What Are The Advantages Of Marketing With Online Videos?

Video marketing offers a lot of benefits. But for those who are new to social media and digital marketing in general, these benefits might not be very obvious. Some are still sticking with text-based content to promote their brand, products, and services.

And while other marketing strategies can still work wonders for your business, there are plenty of reasons why you need to put in a little more effort into your video marketing campaign.

The fact that most people are spending their time online watching videos instead of reading text or looking at images shows that this is a very important tool in your arsenal. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out on a fantastic source of leads and revenue. Your competition is surely using it.

Marketing your videos online helps you tell your brand’s story. A compelling story lets your audience know who you are and what your brand is all about. But most importantly, it allows them to make an emotional connection with your brand. So video marketing is all about storytelling.

If you want to earn your audience’s trust and convert more of your leads into paying customers, you need to start producing and sharing your own videos online today.

The Advantages of Marketing with Online Videos

Humans are visual by nature. While images and text are both visual, videos still have the upper hand when it comes to attracting people’s attention because of the motion that they have. Videos are moving pictures, after all. When a person sees a video, they can’t help but to look.

This is not the case for written content because sometimes people see walls of text and they immediately tune out. That’s why marketers sometimes supplement their text-based content with a few pictures or even videos to break down long paragraphs. This neat little trick can maintain someone’s attention for a much longer time.

Videos don’t have this problem. Videos are constantly moving and so they are constantly attracting your viewers’ eyes. The only problem is that there’s no guarantee that they will watch the whole thing whether it draws them in or not. The challenge for marketers and entrepreneurs is to create video content about topics that people care about so they will actually want to watch the entire video.

Choosing a topic that’s relevant to your audience’s interests is something you need to do no matter what kind of content you are making, and it’s not exclusively a problem for video content. So video marketing still has the edge.

Videos are Informative

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine the impact of a thought-out video. One of the biggest advantages of video is that it can contain so much more information than any other form of content. While articles may take some time to cover every single point they need to make, videos can provide all of the details viewers need in a shorter period of time.

This means people can absorb more information, faster. You can even teach them complicated concepts that are hard to explain in another format.

In this fast-paced world where everyone is busy all the time, people don’t always have the energy, time, or attention span to read long-form articles. Videos come in an easy-to-digest format, which makes it easier to pick up information.

Videos are Entertaining

Text-based content, at least for the purposes of sales and marketing, is limited when it comes to creativity. But with videos, you can explore different types and formats, covering different topics in fresh and exciting ways. There’s always room for creativity, whether you’re editing, trying different backgrounds, or shooting from different angles.

Videos are very entertaining—and it’s not just because you’re presenting your audience with moving pictures. It’s because you’re giving them something worth watching. If you create content that’s memorable, people are going to be more attached to your brand.

Videos let your Brand Shine

Speaking of brand, video content provides the perfect opportunity to show the world what your brand is all about. You can make behind the scenes videos that show how your organization operates. You can create a vlog and introduce some of your team members. You can cover events, webinars, and other noteworthy happenings.

Videos let you show off your personality, as well as the other qualities that set you apart from the rest of the industry. Aside from just appealing to your audience’s emotions, you are also showing the authenticity of your business. People only buy from businesses they trust. If you want to bridge that gap quickly, you need to use videos to your advantage. Show them who you are by producing videos that reflect your values and goals.

Videos Increase your Conversion

Because of all the qualities we’ve listed above, videos are extremely effective when it comes to converting your leads into paying customers.

Buyers use emotions to justify their purchases. So if you give them videos that inspire, inform, and entertain, you can easily appeal to their emotions and convince them to give your products a shot. 90 percent of customers agree that product videos help them make buying decisions. This is why video marketing has become especially valuable to marketers.

If you want to increase user understanding of your products and services, this is the way to go. You can effectively influence people’s buying decisions and in turn grow your revenue. In fact, marketers who use video are growing revenue 49 percent faster year-over-year than those who don’t.

Videos Help your Rank Higher in Search Results

On top of all those benefits, videos are also SEO-friendly. We’re not just talking about ranking higher on Google search results, you can also rank higher in YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

YouTube acts as its own search engine. It uses keywords to help viewers find the content they want to watch online. So make sure you optimize each video with relevant keywords—this will make it easier for new people to find your content online. Remember that there’s a sea of videos being published every second. You need to use every tool in your arsenal to stand out.

The amount of time visitors spend on your page after arriving from a Google search can influence your search result rankings. Thanks to videos, you can keep visitors engaged and interested for a very long time. Websites with videos have a longer “dwell time” compared to those that don’t. Use this information to your advantage.

The benefits of video marketing are undeniable. You need to make the most out of it right now so you can boost your revenue significantly. Start developing your own video marketing campaign today.

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