How To Automate Lead Generation On LinkedIn

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If you guys are looking to grow your business, utilizing LinkedIn, this is the perfect video for you.

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What’s going on guys, welcome back to a new video Today, I’m going to be going over a in depth LinkedIn training on how you guys can use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business. And how do you can do it and utilize automation as well. So what I’m going to be going over, this is going to be a bit of a long video, you can see the presentation here that I’m going to be going through, we’re going to be going over sales funnels on LinkedIn, and lots of really, really cool stuff.

Okay, I just want to show you that, but it is a little bit long. And I promise that you guys are going to get so much value from this video. Okay, so I please watch it, you’re going to love it, we’re going to go into how we use LinkedIn to really generate an insane amount of leads. And if you don’t use LinkedIn already, I highly encourage that you do. If you’re already using LinkedIn to generate leads, this video is going to help you streamline that process with a really amazing automation tool back with some strategy and funnels, and how you can just overall get the most amount of results through LinkedIn. Okay, so if you guys are new to who it is that I am, my name is Elliot Drake. I’m a 20 year old serial entrepreneur. And this channel is all about how to succeed online. So I help a lot of agency owners and people that are looking to grow and scale their business. And yeah, so without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump right into my screen. And let’s go into this training. But before that, make sure if you’re not subscribed, hit that subscribe button and turn on that little notification bell. So you can see whenever I upload. So let’s do it. What’s going on guys, let’s jump right into the training. So how to generate leads from LinkedIn by using automation. Okay, so we’re going to go into through the slides, just some overall LinkedIn training to see the best results. And then we’re going to also introduce how we can put those results basically on steroids. And also save your most important asset, which is time utilizing automation. And you guys are gonna really, really love it. So let’s jump right in.

Fill Up Your Calendar With Appointments

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Okay, so here’s a screenshot of one of our calendars from all of these have been from LinkedIn, all these leads, our pipeline is filled 24 seven, almost just from LinkedIn leads. And one of the biggest factors that allows us to do this at scale is from the automation that we’re going to be going over in this training. Alright, so here’s what we’re going to cover how to use the world’s biggest directory of business owners to land dream clients. And then we’re going to go over the LinkedIn sales funnel. So this is our process for generating leads on LinkedIn. And then next, we’re going to go over important optimization tips for your LinkedIn to get the best results. And the last thing, how we use automation to put our outreach on complete autopilot. Alright, so let’s jump right in. So how to use the world’s biggest directory of business owners to land dream clients. Before we start, you must know that LinkedIn wants you to use its platform to get your ideal client. So here’s just some overview facts of LinkedIn. So there are 602 million professionals on LinkedIn. 40 million are seen as decision makers in their companies. 61 million are senior level influencers. LinkedIn goal is 3 billion members, meaning it’s still growing. So it’s an amazing platform for you to start diving into and taking very seriously when looking for sources to grow your business and generate leads. So the platform was created for business professionals to network and help each other grow. Unlike Facebook or other channels, LinkedIn is made for doing business, right? Just you have to look at different channels as the intent of the platform, right? Like people go on Facebook to engage with their friends and their family and the things they like. So like, getting leads on there is possible. But the nature of the platform isn’t as strong for lead generation as say, LinkedIn would be since it was built for that very reason. So it’s also number one social media channel for b2b lead generation by a longshot. So 80% of b2b marketing lead source through social media come from LinkedIn. So compared to other social channels, LinkedIn has an 11 X or 11 times better response rate and 73% lower cost per lead than other channels. So showboater features so directory, LinkedIn has the biggest directory of business owners from all different niches and all different parts of the world.

Elite Level Leads

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There’s literally nowhere else in the world that has the caliber of leads for you to take. There’s just not and the capacity and everything for you to be able to leverage and find these people is unreal. So tools, LinkedIn has an entire suite of tools for you to use not only to reach the right people, but reach them in the right way. Okay.

Old Way vs New Way To Prospect With Outreach

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So let’s jump right in. So let’s compare this to how most people try to find clients through traditional cold outreach. So this is how people traditionally try to reach out, you know, whether it’s through all these different sources, whether it’s cold calling, whether it’s cold email, whether it’s, you know, do a video audit, kind of video on it type outreach, right. So it has minimal info. So like with most outreach methods, you’re reaching out with minimal info, just what you take, like, you can just get what you take from their website, in their social media. with LinkedIn, not only do you know about the business, but more importantly, you know about the business owner, because we can find all their social platform and we can find all the information on their LinkedIn channel. And this is really good as well, for LinkedIn, because like the fact that you have that asset, when you’re outreaching, on LinkedIn verse, The other kind of outreach strategies where you don’t have minimal info, because you have like, there are so many different pieces of information you need from their profile to have conversation starters, and things like that. And then another reason why traditional outreach strategies don’t compare is it’s not scalable.

Scalable Lead Gen Solutions

With cold calling or cold video outreach. It’s just not scalable. Because you’re directly involved with a first point of contact. with LinkedIn, you can combine automation with personal interaction, to only follow up with leads that show engagement PS, at the end of this, I’m going to show you a tool that will transform everything in your business. So also bad environment. With regular cold outreach. They look at you as a nuisance with LinkedIn, they look at you as a trusted peer. And only they look at you at a trusted peer if you’re going to follow these LinkedIn strategies and best practice tips that I’m going to share with you today. Okay, so how do you how do we find our target customers on LinkedIn? Right? So how do we find these people? How do we find our prospects? Right, so LinkedIn has a full search tool there, their Sales Navigator and all this stuff. But realistically, you don’t have to use Sales Navigator, Sales Navigator just has some different features where you can create lead lists and have a little bit better of like, you can have quite a lot better of targeting options. But with the traditional free version of LinkedIn, mixed with this automation, you don’t need Sales Navigator, okay, so you’re going to find everything perfectly fine this way.

So number one location, where you can focus your attention on the locations where ideal prospects are found. So we’re able to target down specifically where they’re at, with targeting. So industry you can hear you can focus your attention on locations where ideal prospects are found. And then see your seniority level, right? This allows you to reach the right person without a gatekeeper standing in your way. So like, for instance, it’s like it’s so hard if like cold calling, because you have to get past the gatekeeper. And then they’re gonna, you know, probably say, hey, email me and there’s just so many steps. with LinkedIn, we’re able to get straight to the source. All right, so LinkedIn sales funnel, so start selling on LinkedIn without being salesy.

The LinkedIn Sales Funnel

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Yeah, let’s jump into it.

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All right, so the LinkedIn sales funnel, so you can see, I wish I could draw on here, but I can’t, but you’ll see over here, so hunting, this is finding your target customer, right. So like I just showed you, back here on how we can go to LinkedIn search, that is our hunting. So let me just jump, I’m gonna jump into LinkedIn for you. And just show you what I mean. So this is our LinkedIn profile. And we go up here to search and you can go to people.

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And then we go to all filters. And then we have a lot of capacity here, right? So we can go second connections, because second connections are like new people that are directly connected with us. And then we can go location. So say, I’m trying to find business owners in Indianapolis for my digital marketing services. And what industry are you in? So this so this is where knowing your niche and who you’re trying to go after comes into play. So for me, some of our offers that we’re selling, I’m really going after some digital marketers right now, right? Even though that might be weird, because we’re a digital marketing agency, but we have an offer for them. So I can click industry, marketing and advertising. You can do whatever industry you want here with the list. But if they don’t have the industry, one little hack for you, in regards to this targeting, is to go here to title and then figure out what would be the title they would associate themselves as on LinkedIn. So for instance, I paid marketing and advertising, and then I might just type in here, Chief Executive Officer. And then one thing to know is make it how it would be in their bio, because it’s going to pull that from me how it’d be on their profile, because it’s going to pull that you can also add to services. So if they show that they offer social media marketing or digital marketing, you can pull those as well, but we’d hit apply here and then boom.

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So in my list right now, I only have 16 people inside of my second connection list. But as you probably know, like LinkedIn is something you build. So the more connections that you get, the more people you’re going to be able to connect with, right? Obviously, you can pay for like some more premium sweet stuff for LinkedIn. Like I said, not super necessary. But you can pay and get a wider reach off the start, but it’s just something that you build, but you’re able to go here, and this is our targeting, this is what we call hunting, we’re doing our research finding our list of individuals, that would be in our target, demographic, you know, the target conversations and, you know, prospects that would need our services, products or services. And that is what we do there for hunting. So let’s jump right back in here.

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Okay, and then the next thing, so after we found our target search, then we move into engaging, which is sending them that connection, invite, right, we’re sending that that invite for them to be in our network. And then from there, we’re going to send an introductory message, and then from there, follow up. And then we automate that whole engaging process with automation, which I’m going to talk about here in a bit. So let me go right back in here. So engaging, starting the conversation with your ideal target. So right here in hunting, we found the audience, we found the, the list of prospects through LinkedIn that we want to go after. And then we connect with them with a personalized note. And then we manage a follow ups. And then we have automation to solve that. Right. So what I mean is, so when I hit here, that’s a connection.

And then the introductory message is adding this specialized note to basically say, Hey, I really want to be inside of your network, which encourages them to accept you, right. And then after you sit in that, once they accept your request, then you want to have the follow ups, right. So let me just go right here. And you’re going to understand how we do this. But this was completely automated when I talked about automation. So I gave the tool which I’m going to show how to use the list of audiences. And it sent this introductory message and said, Hey, Patrick, I might be doing in your space, I’d love to connect final ways from being value to one another, yada, yada. And then he accepted my request. And since he get replied to the first connection note, which most of the time people don’t, our automation tool, set this follow up three days later says, Hey, Patrick, it’s a pleasure to be connected. Would you be open to chat for a few minutes in near future to see how we can work together, right, so I’m trying to get him on the phone. And then he didn’t respond again. And so I waited. So our software tool,

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the automation tool, waited another five days, since he didn’t respond and then set another follow up. And then since he didn’t respond again, it waited another five days and then set. Last and Final follow up. Hey, Patrick, wanted to follow up, I sent you a few messages last week and wanted to make sure they didn’t fall through the cracks, I definitely think there could be some synergy between us by understand if you’re not open to connecting due to a busy schedule, I would like to would still like to connect for a few minutes when you have some free time, right? Then he finally responded. And so then my automation tool, it shut off. And then now this is what I did is I went in manually. And then I sent this message here, got him on the phone, and Patrick right here actually ended up becoming a client. Right. So this whole process from engaging was completely automated, right? Which is I’m going to show you how to do one little side note to keep in mind, whenever you’re sending meetings out and scheduling meetings, the best way to go about it is go to and set up a virtual calendar that links with your your, your Google Calendar, and then people can just go and book times and things like that. So then you don’t waste time, all of the what we want to do whenever building like lead generation sources, like systems that bring us a consistent flow of leads repeated like repeatedly every single month, which is what we need to have a thriving business to have a thriving agency is this. So anything that we can do to make things easier and more streamlined, which this is one of them? All right.

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So we’ve gone over that. So you’ve gone over how hunting works, which is how we find our target customers. And there we go, we talked about engaging, so connecting with an individual introducing that first message with the connection, and then plus following up with them until they respond right. And that is all automated, which I’m going to show you how to automate with the tool. Next, we’re going into nurture slash clothes. The reason I put these two together is because sometimes depending on the environment, it’s not very, very common, but you can close on the first call. So you saw with

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Patrick, that I sent the calendar invite. That’s what we call a discovery call the first time, we talked with the individual on the phone. And so if you look at the bottom here, nurture slash clothes, getting your target customer on the phone on a phone call to build rapport, then closing them as a client. So this discovery call, it’s very important to keep this in mind is that a discovery call, you need to really build report that obviously you can see maintenance showed up so had to relocate, so you guys can hear me. But anyway, so the discovery call, the discovery call when you talk to that individual is not like right away a pitch fest or anything like that, right? What we want to do on this discovery call is really get to know the individual that we’re talking with, we want to add value to them. And we want to utilize questions about them and their business and their struggles as a tool to find commonality, because people don’t buy things from those that they don’t trust. So that is one thing that I would say there is discovery call, go into that wanting to get to know them their business and see if they might be a good fit. Don’t go in there and try, like selling right away. Don’t be super salesy. I go in there, and I just like, you know, I kind of like small talk right away, I asked about them how they’re doing, I’m very upbeat, very, you know, dislike, very good energy. And then I just start asking about them, right? I just start asking about them. And then I find ways I can help them whether it’s an introduction or little small ways I can add value. And then after you get done talking about them, and what it is they do, it’s just natural, they’re going to ask about what it is that you do. And so the importance of finding your niche is that whenever you say that, we always like come prepared, maybe write down, find some stories that you could tell, you know, we just tell a lot of stories. And we use those stories to nurture the audience down the path. And then whenever you’re telling about it, it’s obvious that the person you’re talking to your services are exactly what they need. And so whenever you set whenever you’re saying what it is you do,

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don’t be focused on the sale right away. Sometimes the reason why these are together, there’ll be like, Cool, let’s do it. Like I would love that, can you send me over proposal or like, or you can take payment on phone, sometimes that happens, but be prepared, and don’t be attached to make that happen too fast and risk blowing the relationship and not getting that sale? So the discovery call is that just build rapport. And by the end of it, if it’s not a call that where they’re like, Yeah, let’s do it. Because some people are just like, if it makes sense, I love what you do. They’re just going to keep asking more questions about it that Yeah, let’s do it. And then you just go straight to close the deal. But if they just want some more information, you know, try to book another call. That’s what normally happens with us. So like, we have software company now that is will say, Would you be interested, like you want a demo, can then lock in the next call, which is your strategy session, which, in that strategy session, you’re, you’re already at the end of discovery call or prepping them saying, Hey, would you be open to another call, so I can, you know, kind of break it down and show you some more info about it. And then on that discovery on that strategy session call, if you have to go there is where you actually going to pitch say the price and, and do all that. And then from there, close the deal. Okay, so this is what our overall LinkedIn sales funnel looks like, and all that good stuff. Okay. And also keep in mind, guys, these slides, I’m gonna allow you to download these, it’s blink will be in the description below. So you guys can download these after this video. Okay.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips

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All right. So now, important optimization tips for your LinkedIn to get the best results. Okay, this is really, really important. So here’s a profile optimization checklist. This is your OPT in page. So um, listen to me here. Okay. This is really, really important. your LinkedIn profile is an opt in page, we’re sending out connection requests to individuals that are prospects, you know, most of you guys, agency owners are going to be business owners. And so like, if you’re, if your profile page is not optimized, and you don’t look like somebody who they would want their network, they’re not going to accept you. And so then you’re not even going to be able to get your foot in the door. Okay, so let’s just go over this checklist. I just wanted to you know, clarify that for you. One is have a professional profile picture. We’re not Instagram or not Facebook. This is a platform to do business and network with business owners. Okay? Put on a nice put on a nice like, you know, suit whatever you have to do sand against the wall. You can use an iPhone or whatever, and have a nice profile, professional picture, okay? Have a banner, something with

Elliot Drake 20:00
authority if possible. Alright, so this is what I’m saying there is have this a nice banner on your on your page, right? So let’s just go to mine here, just have a nice one if you have authority, so like my banner, I’m speaking, right? So it adds forms of authority to myself in my brand. So when somebody comes here, oh, he’s speaking in front of crowd, you know, he must be somebody that has enough authority to speak and teach. So it’s naturally going to make me look more attractive. So if you have this, then do that. Okay, same thing, look at my profile picture, right, I actually, if you this a little hack I’ve been, we always are testing different things on LinkedIn, we, we cropped out my background, my cropped out my head and put that in Maroon background. And it increased my connection requests by like, 20%, like the, the percentage of like, opt in, so people who accepted it by like a little over 20%, which is kind of crazy, just a small little details. Those of you that are add people like the small tweaks and things make a massive difference. Okay. So let’s go back.

Those Are Rookie Numbers. Gotta Pump Those Connection Numbers Up

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Alright. And then next thing is 500 plus connections, right, you want to go and just get those 500 connections, you maybe those people aren’t exactly those C level executives right away or anything, just go and get those 501st connections, that’s going to really help you, it gives you some more reach and things like that, and makes it look a little more credible. Okay, so the next a key word heavy headline, people will find you from this, right. So, like the different keywords that are in your headline, people are gonna find you from it. So and then also, here’s a good rule of thumb for your headline is follow this formula, I help blank, which is the niche and the individual that you help to result. So what result do you get for this person by and then this is what your offer is, right? So I help, say, real luxury real estate agents, because that’s more niche to sell more homes online, by running Facebook ads, right? That was a complete random example. but you get the point there, right. Next thing is fill out all your contact information on your LinkedIn page, right, your website, all these different things, fill in every single box that you do on your LinkedIn. Okay, next thing, optimize about section. So the about page on your LinkedIn, optimize it, here’s a perfect thing to follow who, what, why. So who you are, like, what you do, why you do it, and other different achievements. And so like, also, that’s like, who you are, who you help, what you do for them, what’s your offer? And then why do you do it, so maybe your mission statement or something along those lines, and then add some achievements and things there as well. Okay, next, post content really relevant to your niche. So whether it’s finding articles, if you go to a quiet calm, you can find different relevant articles and share those on your LinkedIn or make videos, right, post different relevant value pieces of content on your LinkedIn, it’s really going to help you out. Okay, next thing up to date experience. So on your experience on your LinkedIn, you can add different past jobs and places you’ve worked, right. So we’re going to take a look at mine, you guys can check out my LinkedIn if you want. So you can see I have founder and land clients calm I help people start and scale on the course by leveraging digital marketing, right? So we’re testing this right now it’s a different offer. So I always change depending on what the offer I’m trying to push at the moment. I will change that headline things around, right? To be more relevant to the person I’m trying to attract, you see that I have articles experience work. So you’ll see here, it’s present, right started 2017 part of mission to market, right experience working here, right? Add all that relevant information there. Okay. Next thing you’ll see is five to 10 recommendations, right. So I say five to 10 recommendations and add all your skills, get five to 10 people to endorse those skills. So these are important, because it gives you credibility.

Elliot Drake 24:14
It’s just another credibility thing. So like you’ll see here, you can add your skills. So make sure you add your skills here. So social media marketing, and then people 53 people have endorsed that. So that’s saying to a new individual, who’s in my prospect list that probably might need digital marketing, social media marketing, they go here and they see 53 people said that I am good at this skill. So they’re naturally going to say, huh, right. So it’s just the power of association. And like just that credibility from other people endorsing you. So get five to 10 people to go and endorse all your skills like I have a lot, right. So you’ll see that I have a lot here. That’s not an issue at as many skills that are relevant as you can. Okay, and then the next thing recommendations. So I have four

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Five right now on pending one.

Elliot Drake 25:03
But these are important. So try to get five to like five to 10 different recommendations here. Okay.

Elliot Drake 25:10
You can see all of these, um, pending your recommendation, but get these recommendations because it’s also a way to add credibility. Okay.

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And then let’s go back to our slides here.

Elliot Drake 25:25
And that’s it for the profile checklist. So here’s some do’s and don’ts for LinkedIn. Okay? So some Do’s, like, be polite, is number one, like, be busy, just be polite. I mean, it’s pretty straightforward. Just be polite with people create conversation, right. So don’t be super generic with your conversation. So you’re going to see how the automation tool is going to do a lot of the initial heavy lifting. But then once an individual responds, then you go in, then you’re going to go in manually, and then have that small conversation and then get them on the phone call. Alright, that’s going to be the goal with the automation software

Elliot Drake 26:02
is to do that it’s going to automate the whole process. So then all you’re doing with your outreach is spending time doing the activities to actually move the needle, connecting with people following up like, those don’t actually move the needle on your business. That’s why automation is going to be so powerful and transform things for you.

Elliot Drake 26:19
You know, you only want to be focusing on what moves the needle or you’re just wasting time. Right? So, and then asking questions. So like, whenever you do talk with the individual, after the automation gets them interested, and they respond and it shuts off, then you’re just going to go in and ask questions, right? Just Just be conversational. And questions are a way to do that. So make your opening closing lines interesting post,

Elliot Drake 26:43
like posting conversation. So like your opening line to an individual through a message that you send in the automation, right? have it be like, just interesting. And then you’re closing my line have that also be interesting, right? Just to like, it’s just a psychological thing to wait. It’s also a way to just make people trust you, like people be interested in you. As well as like, if you’re making posts on LinkedIn, make your opening and closing lines, like super interesting and things like that. So actually, like people, like look forward to keeping like to have a conversation with you, right? Number four, speak about things like achievements, problems, relevant stories, and what you’re working on. All right.

Elliot Drake 27:26
Those are some things to talk about, and then don’ts. So don’t just sell, give value and build rapport with people first, right. So like, on this discovery call, like don’t go into message like I never inside of my LinkedIn chat. I never mentioned like him, somebody wanting to buy my stuff, I never am pitching anybody, the only time I would ever do that is during at the end of a discovery call, whenever like they normally ask about what I do, or they show interest. And then I’ll talk about what it is that I do, right, I’m always focusing on building rapport with the person. And if I don’t have enough rapport built in that discovery call, I will never pitch them I stay into I stay in rapport building mode. And if you know their person, then I can feel and discover like I’m feeling them out. And I recognize that, you know, they’re kind of like a guarded, they have their walls down. So it takes a little more time for them to trust me, I’ll never pitch them. I’ll get off the phone Say hello to follow up.

Elliot Drake 28:21
You know about the things you’re talking about what it is we do Is there anybody I connect you with to bring you more business, right things of that nature, or sending them free value and then try to close them down the road, there will be individuals like I talked about where they hear things, and they’re all in like, I’m the type of person where if something makes sense right away, and I see the value, I’ll buy it, but like my grandpa, it’s like a certainty level, right? I’m like a one on a certainty level. Like, I don’t have to be super certain before I make a purchase. That’s just how I am. Right? If it makes sense. It makes sense. But like my grandpa, he’s like a 10 on the certainty level. Like he has to know literally everything like it’s very hard for him to make a purchase, if it doesn’t make 100% sense. And you know, he has to trust a person really, really well, right. Number two, don’t post controversial content, like on your LinkedIn is don’t be controversial. It’s just not a good book, three, focus on volume over quality, avoid being spammy and stay relevant. So what we say so what I’m saying here is that like LinkedIn, it’s a volume play. That’s why automation is key for you guys to see results. And there’s some other automation software’s out here. But the one that I’m introducing you today is the most efficient that I’ve ever used. It’s the most powerful and as well as it’s going to keep you safe from not getting in trouble with LinkedIn, like a lot of other ones do. It’s all in LinkedIn terms and conditions, which is great, right? So it’s a volume play with the automation software. It’s gonna allow you to connect with people and follow up at a volume play that is almost just

Elliot Drake 29:54
almost impossible to do yourself. All right. So focus on the quality and

Elliot Drake 30:00
Not as much focus on the quantity like volume, not as much as the quality, okay? And don’t be super spammy and just stay relevant, right? don’t spam people like crazy, it’s just not going to work out and then stay relevant by posting things engaging with them. on LinkedIn, you’ll get a notification whenever someone has a new job change or something like that. Or whenever the individual posts something on their LinkedIn, maybe a blog, maybe an article, and you go back and you comment on it, right? Is comment on those things stay relevant with them, they keep seeing your name. So that’s just a tip for you. Number four, don’t, don’t I forgot to put be sorry, don’t be illiterate. Check your grammar and that everything makes sense before you send the message or make a post. Everything needs to be professional. So it sounds funny, like I’m honestly pretty bad at grammar. But I use Grammarly. Like if you if you’re not good at grammar, there’s a tool called just google Grammarly. And it updates everything on my slides here, it doesn’t really update it. So obviously, you see a little bit of grammar mistakes, which is which is normal. I go really fast. But on LinkedIn, since we’re on LinkedIn, to get business, right, with business professional, so I always make sure on their grammar and everything is like tip top and perfect. So I promise you that, like just do that. If you if you don’t, it’ll be bad. Okay. All right, cool. So now that you guys have known that, you know, our sales process, you know, you know how to find the targets. You know, I talked about the do’s and don’ts, your profile checklist. Now, what you guys have all been waiting for how we use automation to put our outreach on complete autopilot. Alright. So we’re introducing you the so this tool is called connected, spelled a little weird, right? So we simply they simplify lead generation, right, I’m also I’m a partner of this company, you we spent a lot of time and energy building this. And it’s been really amazing. It’s helped our business as well as a lot of our clients. And it’s been really amazing. And so what it’s going to do, it’s going to send your connection requests and follow ups automatically, but one by one as if you were sending them manually. So it’s going to connect with an individual pull in their first name, it’s going to look like it’s 100%. You, it’s going to manage all the follow ups on time delays that you can set, it’s going to also, like I said, Follow up automation, just set a number of days after which you want to automatically send a follow up. And then it will send a follow up message. And then the last one follow up messages a personalized contact an unlimited number of prospects daily with personalized automated sequences and build Predictable Revenue, right. And then also collect valuable data, we make it easy to find emails right inside the LinkedIn interface and let you push this data to your fingertips. So you’re going to get a dashboard, where every time an individual connects with you, it’s going to scrape their LinkedIn information, so their name, their position and their email, and then put it in your dashboard that you can download the CSV. And you could you know, send them more of a follow up email, right, or whatever you want to do with that email and that data uploaded, Facebook, custom audience, whatever you want to do, which is really powerful. And plus, like just a little note is LinkedIn, your work, you’re able to do this because LinkedIn profile data is public information once they accept your connection. So once you send a connection request to an individual, and they accept it, that’s basically their opt in, it’s there. They’re basically granting you permission to do that. Okay. So let’s take a look at how it works like, Alright, so let’s go here. And what you want to do is go to Okay, right here, Also, if you have any questions, there’ll be a link down in the description to book to book, there’s a demo call. So if you want to book a demo call, we can go on here and talk a little more. But go here, and then install connected for Chrome. So if you click that, and this will take you to a Chrome extension, and then just add the Chrome extension here. And then it’s going to be up here. So it’s all controlled from your own device. So all of your information is staying on your device, and it’s going to be a Chrome extension. So once you download that, click on it right here.

Elliot Drake 34:24
Right and download it. But actually go back to this site here, my fault, and you want to sign up first. Okay, so if you hit right here, get started.

Elliot Drake 34:37
It’s going to go to sign up. So if you go here, type an email, your email here and your password and click Register.

Elliot Drake 34:46
Let’s register one really fast. Let’s just do Ah,

Elliot Drake 34:51
let’s do this one.

Elliot Drake 34:55

Elliot Drake 35:00
need to be at least.

Elliot Drake 35:05

Elliot Drake 35:08
Sorry, that already exists, I have too many emails. But anyways, go go here,

Elliot Drake 35:14
just you don’t need to do that I’m sorry. So go install the Chrome. And then it’s whenever you installed your Chrome, it’s going to be right up here in the top of the screen. And then it’s going to be a profile. So you’re not going to see this, because you’re not logged in. But what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to,

Elliot Drake 35:32
on this log out, you’re going to be on this screen. And so you’re going to click here and sign up for free.

Elliot Drake 35:39

Elliot Drake 35:42
click Login to dashboard here, okay, login to dashboard, or you can enter this, but just go to log into dashboard, if you’re having issues, and then go down here, and click don’t have an email sign up. It’s a little confusing sometimes, but it’s working on it, fill in all your info and hit sign up. And then it’s going to make you

Elliot Drake 36:04
it’s going to make you confirm with your email. And then once you do, you’re going to be able to go here to it’s just the URLs app connected, and then hit sign in. Okay, so then this is your dashboard. So this is the tool gives you a dashboard, which you’re going to be able to track and optimize all your stuff, you know, your the connections you send out and the follow ups and your responses, you’re going to be able to track everything, which is really, really cool. So I’m going to put here, let’s do search.

Elliot Drake 36:33

Elliot Drake 36:35
let’s do so let’s do August 30th.

Elliot Drake 36:40
This is my test account here. So

Elliot Drake 36:50

Elliot Drake 36:52
search, okay, so you can kind of see below. So this is like a dashboard you get. But once you log into the dashboard here, what you’re going to want to do is go down here to your pricing.

Elliot Drake 37:04
And then you can select whatever plan that you want. So this is what’s going to allow you you have to select your planter here. And so it’s all the same. But if you want to pay bi monthly, so if you just want to send out 30 connection invites per day and only get 90 follow ups 25 for 60. It’s 45 and 85, which is 100 per day 300 messages, which is really the most powerful one that you can do and really put things on on autopilot and launch like it’s kind of crazy. This is that one or you pay quarterly, so you just pay for a quarter at a time, and it’s cheaper. Alright. So now that we’ve gone through all that we had a little bit of technical difficulties. But anyways, this is your dashboard, then you want to go back into the Chrome extension. So just click this Chrome extension. And then the email that you signed up with, you just are going to want to enter that there. Okay, so let me just sign back into this one.

Elliot Drake 38:05
All right, boom. So I just signed into my account.

Elliot Drake 38:10
And then here we go. So this is where everything is controlled. Alright, so everything for your sequences is controlled in the Chrome extension. So for the total work, you can close your laptop, and you just need to be in Wi Fi. And you just need to be in Google Chrome only works in Google Chrome, because a Chrome extension and you just need to have your,

Elliot Drake 38:30
your dis tab open, as well as your LinkedIn at the same time. And it’s going to run, right. So you’ll see here, I have zero out of 100 per day, for today, because I have it off. This is my test account. Right? So how would we use this tool? So we’d go in here, and let’s like first, so we’ll go over our funnel. So we’re hunting. So if I go here to people, and then go to all filters, and then I’m trying to find my target audience, right, so let’s do you know, we want second connections, and I can go to people for the whole United States. You know, maybe let’s just say financial services. And then, you know, let’s just say they are the founder.

Elliot Drake 39:13
Let’s see what that gives us. Boom. So they for the people who were in the financial industry, and they have the title as founder. So they’re, you know, quote, unquote, a decision maker. It gives me 5100 results here, right? This is our list. Imagine like without automation, what will you do is go here to connect, and then add a note, which would say, you know, hey, this guy’s name’s Randall, and, you know, you’d write this personalized note, send the invitation, right? manually. Imagine doing that, for all of these people. 5100 right. It’s almost impossible because then you have to go back and send follow up messages like I showed you here with people that get so they accepted it, and then, you know, imagine doing all

Elliot Drake 40:00
These follow ups manually with all these people. Well, this problem solved. So once you find your target to use the tool, you want to tell the tool, what audience to go after. So this 5100 people, so all you do is just copy this URL, go into a new sequence, which this is like your campaign. So you can split test different things, you would just go create new, right, and we would name this so we’d say, Fine.

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