How Do You Attract Customers?


Gaining customers in the marketing industry is no easy feat by any means. Being punctual and transparent helps, but it won’t be enough to outsmart the competition that’s out there. If you’re looking to expand your customer base, recreate your content strategy, or research competing companies, look no further. 

There’s no three-step process for attracting customers, but we hope after reading this, you can find how these points relate to your company.

Build A Lead Magnet

Companies want their service to help people’s lives and businesses. A company must build and distribute a lead magnet to obtain any clientele. A lead magnet can take the form of many things like website popups that share common traits. The purpose is to promote your business or product for free and be of high value. If the lead magnet is successful, congratulations, you’ve made it through the first stage. But we want to go deeper with customers. Hopefully, these lead magnets obtain visitor email addresses or some way for the business to contact customers on a professional level. Joining an email list or newsletter are examples of lead magnets you might have come across.

Knowing Your Customers

Considering your customers is like contemplating your target audience. Who will this product or service help? How? Why are we offering this product or service? A company must consider these questions before providing a product to new customers. Kennected offers a series of automated tools that help entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, and more drive traffic to their websites and LinkedIn profiles. 

Kennected isn’t the first company to provide automated services for social platforms, but we know our customer base, and that’s what has helped the company thrive over the beginning years. If we can adapt to our audience, so can you! 

Each company will serve different types of potential customers. Some may serve more than one type, depending on the company. Promoting customers online can make for potential clients. All buyer personas will attract new customers too.

Social media platforms are only one digital approach. Online advertising, marketing campaigns, and direct response are some up-and-coming ways of marketing innovation. To know our customer base means we’re taking that extra step, that extra initiative to know the target customers. Successful business comes from a product customers love and benefits both parties, where planning comes into play.

Marketing Strategy

Merch is everywhere today, it seems. Companies can ensure advertising is done throughout someone’s day, even if they don’t realize it. If someone were to take a selfie wearing their favorite company’s shirt, it’s the start of something called user-generated campaigns.

Many new hires are gifted with company merch like a hat, coffee mug, or t-shirt, something common to see on LinkedIn. A user-generated campaign takes place on a social media platform where other prospective customers might notice and entice their curiosity. Companies handing out free stuff at their own business will attract more customers too. Again, going back to the value of excellent customer service.

Know Your Competitors

The marketing industry is a tricky business to maneuver, and when the cards are all out, it comes down to incentives. Suppose competitors offer a similar service with free or discounted products or perks to being a member or customer. In that case, it’s more than likely you’ll be losing potential customers to your business. It’s not likely a company is the first to launch a brand new product or service that doesn’t rival another in the least bit. The mindset of having “no competitors” is unrealistic and potentially toxic for your company’s performance and customer development. So, since you know competitors are out there, next comes researching the competitors. You want to know the competing companies inside and out including what sales the company is offering, the perks, and how it compares to what your company is offering. Having this information can then shape the way forward with presenting your product or service. Kennected is a cloud-based software company that stores, manages, and processes data supporting its clients. Although its mission is unique, it’s not the first or last company to offer a service like this. So, knowing what the competition is like and what they’re doing, companies can use it to their advantage.

Retention Rate

Many companies know marketing strategies to attract customers, including leveraging social media, paid advertising, or behind-the-scenes market research. But what about keeping current customers? Satisfied customers are great, but a loyal customer is an endgame. The ideal customer benefits from marketing efforts as much as the company does.

Loyal customers will stem from a reasonable customer acquisition cost. Some companies cannot offer low-cost admissions, usually small businesses but rest assured, there will be other perks to obtain new clients.

Each quarter, companies are expected to check the results of their retention rate. Depending on the results, the company can tweak its approach to attracting potential customers. Creating engaging content by marketing on social media sites, direct mail, or promoting through a local business are some approaches.

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