How Do I Advertise Using Text Messages?

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Social media marketing may be getting a lot of attention these days, but it doesn’t mean you should solely rely on it. There are so many ways to generate valuable leads, and you should not miss out on these opportunities. Using multiple marketing channels to promote your latest products and services will allow you to cast the widest net possible.

SMS marketing, for example, remains a valuable part of every multi-channel marketing campaign. An SMS marketing campaign, also known as a mobile marketing campaign, is beneficial because it can improve your relationships with your existing customers. In the long run, this leads to an increased ROI. You also develop brand loyalty when you use SMS advertising.

SMS marketing messages can even be more effective than your traditional email campaigns. This is because people check their texts more often than emails. You can even reach people regardless of what mobile device they are using. You can send an SMS to smartphone and non-smartphone users.

Even in this age of social media, SMS campaigns continue to thrive. So if you want to use digital marketing effectively, make sure you are using all the channels that are available to you—including text message advertising.

In order to reap the full benefits, however, you need to know how to use SMS marketing platforms properly. Here we are going to discuss how to advertise effectively using a text advertising campaign.

What is Text Message Advertising?

A text message advertising campaign involves sending SMS directly to your customers. SMS stands for short message service, but we know it more commonly as texting. Marketers usually use it to send messages that contain relevant information to their customers. They also use it to send promotional messages.

It is a type of marketing strategy that builds brand awareness on a more personal level because you are reaching customers directly through their mobile devices. However, before you can send messages to customers, they need to opt into these types of messages.

Your goal is to grow your list of customers to send messages to. You can then send bulk messages to groups of customers by segmenting your audience and categorizing them. You can also send personalized texts to make a closer connection with existing customers.

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How to Advertise Using Text Messages

A lot of marketers and businesses started with text message advertising before expanding into other channels of digital marketing. The short message service format allows you to reach people directly through their mobile devices. If done correctly, this is a good way to build relationships with customers and drive more sales. But if you misuse text message advertising, these messages could feel invasive. You might end up annoying your customers and cause them to opt-out of your text messaging.

Text message advertising is effective only if you do it right. The first thing you need to know is that people have to opt into your text messaging campaign before you can send them texts. Otherwise, you may violate the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.

Once you have secured their permission, you need to know what kind of text message to send. There are two types: promotional updates and transactional messages.

A promotional SMS text message is meant to generate sales or create hype for a new product or service that you are offering. Promotional updates can put a spotlight on your latest offerings, building brand awareness in the process. Use these to let everyone know about your business.

You can also use promotional text messaging to tell customers about sales, promos, announcements, events, etc.

Text message marketing services allow you to make event-triggered promo texts. This means they are sent to customers automatically when they take certain actions on your website, like signing up for your SMS marketing.

Transactional SMS marketing involves sending important information and updates about a customer’s order. These text messages are related to their purchase, including their order confirmation details, cart abandonment, shipping information, etc. Unlike promotional texts, you don’t need to get creative with these messages. You just have to give customers the info they need about the product they bought.

Send the right text message to the right group of people to get the best results. You do not want to annoy people with constant texts, so schedule your messages accordingly. It is all about making sure your customers are only receiving texts that are relevant to them from all your SMS campaigns.

Some companies collect phone numbers and then build a database for text advertising. They segment their customers based on different categories so they can send relevant texts at appropriate times.

There is plenty of software you can try out for your first SMS campaign. Small business owners will find a lot of tools that will help them cut through the marketing noise and stand out through SMS marketing.

Text Message Marketing Best Practices

If you are ready to launch your text message advertising campaign, here are some best practices to follow.

Getting permission is the most important thing. People have to opt-in before they can receive your messages. This is proof that text message marketing has truly evolved over the years. Marketers used to spam people with texts, and that is why a lot of consumers were not too excited by the idea of text marketing.

Because of FCC regulations, it is now illegal to do so unless you have their explicit consent. Marketers can no longer purchase a database of phone numbers and text random people. This is not as valuable as you may think anyway. People who willingly opt-in and give you their phone number are more valuable as leads because they are the ones who have displayed interest in your brand.

Once you secure those valuable phone numbers legitimately, you can start texting your customers. But you are still taking up some of their precious time whenever you send one, and people don’t like to be bothered throughout the day. So keep your text messages short and to the point. Avoid vague language. And don’t keep texting people every single day.

One text per week should be enough. This also means that every time you do text your customers, it will have some impact, as opposed to you spamming them every day and getting them to lose interest in your brand. Customers can unsubscribe to your text message marketing as quickly as they opt-in. Eventually, they will just start ignoring your texts the same way they ignore billboards.

Do not send unsolicited messages and do not bombard users with texts even if you have their phone numbers.

SMS marketing has a limit of 160 characters, and it is actually a good idea to stick with it. Simple, yet straightforward messages work best because they give customers all the information they need without wasting their time. It may be a challenge to communicate your marketing message within that limit, but that is one of the best practices you need to follow if you want to use text marketing effectively.

Create your text message marketing campaign by using an SMS marketing software that allows you to schedule texts, limiting how many you can send and when you can send them. Schedule your texts to be sent only at appropriate times. You don’t want to make customers feel trapped in their subscription.

Whenever you text a customer, make sure it is adding value to them. No matter what you are sending, make sure it is relevant to their needs and interests. Texting during business hours is better than sending messages early in the day or late at night. Otherwise, consumers might feel that you are being intrusive or even unprofessional.

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Who Regulates SMS Text Message Marketing?

The FCC or Federal Communications Commission has strict guidelines on customer consent and message transmission. So before you send any text messages to your customers, make sure you have their consent. You also need to provide the option to opt-out at any given time with an unsubscribe option.

The FCC ensures that brands do not simply spam would-be customers with their text message marketing campaign.

There is also the TCPA or Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which protects consumers from mass texts. It is also specific about how businesses can send bulk messages. But the important thing is to obtain written consent from every customer through your sign-up form.

These are the agencies that provide legal guidelines for text message marketing. Follow their regulations and you should be fine.

Whether you have their consent or not, be respectful towards your customers and do not use any hate speech. Grow your contact list and you will eventually grow your business. 

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

Despite the strict guidelines and the limitations of text message marketing, this channel does offer great benefits that you wouldn’t get from other marketing channels. So how does text message marketing work and why should you use it anyway?

Through SMS marketing, you can meet your customers exactly where they are—on their smartphones. The only way to get a more direct line of communication is to actually speak to your customers in person. Text message marketing allows you to cultivate meaningful connections with people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. They opted into your SMS list, which means they want to receive updates from you. Use this connection wisely to create a strong relationship with your customers.

This marketing channel works best when used with other mobile marketing channels.

Keep in mind that text message marketing isn’t always the best choice in every single scenario. Use it to create a sense of urgency over your latest offerings. Use text message marketing sparingly and you will create the biggest impact.

Use text message marketing to provide exclusive discounts and reward your customers for subscribing. This will also incentivize other people so that they will sign up for your text advertising.

Because of the direct nature of texts, they are more likely to be opened than emails. They also have high read-through rates. This leads to more conversions for your business. Launch your own mobile marketing campaign today.

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