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How Marketers
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LinkedIn is the perfect tool for marketers, and it’s not just because everyone is using social media. Everyone likes to say that LinkedIn is not as big as Facebook or Instagram—but that is precisely one of the reasons it is so valuable.

The fact that LinkedIn is still growing gives marketers plenty of advantages that they couldn’t get from other social networking platforms. For starters, there are about 9 billion impressions on a LinkedIn feed per week, while only 3 million people are sharing posts. This means that the audience is big and that there isn’t a lot of competition—yet.

So if you’re planning to go big on LinkedIn, you want to do it right now. LinkedIn is in that early stage wherein many people are using it, but you can still get people to see your content organically. You don’t have to pay to get people to view your content. Social media experts say that this is not a trend that will last forever. As more and more people move over to LinkedIn, the site will begin pushing harder on the advertising, which means more costs for marketers. Your goal is to go viral on LinkedIn now, while there isn’t a lot of competition and while people aren’t being bombarded by ads. If you provide valuable content, the audience will be there to see it. Those who are using LinkedIn properly are blessed by the website’s algorithm. The LinkedIn algorithm heavily favors marketers—particularly those who are getting tons of engagement. So here we are going to discuss a few well-known strategies that will help you secure those engagements right now. Using these tactics, you should be able to increase your engagements, get more eyeballs on your content, and go viral consistently with your LinkedIn posts. Keep in mind that we’re putting a focus on LinkedIn updates rather than long form articles. Long form articles should be a staple in your content schedule, but here we are going to talk about the importance of using status updates.

The Benefits of Posting LinkedIn Updates

LinkedIn updates offer plenty of benefits. They are shorter, therefore more likely to catch people’s attention. They are easier to create compared to long form articles and videos, which take time to produce. And they are also highly shareable, with a huge potential to go viral. Shorter LinkedIn posts can appeal to more people. This means you can get more engagements with less effort. It also allows you to produce more content because they are easier to make. These kinds of posts can give you tons of reach. Think of LinkedIn updates like Facebook status changes. They are not too long, but they can catch people’s attention.
When you post this type of content on LinkedIn rather than Facebook, you can enjoy even more engagements because the LinkedIn algorithm has a much slower decay compared to other networks. Notice how your posts can go away in a matter of minutes or hours if you post them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They leave the timeline very quickly because there are a lot of posts coming through. But the LinkedIn algorithm has a slower decay, which means your post can stay on top of people’s news feeds for weeks, depending on how much engagement you get on that post. The more engagement you get, the longer your post will linger, and the more people it will be shown to. Another important difference between LinkedIn and other platforms is that you don’t need a ton of followers on LinkedIn to reach a large number of people. That’s because of the way the LinkedIn newsfeed works. When you post something on LinkedIn, it is not just shown to your network. When you post something and someone comments on it, your post will appear to that person’s entire network. This gives you a significant boost in visibility. And that doesn’t happen anywhere else. This is one of the reasons why LinkedIn is a special tool for marketers all over the world. If you boost your engagement, you boost your visibility. You can go viral on LinkedIn without having a lot of followers. The LinkedIn algorithm cares more about engagements. It identifies posts with lots of comments and shows it to more people.

How to Make a Viral LinkedIn Post: Tactics You Should Use to Maximize Engagement

Here are the ground rules for creating content on LinkedIn. First of all, you need to stop using LinkedIn as a content promotion channel. While posting content on your website and sharing the link on LinkedIn can help drive traffic to your website, this almost guarantees that the post won’t do so well on LinkedIn itself.


LinkedIn, of course, does not want users to transfer to a different website, so the algorithm does not boost posts that contain links to external sites. As you may expect, LinkedIn prefers native posts. So if you want to go viral on this social networking site, you need to start creating native posts specifically for LinkedIn.

Do not promote your content from other websites that will take readers somewhere else. Instead, upload your content directly on LinkedIn. This is one way to ensure that the post will get more exposure within LinkedIn.

You also might want to loosen up the notion that LinkedIn is a “professional” social networking site. While it’s true that LinkedIn users are there to do business, the top influencers in this site are starting to use LinkedIn more like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It means you are welcome to share a bit more personal posts every now and then—which we will talk more about later on. But a relaxed, informative approach towards content is what the LinkedIn power users are employing these days.

Start using LinkedIn as a micro blogging platform. Yes, you can be personal on LinkedIn. In fact, many people appreciate the vulnerability because it paints you in a genuine light. It doesn’t have to be business 100 percent of the time.

Before posting, make sure that your profile is set to public. This will ensure that everyone can see the things you post, including those outside of your network.

In between your well-written long form articles, you should post status updates that are equally as informative and eye-catching. Status updates on LinkedIn get a lot more visibility.

Always use proper copywriting tactics. Generally speaking, your posts will be shortened to around two sentences before it is cut off by a “Read More” button. So try to catch your audience’s attention with your first few lines. You want to encourage them to click on that Read More button.

With those in mind, we can proceed to the tactics that will boost your engagement on LinkedIn.

The Relatable Story: Content that Speaks to the People

The key to getting a lot of engagements on any platform is to post content that is honest and relatable. If you talk about things that other people have experienced or know a lot about, you are more likely to receive comments. People are also more likely to share content that speaks to them on a personal level.

This is part of the reason why many LinkedIn influencers are becoming less “professional” and more conversational in their posts. It’s easier to connect with people once you’ve broken down that barrier.

Post about something people can relate to. Some LinkedIn influencers even post rants about certain things they care about. But while you don’t necessarily have to go this route, it is a clever way to get people to talk about something they are also concerned with.


The Lesson Learned: Content that Teaches your Audience

We’ve talked about the value of honesty and a little bit of vulnerability when posting content. It shows people that you are a human being: flawed and worth rooting for. This will also make them more invested in you and your brand, because they know that you have what it takes to overcome the various challenges that come your way. Use LinkedIn as an echo chamber: post about your failures and struggles in your industry. Share what you’ve learned and write it in a way that others can learn from your mistakes as well.

People appreciate it when you teach them how to avoid the same mistakes. This also connects with the previous tip, which is posting relatable content. Everyone makes mistakes, and therefore everyone can relate to this type of LinkedIn post.

The Thought Provoker: Content that Encourages Conversation

There are many ways to catch other people’s attention on LinkedIn. Photos, videos, articles, etc. But sometimes you can just post a thought-provoking piece and watch the engagements come in. This can come in the form of self-reflection, data, statistics, etc.

Reflect on the state of your industry, or your own journey as an entrepreneur, or something else entirely. You can interpret data and think about how it will affect the market. You can talk about statistics related to your target audience.

There are many things to think about, and if you can inspire people to reflect on those things themselves, you can get conversations going.


The Open-Ended Question: Content that Demands Answers

Sometimes the best way to get people talking is by going the straightforward approach of asking them a question. Tell them a story, share some insights, and then at the very end of your post, leave them with an open-ended question.

This is related to the previous tip of creating thought-provoking content. With an open-ended question, you’re giving people the push they need to start commenting on your post.


The Personal Moment: Content that Paints a Picture

LinkedIn is different from Facebook because people are expected to be a bit more professional in this social networking site. This means breaking that expectation every now and then is the perfect way to catch your reader’s attention. Sharing a personal moment on LinkedIn can paint a picture of the person behind the business. It makes you more relatable, more approachable, and more human.

Personal stories can easily slice through the noise of the typical LinkedIn newsfeed because it remains uncommon. Take advantage of this right now and use the opportunity to build rapport within your community.


The Ego Bait: Content that Attracts the Bigger Fish

One LinkedIn strategy that you can employ is the ego bait. This capitalizes on the fact that people love receiving praise. If you give people credit where credit is due, you can build a stronger relationship with them.

This is why some marketers choose to post content about LinkedIn influencers, top marketers, etc. Posting something like “the Top 10 Best Marketers in the World”, for example, puts you in the radar of those people on your list. If they leave a comment on your post, your content will appear in their network. This can boost your engagement significantly—but it’s a tactic you want to use sparingly or else it comes across as insincere.


The Hack: Content that Makes Life Easier for the Readers

Everyone loves tips and tricks—especially if they are applicable to them. If your target audience can benefit from a few “life hacks,” don’t hesitate to share them on LinkedIn. This establishes you as a thought leader in your industry, which is how you want to be seen if you’re trying to be a LinkedIn influencer.

If you can give people helpful tips, then they will see you as a trustworthy source of information. It doesn’t even have to be your hack all the time. You can share tips you found elsewhere, as long as you cite your sources. Even if the tips are not from you, readers will still see that you care about your community and want them to learn.

how to go viral on LinkedIn

The Controversial Point of View: Content that Invites Discussion

Engagement levels on LinkedIn are very high. And if you want to take the risky route, you can always post a controversial point of view or opinion about your industry. It doesn’t have to be political or religious, or anything too controversial. It just has to be an uncommon point of view.

When people disagree with something, they are very quick to comment. This is very good for engagement, and you even get to defend your point of view. At the very least, it can get some important conversations going in your community. Just remember to always be respectful and let other people share their views.


The Giveaway: Content that Provides Value

All of your content should provide value. But you can also take that literally and give people something that they can actually use in their professional lives. It can be an ebook, a webinar, a video, or anything that will add to the content you are already publishing.

Everyone loves a freebie. And if you encourage people to comment on your post in exchange for a giveaway, you can boost your engagements significantly.

While these strategies may not directly generate sales, you need to keep in mind that people won’t buy from you if they don’t know who you are. It’s hard to get people’s attention in today’s online landscape. Even LinkedIn is getting more competitive by the day. These tactics will help put you in front of the right people and convert more leads in the long run.


For Video Use

LinkedIn is the perfect tool for marketers, and it’s not just because everyone is using social media. The fact that LinkedIn is still growing gives marketers plenty of advantages that they couldn’t get from other social networking platforms.

Your goal is to go viral on LinkedIn now, while there isn’t a lot of competition and while people aren’t being bombarded by ads. If you provide valuable content, the audience will be there to see it.

The LinkedIn algorithm heavily favors marketers—particularly those who are getting tons of engagement. So here we are going to discuss a few well-known strategies that will help you secure those engagements right now.

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