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They say that productivity is a marathon, not a sprint. But this is not the case for most businesses that are always competing to be on top. In a highly-competitive industry, everyone is racing to beat everyone else—that’s why organizations are always scrambling to get to their goals.

Realistically speaking, it’s hard to keep up with this pace, unless you have an efficient sales process and a solid tech stack in place. This is why AI tools have become so popular in recent years. AI handles a lot of tasks that are normally too difficult or time-consuming so that you and your team can focus on other things. Using AI allows your organization to set a swift and steady tempo that boosts your productivity.

Whether you are running a small company or a large corporation, you can benefit greatly from artificial intelligence. AI tools can ensure that your team keeps a steady pace and that your productivity doesn’t fluctuate. But before we get into some of the existing platforms that are already using AI, let’s first dive into what AI tools are and what they are supposed to do.

What are AI Sales Tools?

As the name implies, AI sales tools use artificial intelligence to accomplish different tasks. They are generally used to help businesses improve their sales process and boost productivity. This is an umbrella term for any tool that uses artificial intelligence to help increase sales.

In terms of their functionality, AI sales tools have five broad work categories where they could provide the most help: automation, analytics, recommendations, engagement, and prospecting.


Automation is when an AI sales tool completes a task with little to no interference from a human user. Once you set it up, the AI tool does most of the work for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the results. AI sales tools can automate a lot of different tasks within the sales process, including data entry, tracking, and research tasks.

Automation helps your team save time by accomplishing tasks that are tedious and repetitive. This frees you to do other things like converting leads and selling your products and services. Scheduling meetings, entering data into a CRM, and manually reaching out to clients—these are some of the most common examples of tasks that could be automated with AI sales tools.

An automation platform can help you generate leads, reach out to more clients, and perform several other tasks to optimize your sales process.

With automation, you can work smarter instead of harder. Kennected is the perfect example of a tool that uses AI to help businesses accomplish their goals, specifically when it comes to lead generation. We will dive into how Kennected works later on.


AI sales tools can do more than just automate your sales processes. Some of them can even learn your communication style and give you recommendations that are geared towards your conversion goals. Some AI tools can bring you marketing materials that are tailor-made for specific leads. These tools can take certain factors into consideration such as your industry and how far into the sales funnel your lead is.  With these next-step recommendations, you and your team can easily optimize your sales strategy.

AI tools can give incredible recommendations that you can use to make smarter choices. In the long run, this will improve your efficiency. You can even score more sales by simply doing the right moves at the right opportunities. And AI sales tools are designed to spot those opportunities for you.

They can even recommend proper ways of engaging certain leads. Follow these AI-generated recommendations to significantly improve your chances of converting your leads.

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Naturally, AI sales tools would be able to provide advanced analytics—which is something that a lot of businesses love. Entrepreneurs love their data. Aside from AI-generated recommendations, you can build a solid strategy based on numbers and other important information that you can collect through AI sales analytic tools.

Understanding why certain strategies work and why others fail is very important if you want to make better decisions going forward. Some deals fall through the cracks, while others succeed easily. As a business owner or a marketer, you want to understand why events take place so you can replicate the results with some level of consistency.

AI-powered analytics will capture your sales team calls, emails, meetings, and figure out what drives successful performance. Normally, you would have to listen to these calls or read all these emails to try and figure it out yourself. But if you don’t want to waste hours of your time doing that, you can use AI sales tools instead.

These analytics can help you optimize the sales process to further increase your likelihood of converting customers. You can identify weak points and find out which areas could still be improved, be it your content, your marketing, your outreach, etc. Analytics will also help you identify the behaviors and processes that are most likely to lead to a conversion.


Generating leads is one thing: but converting them is an entirely different challenge. And luckily, AI sales tools can also rise to the occasion on that end. Before you can convert a lead, you need to engage with them. It’s not enough that they know you exist. You need to reach out and create a connection to give them the idea that they should work with you.

Engagement is all about establishing a connection and helping leads see the importance of your products and services. It’s not just about selling, but about creating a relationship. Your leads have to realize that their problems could be solved using your solutions.

There are AI sales tools that offer chatbots that are designed to replicate human conversations. This is useful because most of your inbound leads will be looking for a response within five minutes after filling out a contact form. Without these chatbots, some companies that opt to reply manually may take five days to respond to the query. By then, your lead may have already lost their interest or moved on to one of your competitors.

Chatbots can serve as your first line of defense when it comes to preventing your deals from falling through the cracks. They can give your leads immediate attention, which will help ensure that they stick around long enough for you to actually engage with them.


Prospecting is one of the toughest parts of the sales process. It can be challenging to determine which customers are ready to buy and whether or not you should pursue a lead, especially if you have a consistent source of leads.

AI sales tools help you make intelligent sales and marketing decisions, making you more efficient in terms of prospecting as well. With the help of these tools, you and your sales team can focus your attention on the most valuable leads—the ones that are most likely to convert.

Platforms that use AI may help you qualify your leads on the spot so you don’t have to do so manually. This way, you also avoid spending too much time with visitors who have no intention to buy. This also means you get to spend more time with those who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

What Platforms are Already Using AI?

AI tools have easily become a staple in every business’s arsenal. And if you want to reap its benefits yourself, you can simply use the tools and platforms that are already using them. Whether it’s for automation, engagement, or analysis, you will find plenty of cost-effective tools that use the power of artificial intelligence.

It’s safe to say that AI and machine learning have changed the business landscape forever. It’s not just a passing trend—AI sales tools are here to stay. And if you don’t want to get left behind by your competition, you need to ride this wave to success.

But because there are so many ways to harness the power of AI, it can be difficult to figure out which tools to use to help you grow your business. While it is definitely a useful tool that you shouldn’t miss out on, you may need help learning about the different platforms that are already using AI. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

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Crystal Knows

Crystal’s tools enable sales professionals to learn more about people through well-rounded, AI-generated insights. This includes leads, prospects, existing clients, and even the people you work with on a daily basis. Crystal is the name of the AI that enables users to learn more information about a particular person based on their personality profile. You can get a deeper insight into a person’s interests, values, and other key factors that can help you create a stronger connection with them. Strong business relationships are important, not only because they lead to sales but also because they can earn you some lifelong customers.

Crystal enables you to understand people better, which improves communication and helps you secure their trust.



Node uses proprietary AI to identify potential new customers. It sifts through online data and also analyzes your target buyers before bringing the information to you. As this tool is used, the AI continues collecting data and improves its predictive power in the process. In a way, it’s like a crystal ball that shows you who your next customers are going to be. But not only that, Node also drops them into your sales pipeline so you could just focus on converting them.



LeadCrunch uses an AI that tracks down and engages with prospects that are similar to the ones you’ve already closed deals with. By finding these “lookalikes” of your best customers, LeadCrunch improves your chances of making more conversions. It even uses existing information from previous customers to increase your odds of selling to these similar prospects. You don’t even need to figure out a new strategy from scratch since you are already using the one that worked on other customers before.



Nudge helps you move deals faster by doing all the repetitive work of figuring out the best way to introduce yourself and engage with a prospect. The Nudge AI pulls data from over 80,000 public sources to give you insights that will help you spark a conversation with your prospects. These insights may just help you strengthen your relationships with your leads and prospects—all without the need to do any of the research yourself.

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Kennected is an automation tool that allows you to harness the power of LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn, you ask? Out of all the existing social networking platforms, LinkedIn is the only one that focuses on building professional and business relationships. With over 810 million users around the world, LinkedIn is the biggest social network for professionals.

Because its user base consists of entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, and decision makers from every industry, it goes without saying that LinkedIn is full of high-quality leads. Kennected is the best automation tool if you want to make the most out of LinkedIn.

Kennected lets you automate your outreach on LinkedIn so you don’t need to spend hours of your time manually prospecting on the platform. No need to message people one by one when you can just set up a Kennected campaign and reach your target audience easily.

Setting up a campaign on Kennected is easy. All you need to do is identify your target audience on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to create a search that is as wide or as specific as you want. This gives you the freedom to choose who to reach out to. Then you can just copy the URL of the search results onto the Kennected dashboard and you’re all set.

Now you can craft a personalized message to be sent to your leads. You can make one your own, or use Kennected’s proven and tested templates. The templates will be modified with your leads’ information so it does not look like you’re just spamming people.

In fact, Kennected even limits the number of messages sent every day so you don’t come across as a spammer. Kennected only automates the tedious and repetitive tasks that would normally be a huge waste of time—such as reaching out to thousands of leads one by one.

Imagine being able to craft an exclusive offer and sending it to everyone in your defined geographic location that has a LinkedIn account. That’s the power of Kennected.

You can even have multiple campaigns running at once. Aside from the personalized messages, you can also set personalized follow-ups to further increase your chances of getting a response.

Once you receive a reply, Kennected notifies you and then you can jump into the conversation from there. Building a relationship with your leads is something you cannot—and should not—automate. Kennected’s personalized approach allows you to build genuine connections with your leads.

Whether they buy something off of your first message or they just connect with you, you win. When someone connects with you on LinkedIn, you instantly get their email, phone number, and contact details—all within the Kennected dashboard. Kennected will help you reach thousands of people at a lower cost than mailers. They will also help you build up your SMS list, email list, and more.

It even integrates seamlessly with HubSpot, Salesforce, Insightly, Zoho CRM, Close CRM, and Pipedrive.

It’s all about being everywhere your ideal customers are. Kennected can help you grow your business. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more!

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