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You can manage your passwords with aWallet.

In most crypto, the coin’s value plummets if the project fails.

aWallet WEB3 Wallet lets blockchain users manage 100 cryptocurrencies from their mobile devices securely & efficiently. 

aWallet categorizes your passwords by computer logins, credit cards, e-banking, e-shops, email accounts, and web accounts.

MNC believes aWallet will give today’s blockchain generation access to DeFi with unique unlocking features that make it easier & more secure than ever. 

W. Y. Cheung, CEO of MNC, stated, “MNC believes this transaction of aWallet will give a new generation of users’ highway access to DeFi on your mobile phone. MNC & NSAV have an ambitious roadmap to develop the Awallet functionality, enabling the ability to send & receive NFTs, as well as expanding compatibility with the ACHAIN blockchain.”

The name sounds like a place to store bitcoin cash, but it has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies.

aWallet password manager software is great if you just want to keep your passwords & credit card info safe. 

What Is A Data File?

A data file stores input & output data.

What Is An Encrypted Data File?

An encryption key encrypts individual files or systems so only the key holder can access them. Malicious or unauthorized parties can’t access your files with disk security.

aWallet Features

  • Encrypts data using AES or Blowfish algorithms with key sizes of 256, 192, or 128 bits

  • When the encrypted file is decrypted, up to all combinations of algorithm & key size are tried with the Master password to unlock the data file. The app does not store any hint about the cipher or key size.

  • Uses a randomly generated salt combined with the master password. Salt helps to protect from offline dictionary attacks.

To open the data file, you must combine your master password with the 512-bit ‘salt’. SHA-256 hashes the result 1000 times. It’s harder to make a brute-force attack with repetitive hashing.

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aWallet Cloud Version

This feature allows you to connect your drip email service to other online business instruments, enhances your mailing strategy, and reduces manual work.

The more integrations, the more freedom you have.

API Drip tools need an API for integrating email functionality into other software applications or websites, depending on your business needs.

For example, offers a free API to perform actions with prospect lists, view statistics, etc.

How Many Passwords Can You Add To aWallet?

The password manager app lets you add unlimited categories & secure passwords. Passwords & information can be bulk added via CSV file. 


Spin Ethereum wallets in bulk for onboarding new users, testing your app, and allocating to developers. You can create, assign, fill, and refill wallets from one dashboard. 

Users or team members won’t need to worry about acquiring more crypto because adding more wallets is super easy.

Where Is aWallet Available?

aWallet works on iOS & Android smartphones without an internet connection. Almost every password manager tool today lets you back up & restore from one device to another. 

If you use the cloud version, it syncs your data across all your devices. The only catch with the cloud version is that it’s a paid app on Google Play & App Store.

What Kind Of Information Can You Put In aWallet?

In the encrypted data vault, aWallet lets you create your categories to store different kinds of data.

To autofill web browser forms, you can add names, addresses, credit card info, etc.

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Is Your Data Well Protected?

There’s only one permission on aWallet. It can only access external storage to export data in CSV or to allow the backup or restoration of the encrypted data file.

It doesn’t have internet access permission (ever) like other similar Android apps. 

To access your stored passwords, you must always enter your master password, which isn’t stored anywhere in the app. Unless you do that, you’re locked out of the app & your data.

Exporting data to CSV file format also requires USB device access. Because aWallet doesn’t have access to the Internet, SMS, or other networks, it can’t transfer data.

aWallet Pricing

In addition to the free version, aWallet has a ‘Pro’ version that lets you use biometrics – fingerprint or face ID – to log in. It’s a nice extra feature for mobile devices.

To access the pro features, customers must pay a one-time fee.

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