • Support


$30 / month
  • 8 Calendar / user
  • Calendar integrations
  • Unlimited Events
  • Automated Event Notification
  • Teammate section
  • Meeting Reminders
  • Support

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$ 39 per user / month
billed annually
$240 savings


$ 59 per user / month
billed annually


5+ Team pricing for 5+ users
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All subscriptions include:

Optional add-on features:

Captions & translations-
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No way Jose! Record to your heart’s content. Thanks to Kennected Video’s amazing tech stack, you can send as many videos as you want through your own CRM, email or however you want to deliver them- hey maybe via a LinkedIn message?

The cost of your Kennected Video subscription will be based on the number of users in your account, any add-on features you include, and whether you subscribe annually or monthly.

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What Does Your Kennected Investment Include?

For an up-front cost of only $1497 along with a monthly subscription, Kennected brings you an exclusive 1-on-1 consulting and education process that helps you generate conversations and sales quickly. Kennected is a premium LinkedIn automation suite. As such, we dive deep into educating and empowering our customers regarding proper use of the platform. This 3-week consulting and strategizing process heavily increases your chances of success when it comes to generating leads and closing deals. Check out our testimonials of real people that we’ve helped and see how we’ve transformed their LinkedIn profiles into Lead Flow magnets!

Training & Subscription Pricing

Training & Access Investment

See subscription types above
$ 1497
Up front
  • Exclusive Access to Lead Flow Mastery (Education Platform)
  • Education on LinkedIn Personal Branding
  • Step-by-step On How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Automation
  • Lifetime Support with No Annual Fees
  • Product Knowledge & Education Materials
  • Over 30+ Proven Messaging Scripts
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization Consulting ($2,500 value!)


Killing It! Had to turn it off (Kennected sequences) because I had too many responses. After making a couple adjustments to the messaging strategy, my connection requests went up over 30%. I booked 30 or so podcasts, 10 of which are as a guest. I finished replying to 50+ unread messages and have another 2-3 interviews I’m booking. Also booked a speaking gig out of it!

AJ Adams

Podcaster & Speaker

Hey Elliot, I just wanted to personally reach out and say thank you for letting us on the platform! Within the first month, we actually closed two website deals totalling over $5,000 and monthly subscription to our SEO program of over $1,000 per month. We have had so many leads on our team’s LinkedIn that we hide from the platform due to not being able to handle all the sales calls! My phone and account went from being silent to blowing up off the walls. I love the platform! 10/10 recommending to friends!

Ben Edson

SEO Agency Owner

I just want to take some time to shout out a company that I have had extreme success with while using their platform. It’s called Kennected, and it has increased my interactions through LinkedIn and helped grow my company tremendously. If you are a contractor, I would definitely look into this!

Dustin Culp

Owner @ Cool Roofs, Inc

Before I started using Kennected I was cold calling businesses and reaching out via email. Kennected automated my way of prospecting and generating leads. Within 3 months, I was able to land $60,000 dollars in new business for a very low price. It has allowed me to reach into new markets, and connect with the types of people who actually make buying decisions for their companies. This is really easy to use; I highly recommend Kennected!

Andy Mork

Professional Videographer

When I came across the idea of using an automation platform such as Kennected, I said “hey this is a no brainer, let’s give it a try”. I’ve had over 29 promising conversations started in the last 8 days. I have closed $2,000 in new business in 30 days. This is a great ROI!

Zack Hesterberg

Facebook Ads Expert

At the time I started using Kennected, I had less than 60 connections on LinkedIn. Since then, that number has grown to almost 2,000 connections. I have one house under contract, and I have two buyers who I’m working for as an agent. If you are in real estate or any business where you need to generate leads, you should check out Kennected. It has certainly changed my business. It has added an entire stream of revenue to my business. Thanks guys!

Glenn Cunningham

Realtor at Keller Williams

I’ve had tremendous success getting in front of who I need to with Kennected! I’m averaging 15 new conversations a day!

Cathy Gumbiner


We are blown away by the team at Kennected. We saw that LinkedIn was a great platform to be on. This LinkedIn Automation tool has really taken our lead generation and sales to another level. Kennected is our only and main source of leads. It’s surpassing Facebook & our other lead generation strategies. Take action by getting this software!

Andre Haykal Jr.

CEO Incubate Media