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Can You Make A Lot of Money In Tech Sales?

Table of Contents Navigation: What Are Direct Sales Software Companies?, Fulfilling, Interesting Work, Communication, Company Size, Location, What Do Salespeople Do?, Negotiation, Average Base Salary In Tech Sales, Large Margins, Pay Determinations, What Is Commission?, How Much Money Can Someone Make Selling Enterprise Software?, There’s A Huge Demand, Focus On Enterprise Software Sales, Additional High … Read more

What Does A Tech Stack Look Like?

Table of Contents Navigation: What Is A Tech Stack?, How Can You Choose The Right Tech Stack?, Flexibility, Hiring Capabilities, What Should You Consider When Choosing A Tech Stack?, Get Expert Help, Efficiency, What Happens If You Choose The Wrong Tech Stack?, The Tech Stack For iOS Apps, Android Studio, Scalability, Spotify Tech Stack, Front … Read more

Can You Make A Million In Tech Sales?

Table of Contents Navigation: How Do Salespeople Make Money?, How Can You Become A Sales Rep?, What Is Recurring/Residual Revenue?, Sales Management, Microsoft, Salesforce, EMC Corporation, Real Estate Sales, Which U.S. Cities Pay The Most For Sales Jobs?, What Is Ad Serving?, How Can You Make $1M In Tech Sales?, Hop-On The Kennected Train Although … Read more

Is Amazon A B2B or B2C?

Navigation: An E-commerce Giant, Business-To-Consumer (B2C), What Are B2C Customers?, B2B vs. B2C, B2B Side of Amazon, What Is Consumer-To-Consumer (C2C)?, Amazon Prime Service, Amazon Business, Amazon’s Tax Exemption Program, Business Product Identifiers, Hop-On The Kennected Train Originally, Amazon was considered a B2C, but the company has developed a business-to-business side in recent years, making … Read more

How Do You Classify Leads?

Navigation: Define Your Definition of “Lead”, Leads Classification, Create An ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), What Is Outbound Lead Generation?, What Is A Lead Score?, How To Acquire High-Quality Leads, Lead Generation Strategy, Lead Qualification, Qualified Leads vs. Unqualified Leads, The Lead Generation Funnel, Automation Qualified Lead, Cool Leads, Lead Nurturing, Remarketing, Add Kennected To Your … Read more

Can You Make 500K A Year In Tech Sales?

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Demand Generation Specialist

Navigation: Preferred Experience, Job Description, Kennected’s Work Kulture, Hop-On The Kennected Train Demand generation specialists develop, operate, and evaluate lead generation campaigns to drive qualified leads into the pipeline. Hiring a dedicated demand generation team may be an investment, but it may be one of the smartest investments sales leaders can make when setting the … Read more

How Can I Generate Leads Quickly?

Table of Contents Navigation: Why Is Lead Generation Important?, Determine Your Target Audience, Social Media Marketing, Optimize Conversions, Offer Discounts And Coupons, Landing Pages, Content Marketing, Customer Reviews, Paid Advertising, Compete With Industry Leaders, Webinar, Email Marketing, In-Person Events, Kennected’s Secret To Success There are many kinds of tools that are useful for getting leads … Read more

How Do You Improve Customer Relationships?

Table of Contents Navigation: What Are Customer Relationships?, Why Are Customer Relationships Important To Maintain?, Customer Relations vs. Customer Service, How To Build Lasting Customer Relationships, What Is A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System?, Customer Relationships At Kennected Customer relationships are the foundation of many businesses. Providing customers with a positive experience and exceeding their … Read more

Which Lead Type Is Most Qualified?

Table of Contents Navigation: Cold Leads, Warm Leads, Hot Leads, Use BANT, Discovery Calls, Defining Your Lead Criteria, Obtaining Marketing Qualified Leads, Company Information, Positives of Qualified Leads, Types of Conversions, Email Nurturing, Transferring Leads To The Sales Team, Social Media Engagement, Lead Data Bank, Hop-On The Kennected Train The most qualified lead is a … Read more

Benefits Of Creating An App

Table of Contents Navigation: Create A Goal, Research Your Competitors, Brainstorm, Design Wireframes, Coding, Test Your App, Make Your App Available In App Stores, Promoting Your App, Continue Improving Your App, User Interface, How Will Your App Make Money?, Native App Development, How Long Does It Take To Create An App?, How Expensive Is It … Read more

What Is A Lead Generation Site?

Table of Contents Navigation: What’s a Lead Generation Website & What Is It’s Purpose?, Lead Generation Process, How to Qualify your Leads, Lead Generation Marketing Strategies, Gauging a Lead’s Level of Interest, Lead Generation Strategy, Tips for your Next Campaign If you’ve found your way here, you probably have one specific burning question rattling around … Read more

Is Lead Generation Still Profitable?

Table of Contents Navigation: What Is Lead Generation?, Startup Costs, Defining Your Target Audience, Lead Nurturing, Better Alignment, Backlinks, Qualified Leads, Local Paid Traffic, Email Marketing, Beef Up Your Website, Expand Relative Offers, Attract Local Area Leads, Local Client Takeover, Build A Referral System, Digital Outreach/Digital Marketing, Landing Pages, Search Engine Optimization, Personalized Videos, LinkedIn … Read more

What Percentage of Leads Turn Into Sales?

Table of Contents Navigation: What Is Lead Nurturing?, Know Your Target Audience, How To Calculate Conversion RIO, MQLs vs. SQLs, Optimize Your Website, What Is Website Traffic?, How It All Breaks Down, B2C Lead Generation vs. B2B Lead Generation, Determining Your Sales Cycle Length, What Is Lead Conversion?, Calculating The Lead Conversion Rate, How Can … Read more

Is RPA Or AI Better?

Table of Contents Navigation: The Holy Trilogy, Benefits of Automation, What Is Artificial Intelligence?, Optical Character Recognition, What Is Cognitive Automation?, What Is Robotic Process Automation?, Is RPA A Part of AI?, RPA vs. ML, What Is Machine Learning Used For?, RPA vs. AI, Combining RPA And AI, A Future Expansion of Artificial Intelligence, Automate … Read more