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Email Finder helps you find business emails from professional websites. You can find anyone’s email address with just one click. This tool makes finding emails for sales & marketing a breeze.

AeroLeads offers the following:

  • Phone number search

  • Lead enrichment

  • Email tracker

  • Company search

  • Name search

  • Bulk domain search

  • Domain search

But how does this break down? And are there other tools like AeroLeads?

What Does The AeroLeads Email Finder Tool Do?

Using their job title, company, location, website, LinkedIn URL, and business phone number, users can search verified business emails & personal emails of prospects or leads.

By uploading their name & company name, users can find business emails & phone numbers. 

For larger teams, contact the sales team for custom pricing that allows team collaboration.

It’s essential for staffing agencies, especially when multiple recruiters are sourcing candidates for big companies.

For better data accuracy, the tool provides full name, job title, location, generic company emails, business phone numbers, and email addresses.

You can import data on AeroLeads to other lead generation software.

Using AeroLeads is easy, & it’s got an email verifier so you can verify emails before you send them.

Type the name of the person you want to contact in the search field on LinkedIn. A confidence score & sources will be returned to API instantly. 

Is The Email Finder Free?

There’s a free trial, so you can add a few records to test it out.

Setting Up Your AeroLeads Account

It only takes a few steps to start using Email Finder:


  1. First, install the email finder extension from the Chrome Web Store

  2. Then create an AeroLeads account using your Google credentials.

  3. Lastly, build your email list to find people who matter to you. 

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Where Are The Email Records Added?

They are added to your default prospects page. Click here to view access.

Where Can You Find Information On How To Use Email Finder Software?

Check out this page to see how the software works.

Is There Information On Their Data Privacy & GDPR?

You can view their privacy policy here.

Who Uses An Email Finder To Find Business Emails & Business Phone Numbers?



TrueLeads gives you accurate contact information on TOP prospects & candidates. TrueLeads gives you access to over 220 million contacts in an easy-to-use dashboard. 


You can search over 1.2 billion emails in the ContactOut database or use the Chrome extension. While the website doesn’t guarantee accuracy, it claims an accuracy rate of 99%.

After you add them to your list, you can export them to a spreadsheet or directly to your applicant tracking system.

Depending on your plan, you can source qualified candidates on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite or Pro, Sales Navigator, and GitHub.

Marketers & sales will LOVE because it offers various tools for lead generation, email verification, email sending, and email tracking.

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Albacross is the first FREE lead generation service that turns your website visitors into hot B2B leads.

Get leads from companies that visit your website, see their business information, and get the contacts of the key decision makers. 

Additional Email Finder Tools

Additional business email finder tools include:


  • ZeroBounce

  • NeverBounce

  • TrueMail

  • GetProspect

  • ContactOut

  • Data Rosa

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