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If you’re running a business or simply an avid reader of tech blogs and magazines, you may have already heard about APIs. API stands for application programming interface and it allows companies to connect their applications to external third-party developers, business partners, and their internal departments.

APIs allow services and products to connect and communicate with each other in order to use available data and functionalities. This creates a smoother experience for the user. It’s not actually necessary to fully understand how APIs are implemented. But if you want to generate leads for your business, you may want lead generation tools that are API-friendly. Here we will talk about some of the best API-friendly cloud-based tools to grow your business.

What is an API?

Over the past decade, the use of API has surged. In fact, most web applications that are popular now would not be possible without APIs. But what exactly are APIs and what do they do?

An API is a software intermediary that connects two applications and allows them to “talk” to each other. So for example, if you use an app on your phone, the app connects to the internet and then sends data to a server. The data is received and interpreted by the server, which then performs all the necessary actions before sending it back to your phone. The app receives and interprets the data, before presenting it to you in a readable format. So any time you use an app such as Facebook or even your weather app, you are using an API.

As technology evolves, the definition of API continues to change. It used to refer to any connectivity interface in an application. Modern APIs have taken on characteristics that make them even more valuable. They are now treated more like products rather than just code. They are also more standardized now so users can expect better maintenance and security.

What is Cloud-Based Software?

Just like APIs, “the cloud” has also become significantly more popular in recent years. More and more companies are beginning to rely on cloud-based services, and it’s clear that the trend is here to stay. Now a lot of entrepreneurs are wondering if it is the best option for their business.

The difference is that on-premise software are installed directly on your business computers and servers while cloud-based software reside in the cloud. This means that your data is hosted on the vendor’s server, which you can then access via the internet using a web browser.

Cloud-based tools offer benefits that their on-premise counterparts do not have. And while on-premise software still have their place in any company’s operation, cloud-based software are quickly making their mark.

If you go for a cloud-based software for your lead generation needs, it will free you from the usual constraints of on-premise tools. The vendor updates these tools regularly, meaning you don’t have to do it yourself.

Having a lead generation tool that you can access anytime, anywhere is incredibly important. Even if you are not in your office, as long as you have an internet connection, you can use these tools. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance or regular updates since those are done for you by the service provider. You don’t even need a local IT team.

In terms of cost, cloud-based software are very affordable. Since you only pay for the services you use rather than an entire package of tools, the price is very predictable and easy to manage. You will make monthly payments rather than paying upfront costs. There are also premium packages that offer additional features or support larger teams.

In general, cloud-based solutions are also quicker to deploy because they don’t have to be installed on a physical server. You don’t need to spend hours installing and updating them on all your devices. And finally, these solutions are highly scalable. Cloud-based services adjust to your needs, giving you incredible flexibility. Add or reduce features as you go along, creating a custom experience that suits your organization’s needs.

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These API-Friendly Cloud-Based Lead Generation Platforms Will Help Your Enterprise Sales Team Scale

If you want to grow your business and increase your revenue, you need to generate leads. Using API-friendly cloud-based platforms will help you generate leads faster than ever. Here we are listing a few lead generation platforms that you should definitely use to help your enterprise sales team scale. Let’s take a closer look. is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that lets you capture leads directly from your own website. This fully customizable lead generation tool is very easy to use and allows your sales team to manage your customer relationships at scale.

It is a cloud-based Work OS that allows sales teams to create workflow apps within minutes. You can use to shape your workflow and your projects without ever having to learn code. Its best quality is the ability to adapt to shifting needs quickly while creating a massive work space where your team members can collaborate.

From clients to tasks to projects, you can manage anything with You can easily keep track of which tasks are assigned to everyone. You can also check their progress to keep everything running smoothly. This way, you can focus on the bigger picture.’s visual interface is intuitive and easy to pick up. You can manage your workflow and communicate with your team more effectively. Because of its highly visual nature, it is much easier to check your tasks and understand what needs to be done. This creates total transparency within your organization. With, you can increase your productivity and generate leads more efficiently.

As a cloud-based service, you can check using any computer or mobile phone—you will never miss an update again.


Speaking of CRMs, Pipedrive is another great option for salespeople. With this, you can get your entire sales team organized in no time. Pipedrive offers a streamlined view of your whole sales process so you can track emails, calls, and tasks automatically. You and your team will always be on the same page. You can set individual and team targets to increase productivity, and you can even measure your results in real-time.

Pipedrive has a Pipeline View that gives you an overview of outstanding deals. There is also a Timeline View that provides an accurate forecast for the ongoing month or for the quarter.

This cloud-based tool lets you focus on the most important tasks such as building customer relationships and converting leads. Close more deals by spending less time on scrambling for customer information. CRMs let you record all your customer information including what they’ve bought previously or how they have interacted with your brand in the past. This way you can easily build solid customer relationships based on existing foundations.

Just like, it is a very flexible tool. You can customize just about anything, so Pipedrive fits your business needs.

Pipedrive is the perfect sales pipeline management tool especially if you have a smaller sales team. You can stay organized, generate leads, and focus on the most important deals first. It even has integrations with several Google apps including Google Calendar and Google Contacts, which gives you access to even more functionalities.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing platform. It has multiple “hubs” that function differently such as the Customer Service Hub and the Sales Hub, so you can choose the one that suits your business needs. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub provides lead generation, marketing automation, analytics, content marketing, and inbound marketing. With this cloud-based tool, you can grow traffic, track customers, and convert leads.

HubSpot’s goal is to bring you everything you need all in one place. This is why it lets you enjoy all these functions and more. You can use it to check how well your marketing campaigns are doing, including your social media activity, your content marketing, and your email marketing. You can even use HubSpot to create landing pages and calls-to-action to help with your lead generation.

The marketing Hub can also be used to manage content.  You can post to your website directly, make adjustments for your mobile viewers, and even improve it using SEO tips. In addition, you can use the Marketing Hub’s Smart Content tool to personalize your website for each visitor.

With its content management, analytics, marketing automation, and SEO tools, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is a great cloud-based tool for lead generation.

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Another all-in-one business platform that’s perfect for lead generation, Kartra provides new leads through their professionally-designed forms. Kartra lets you choose from over 50 pre-made templates and plenty of custom fields, which you can customize to suit your needs.

Just like the other software on this list, this is a cloud-based business management solution, meaning you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you can use Kartra’s customizable templates to create and manage your online marketing.

Aside from these custom forms, Kartra also offers other modules that help users with other aspects of their business operations such as payment processing and website creation. It has features like lead management, affiliate management, sales funnels, autoresponders, automated email and SMS marketing, built-in checkout, and calendar integration.

Kartra even has a video functionality that lets you embed video players with an autoplay feature into your website. These video players are also customizable, with the option to add your watermark.

Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without analytics tools. Kartra gives you plenty of insight into how your marketing campaigns are doing. You can get information on user engagement, including how much of your content they watch or how many times they engage with your calls to action.

Kartra is a great marketing tool that does a lot of the work for you. You can enjoy professionally-made designs, expert-written copy, detailed insights via analytics, and a lot more.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is another cloud-based CRM that helps sales teams generate and convert more leads. No matter what the size of your company, you need a good CRM if your goal is to grow. These tools help you stay organized when it comes to customer data, making it easier to adjust your customer service based on their preferences and needs.

Salesforce also boosts productivity by automating mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing your sales team to focus on your existing customers. Salesforce Sales Cloud supercharges your sales by bringing all your customer information to a single platform. Because this is also a cloud-based lead generation tool, you can access your customer data from anywhere. It even gives you insights via analytics so you can make smarter business decisions.


When it comes to API-friendly cloud-based lead generation tools, Kennected is definitely one of the best software. This LinkedIn automation tool takes advantage of the world’s largest professional social network to bring you a continuous stream of leads, connections, meetings, and appointments. Imagine being able to send personalized messages to everyone in your defined geographic area that has a LinkedIn account. Plus, you can do all of this automatically, meaning you can focus on more important things like building customer relationships and running your business.

Kennected lets you identify your target audience using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters. LinkedIn is full of high quality leads because its user base consists of professionals, business owners, CEOs, and other decision makers in various industries. Once you’ve located your ideal audience using LinkedIn’s search function, you can just copy the URL to your Kennected dashboard to setup your first campaign.

You can then setup a personalized message of your own or use Kennected’s award-winning templates. Kennected will send your messages automatically—but not in bulk. It also limits the number of messages sent per day so you don’t come across as a spammer. It’s as if you were sending the messages yourself.

When a lead responds, you get notified, and you can take over the conversation from there. It’s an efficient way to generate leads without having to check LinkedIn every hour. The personalized messages not only ensure that recipients read your message but also increase your chances of getting a response.

You can send your leads an intro message and whether they buy something off your first message or if they just connect with you—you win. Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you get their email, phone number, and other contact information inside of your Kennected dashboard. That’s the power of Kennected.

We can help you reach thousands of people at a lower cost than mailers, and it’s also a more effective approach. It’s about being everywhere your ideal potential customers are. Kennected can help you grow your business.

These are some of the best cloud-based lead generation tools right now. Try these platforms today and see how they can improve your business processes.

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