How Do I Approach An Enterprise Company?

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If you have ever conducted enterprise sales, then you are aware of the long process that is involved. Besides that, you also know that they can be imperative for a startup because of the amount of stability they can provide on a multi-year basis. When you are attempting to sell software to an enterprise, it may seem like a complex ordeal due to the amount of demand from the customer which will usually be a significant difference from the other SMB demands.


If enterprise sales is a new area for you, then you first need to understand that it is a business. There will never be a single individual within the enterprise who is solely responsible as the customer and final authoritative figure.


Typically, an enterprise will be made of a multitude of actions that need to be taken into consideration no matter what the vendor is selling. Frequently, the enterprise CEO may not even be able to make a final decision and may rely on multiple decision-makers. With a startup selling to an enterprise, you need to be able to handle the way an enterprise comes to a decision.

Get Comfortable As You Wait

The cycle of enterprise sales can be a long process that can easily make a startup’s available cash to evaporate overnight and prior to it being able to conduct a sale. However, by spreading out the risk, you will have a nice defense that lets you keep cash on hand.


Never try to concentrate on a single client regardless of how well it might be going because you could easily run into trouble in an instant. The last thing that you want is not being able to produce new spending.


Make a priority of the inbound calls you receive. These calls are considered to be a qualified prospect because they made it an effort to reach out to you. This should motivate you to have your sales efforts focusing on those potential sales while also concentrating on bringing them in, sorting them out, and eliminating those who are not providing you with what you set out to achieve. You should have more than a few good leads among your prospects in order to achieve a sale in a short time period.

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Create The Right Relationships

In order to shorten the sales cycle, you need to be able to make the right relationship from within. This is because what you are doing is selling to a multitude of individuals and not just a single prospect and these individuals all have unique needs and desires as they attempt to work together that accomplishes an equal goal within the enterprise. So locating potential customers internally is important.

Undertaking Enterprise Sales

When you want to sell to an enterprise, it will likely be a process that is long. Understanding what the process entails will allow you to sell successfully with sales teams. As you and your enterprise sales team sit down with the prospect, ask questions pertaining to the way purchases are made.


Understand that your prospect´s knowledge may be limited. Look into how they had made purchases in the past. Ask how the purchase process went with the vendor and if they were satisfied.


A clear understanding of the enterprise sales cycle is important when you need to qualify the prospect, present a demo, create an interactive workshop, initiate a pilot program, present a trial, and even when the sale is obtained so that you know the distance your sales team can go. The time frame from the initial agreement to having a demo presented maybe months from each other. It may seem even longer when you are waiting to have a complete launch.

Providing Incentives

When an incentive is offered, the chances of obtaining a sale increase. This includes offering incentives to the CEO or any enterprise staff in between.


With an enterprise sale having many middlemen and managers in between, you might need to satisfy each that you come across. Keep in mind those who are able to say yes and no. Many of those who make decisions go home with a nice yearly bonus regardless of how much work they put in.


You can expect them not to take many risks personally just to provide you with a sale. What you need to do is have a strategy that presents yourself as being harmless. Avoid selling benefits and instead, focus on how you are selling a low-risk item with a low downside.


Point out those who have obvious drive and determination. When you notice individuals who are constantly being promoted, then you will know that their drive is well beyond those of others. These prospects will likely take a risk with your startup. This will be especially true if they foresee a promotion coming out of it.


Turning them into an enterprise sale will allow them to assist in your goal of getting in touch with as many prospects as you can.

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Receive Your Payment

When you instill a model involving free items, you will gain instant recognition. This is why you should hold off on charging until the time is right. Regrettably, the enterprise sales field has a lot of disagreement in how the enterprise business should buy, so you will only set one expectation of ¨free¨ if you start out that way. Not only that, but many enterprise businesses do not see much value in free items.

To avoid a future sale from failing, you should charge a price that is reasonable upfront. After the sales rep charges, you will see your product being valued by the enterprise, which can easily increase your annual revenue.

Make Use of A Shortcut

You may at times find a way to get around certain hurdles that enterprise sales prospecting may involve. An example would be if you were a new vendor that the enterprise has never worked with before, you will need to find a way to obtain their enterprise sales opportunity.

This is where knowing an insider can help a lot. This is why a relationship will come in handy to have. If you did not have an insider, then your chances of becoming a regular vendor are slim to none.

Remain Professional

As you plan your marketing efforts and enterprise sales, make sure to remain as professional as possible. If anything does go wrong, make sure to handle it in a professional manner and take ownership. You want the enterprise to see that you are professional in all of your endeavors.


Regardless of whether the enterprise is a big company or if you’re looking at medium-sized businesses, your brand identity will be visible to all involved. This can be through leaving behind material from a presentation, giving out your business card with a website to visit will help keep your prospects interested in the marketing campaigns that you are presenting.


As you start out with your enterprise sales, the first sale that you receive is going to be your toughest. Once you begin adding client logos, others will see that and have more confidence, which will allow you to earn more enterprise customers.


Remember, when you are enterprise sales prospecting, it is important to keep in mind that the enterprise is used to taking their time in the decisions they make. This is why you need to take advantage of this time to strategize the best game plan to win their business. When you do, you will have a dedicated customer that will always buy from you.

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