How To Automate LinkedIn Profile Visits

There are many ways to attract other people’s attention on LinkedIn. You can try posting high-quality content related to your business or industry in order to passively attract more people to your profile. A more direct approach is to send them a connection request or an invite. These actions can help you expand your network in the long run, because you are putting it out there that people are welcome to connect with you. Otherwise, people might not even know you exist.

But another effective way to attract people’s attention is by simply visiting their profile. When you do this, the person you visited will see your name in their “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section. This may build some intrigue and cause them to view your profile back. Something as simple as this can lead to a connection—and eventually develop into a beneficial LinkedIn relationship. This is all part of the process of building your network.

But if you are visiting profiles regularly, this could get tedious very easily. It is especially frustrating if people don’t seem to be looking back at your pros.

file. What you need is a way to make this task easier, so that you can treat it as a passive way of attracting more connection.

Benefits of Automating LinkedIn Profile Visits

LinkedIn automation tools are what you’re looking for. These tools can handle many of the difficult tasks that waste a lot of your time on LinkedIn, including visiting profiles. When you automate these tasks, you allow yourself to focus on more important jobs.

For example, when you’re running a business, every minute counts: you can spend your time improving your product or talking to your clients. You can’t waste time manually visiting other people’s profiles hoping they will respond or connect with you. It is better to be pro-active on LinkedIn.

So by using LinkedIn automation tools to automate profile visits, you are not only freeing up some precious time, but you are also opening up more opportunities for yourself and your brand.

Some tools help you automatically visit targeted LinkedIn profiles. All you need to do is search for the right targets and let the automation tool work its magic. Some tools also allow you to export visited profiles into a CSV file.

Proper LinkedIn Automation

When using automation tools, there are things LinkedIn users need to keep in mind. For instance, you should never auto-add connections to an automated email, especially if they did not request to receive such emails. This might result in you getting marked as spam.

The reality is that LinkedIn itself does not want its members to use any third-party automation tools at all. But high-quality automation tools like Kennected respect the fact that not all tasks should be automated. Kennected only automates tasks that humans can actually accomplish themselves manually. It helps you save time and energy, without making it look like you are a bot or a spammer.

LinkedIn automation tools help professionals, marketers, and entrepreneurs from all industries build a resource of leads faster and more easily. But they work best when used properly.

Kennected is the best lead generation tool for all types of professionals. It has over 30+ proven scripts that can make your outreach efforts easier. This automation tool lets you set up and send personalized invite messages, with placeholders to send up to 100 new invitations. It also lets you schedule and send personalized follow-ups, for those people who made the connection but haven’t responded.

Kennected also improves the chances of getting a response by making sure your invites reach the right people. It uses laser-accurate data to fine-tune your outreach so that you can identify your ideal customers. Kennected takes automation to a whole new level.

Kennected brings you a steady stream of connections, appointments, and sales via LinkedIn. Stop worrying about where your next sale is going to come from. Book a demo and see why so many people are having success with Kennected.

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