Use Of LinkedIn Marketing

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Ramping Up Fall TV With These Old & New Shows

Streaming makes fall TV seem dated. The broadcasters know this is their time.    The major networks want to introduce their new & returning series in autumn to break through the noise.   NBC’s big push is to have its shows on Peacock the following day.    There’s also lots of promotion for Law & … Read more

Amy Tunick: Creative Inspirations In The Entertainment Industry

Amy Tunick joined National CineMedia as SVP, & chief marketing officer (CMO) in August 2021.    She oversees brand, creative, content, partnerships, events, studio relations, and public relations at NCM, ensuring innovation & strengthening relationships with agencies, brands, and consumers.   In her previous role at WarnerMedia, Amy oversaw operations & strategy for Courageous, CNN’s … Read more

LinkedIn Marketing Certification

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LinkedIn Chat Messenger

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FlyteVu Launches New Division FV3

FlyteVu announced its Web3 offerings today to usher brands into the interactive age.    FV3’s mission is to create actionable strategies that entice those who want to leverage the space’s potential.    In October, FlyteVu will host an invitation-only event for C-suite executives & entertainment industry leaders in Nashville, Tennessee, followed by quarterly sessions starting … Read more

Highlights Of TikTok Culture Catalysts Dinner

Top Gun: Maverick – the top-grossing movie of 2022 – is Paramount Pictures’ attempt to introduce its nearly 40-year-old flyboy franchise to Gen Z.   TikTok’s biggest goal was to reach “younger audiences without the same emotional, nostalgic connection to the film as older audiences.”   The Variety/TikTok Culture Catalysts Dinner on Sept. 20 highlights … Read more

LinkedIn Marketing Jobs

Table of Contents Navigation: Turning On Job Alerts, What Do LinkedIn Job Results Look Like?, Looking For Jobs Working In Media?, Is Kennected Actively Hiring?, Hop-On The Kennected Train LinkedIn allows any company associate to post job alerts anywhere in the world. Remember, by creating this job alert, you agree to the LinkedIn User Agreement … Read more

Shark Tank’s Season 14 ‘Sharks’ Announced

A new season of Shark Tank is coming soon! Shark Tank starts its 14th season on Sept. 23, 2022.   Season 14 “sharks” include: Barbara Corcoran Mark Cuban Lori Greiner Robert Herjavec Daymond John Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful)   Here is what the article states –   “In the forthcoming season of Shark Tank, we … Read more

How To Add Endorsements On LinkedIn

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How To Set Up Your Cloud Kennect Account

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Walmart’s Plan To Maintain Customer Membership

This month, Walmart’s membership scheme subscribers will get FREE access to Paramount+.    As retailers chase Amazon’s Prime membership, retail & entertainment could merge.   Bundling video subscriptions with other products is nothing new. These deals with SVODs were carved out by pay-TV providers & mobile operators five years ago.   In 2020, Walmart sold … Read more

AI Voice Startup For Content Curators

Murf’s synthetic speech technology gives content creators of all sizes a voice.    Murf, which has 120 human-parity AI voices across 20 languages, raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by Matrix Partners.    Many prominent angel investors participated, including Ola founder Ankit Bhai, Disney Streaming’s SVP of product Ashwini Asokan, and … Read more

Kennected For LinkedIn

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New Sports Firm Aims To Invest In Startups

Velocity Capital Management is investing $50 million in early-stage companies.   Among Velocity’s founders are David Abrams, owner of Crystal Palace in the English Premier League, and Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, owner of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers & NHL’s New Jersey Devils.    Arne Reese is another co-founder who most recently ran a sports … Read more