Automation Intentionality For Your Business Success

In a technology driven world, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of software and possibilities.

It can be tempting to implement every piece of technology you can find, hoping that simply automating everything will improve every aspect of your business.

While automation tools are an extremely valuable asset, you need to take the time and progress with technology slowly and with care.

A recent article by Forbes highlights the importance of taking it slow with new technology and how businesses need to keep scalability in mind.

“To grow and overcome the classic hurdles to become a successful, innovative and respected technology company, large and small companies had to master scaling their business, their solutions and many other aspects along their path of expansion.

For a business, this means growing its customer base, developing partnerships and keeping the customers happy and engaged with high-level customer success management. Therefore, companies seek ways to scale processes and effectively manage recurring tasks. To achieve this level of scalability, companies see a tremendous need for a “single source of truth” and automation of different parts of their operation.

When it comes to automation, the age-old question is, how can you automate redundant tasks that you previously did manually? Whether searching for information on a topic, compiling data on a customer, tracking sales cycles, enhancing a chatbot to assist a customer, extracting critical information from a legal document or finding a resource within your company, the possibilities of automation are endless. With extensive research being part of many processes, the doors are wide open for enhanced practices within data analysis and management.

For example, solutions that compile your company-wide data from internal and external sources are one way to help you scale masterfully without having to reinvent the wheel when a new use case is discovered. Many companies may seek to solve a single use case in one business area with a specific solution but fail to look at how the deployment will impact them down the road, whether it’s months or years later.”

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Automation and how it ties into business processes. By Kennected, #1 LinkedIn Automation Tool

The article makes a few great points, but one of the main takeaways is that your business focus and mission should not change with the implementation of new technology.

Automation tools have the ability to change your business and the way that your processes work, but they also can change your business foundation if you are not careful.

The best way to avoid this is to sit down and take the time to write out your core values, mission, and business goals.

Find where gaps exist in your strategy, and use automation to fill in those gaps rather than to take over everything.

This approach will allow you to reap the benefits of automation without letting it overpower your business processes.

Be intentional about your software implementation and get started with the best lead flow automation tool out there, Cloud Kennect.

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