Amazon To Release The Fire TV Omni QLED Series

Chris Turkstra, general manager of Fire TV products at Amazon, is reinventing televised entertainment.

In late September, Amazon announced the redesigned Fire TV, which integrates deeply with the Alexa voice assistant for easy TV control. 

Adaptive Brightness intelligently adjusts the picture brightness based on the lighting in the room. 

Alexa, Amazon’s voice artificial intelligence (AI), turns your TV into an interactive & intelligent canvas.

The Fire TV Omni QLED Series was a collaborative effort between Arlen Dean, a senior software manager, Amazon photo products, and Alexa. 

Dean says, “the big picture goal is to push the envelope.” 

Here’s what the article states –

As they looked for the sweet spot between engagement and distraction, the team quickly realized that creating a solution that worked for everyone was going to be tough. “Generally, our approach has been figuring out how to build the right options so that people can customize the experience to work the way they want it to,” Dean said.

For that reason, the team endowed the new TV lineup with a range of adjustable features. Customers can change how often the screen art or photography shifts, choose between a number of unique widget layouts, and mute the microphone—even though that’s something Criswell definitely won’t be doing.

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