How Appointment Scheduling Software Works


If your staff is still booking appointments over the phone, you are getting left behind by your competition. If you rely on appointments to bring in the revenue, you need an appointment scheduling software.

Scheduling and rescheduling is a huge time suck for you and your team. It also wastes time for your customers and prospects. You may miss out on their business if scheduling a meeting with you is inconvenient.

Most customers prefer to book their own appointments online because they don’t like talking to someone over the phone or going through back and forth emails. If the option is available to book their own schedule online, they usually go for it.

Appointment schedulers are designed for seamless booking. But if you are unfamiliar with how they work, we’ve got you covered.

What Does Scheduling Software Do?

An appointment booking software is a web-based tool that allows your customers and leads to book appointments and meetings on their own. They can also use it to cancel and reschedule their appointments. A lot of these tools are calendar apps that have the ability to book meetings. These tools are designed to centralize your appointment scheduling so that it is much easier to manage.

Some of these appointment schedulers can also send automated reminders so that clients don’t forget their appointment. This reduces no-shows while also eliminating double bookings. You can easily streamline your operations.

In case clients don’t show up, there are tools that allow you to take payment ahead of time through payment processing apps so you don’t lose out on business.

Scheduling software can free up your calendar so you can get more done. You can focus on providing a great customer experience because you have more time to spend with your clients.

Online booking software are perfect for any business that relies on customer appointments. It is used by home service companies, restaurants, real estate companies, sales teams, doctor’s offices, salons, spas, auto dealers, gyms, healthcare institutions, and financial organizations, among others.

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How Does Online Appointment Scheduling Work?

Some online scheduling tools have a calendar function that you can use to manage your appointments. Others sync up with your existing calendar so you can view your client appointments from there. You can also check staff availability, consider time zones, and take holidays into consideration.

These web-based tools let you set your business hours, length of services, and times your staff is available. By showing clients what your availability looks like, they can set a schedule within your chosen parameters. And because they chose their own schedule, they are less likely to cancel or reschedule. But even if they have to cancel their appointment, they can easily do so with your calendar software. They can modify their appointment without having to contact you.

Online booking tools make your services more accessible to clients, which encourages them to book a meeting. In the long run, this increases your revenue and builds a stronger relationship with your customers because you gave them a positive experience.

You can embed your calendar’s code on your website to promote it online. You can also share the URL on social media to encourage people to use it.

When choosing an appointment scheduling software for your business, look for some key features like calendar integration and automated reminders and follow-ups.

Payment processing is another important feature that you will want to look into. Being able to take payments ahead of time through a payment processing app is perfect for businesses that rely on appointments.

You also need to be able to manage your waitlist especially if your services are in high demand. Your appointment scheduler should be able to modify and reschedule appointments accordingly. Self-service rescheduling improves customer experience while getting rid of the unnecessary back and forth that only wastes everyone’s time.

Is There a Free Scheduling App?

Having all of these features can make appointment scheduling a lot easier for your leads and prospects. It also saves a lot of time for you and your team. But another factor to look into when choosing a scheduling app is the price.

Appointment schedulers are generally inexpensive even if you go for the paid options. But if you are only getting started on using them, you may want to test the waters first with a free scheduling app. You can upgrade to a paid version later on if you are interested in investing on more features and functionalities.

Luckily, there are plenty of free options out there. If you want a free calendar solution, why not go for the best one? Kennected Calendar is the world’s best appointment scheduling app for sales teams and businesses. It is the number one software for booking appointments.

Designed to simplify the appointment booking process, Kennected Calendar allows you to sell more and chase less. This smart calendar solution readily syncs up with Google Calendar. It also has integrations with popular online meeting platforms and CRMs. You will never be double booked again—ever.

Just choose your availability and let your leads select from those available time slots. Once selected, the event will be added to your calendar automatically. It improves customer experience significantly because it’s all done on autopilot.

Kennected has features such as time blocks and boundaries that let you take full control of your schedule. You decide who is able to book with your business and when. It even syncs with different time zones so you can coordinate with people from all over the globe. You can book meetings on autopilot using Kennected Calendar.

When you are able to spend less time booking appointments with your leads and prospects, it frees you to do things that are more urgent or important like running your business, making content for your website, building stronger client relationships, and improving your product.

Kennected Calendar improves your productivity, which translates into sales. It is now easier than ever for customers to set an appointment with you, which means you get to enjoy a continuous stream of business.

The best part is that you can get started on Kennected Calendar for free—no need for a credit card. Just enter your email to sign up.

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How Do Scheduling Apps Help You Save Time?

While booking your appointments manually is still an option, it is also unnecessarily difficult for you and your customers. You even run the risk of missed calls and opportunities simply because customers can’t book their own appointments whenever they want. The cost of manual appointment booking is high.

Without an appointment scheduling software, you are at a disadvantage against competitors that are using them.

Scheduling apps solve a lot of problems. For example, 62% of calls to businesses are not answered, which means callers struggle to get through and book an appointment. The more difficult it is to get on your calendar, the more business you miss out on. Even if they manage to get through, spending time on the phone is not ideal for most customers. They consider it a waste of time, especially if they can just book an appointment online and just spend two minutes doing so. The average appointment setting phone call takes 8.1 minutes.

Waiting on hold and dealing with a busy signal is a frustrating experience for your customers. They aren’t getting the attention they need when your staff is tied up on the phone. No one wants to play phone tag and navigate scheduling conflicts over the phone or via email.

Scheduling apps prevent double-bookings. They improve customer experience and therefore improve customer retention rates. They also help you save time by letting you worry about more urgent concerns.

Since consumers prefer self-service anyway, go for the digital approach and choose Kennected Calendar today.

Kennected Calendar empowers organizations so they can take full control of their calendar. This means you get to spend more time closing and less time chasing. Use Kennected Calendar and supercharge your sales funnel today.

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