Armie Hammer’s Family Explored In Upcoming Documentary

Actor Armie Hammer’s family will be placed underneath a microscope in the upcoming docuseries House of Hammer

The Hammer family controversy dates back to Armie’s great grandfather Armand Hammer, a well-known oil tycoon. 

The documentary will talk about Hammer’s ongoing allegations against him for claimed rape & alleged misconduct via Instagram last year.

The actor’s career has paused, with several of his supposed roles replaced in Shotgun Wedding, The Offer, Billion Dollar Spy, and The Minutes

It was reported this year that the actor is now selling time-shares & lost his family’s financial support. 

House of Hammer will be available on Discovery+ on Sept. 2. 

The allegations (whether true or not) come as a shock to anyone aware of Hammer’s career path playing in movies like Call Me by Your Name, Death on the Nile, and The Lone Ranger

It’s perhaps how bizarre these allegations have been that has kept Hammer in the spotlight & attempted to erase his acting career. 

It was in early 2021 when a woman came forward talking about alleged cannibalism, drinking blood, and other acts via text messages sent to her by Hammer. 

As a marketer, what comes to mind with this situation is how damaged the actor’s brand is despite the allegations. 

It takes only ONE slip up to vastly damage or ruin a career no matter how famous or loved someone is by their fans or customers. 

There’s alleged history within the Hammer family DUE TO power & supposed corruption made by family members like Hammer’s aunt Casey in the trailer for the upcoming show. 

Hammer’s superior acting skills & already famous background have made this ongoing situation even more interesting as it unfolds. 

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