How To Add Endorsements On LinkedIn

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When a LinkedIn user receives an endorsement, they’ll receive a notification. Accept the endorsement, and LinkedIn will automatically add the endorsement to your LinkedIn profile.

Including specific skills on your LinkedIn profile is a great way to showcase your abilities to others, such as your peers, colleagues, managers, and even recruiters.

You can add a maximum of 50 skills to your profile. They’re a simple and effective way to build your professional brand and engage your network.

But there’s no need to add this many. Add up to 10 niche skills that highlight your services if you offer specific services.

When most people endorse you, they’ll endorse the top skills listed mostly because it’s easier than scrolling through your list of skills and choosing any further down the list.

Ensure you have your most important skills listed first, so these get endorsed the most.

Why Do The Right Skill Endorsements Matter?

Think of endorsements as a form of social proof.

When people come to your profile and see multiple endorsements for your relevant skills, it reinforces that you are the person they should hire if they’re looking for those skills.

According to LinkedIn research, those who list at least five skills on their profile receive up to 17 times more profile views.

Endorsing your connections’ skills is a way to recognize any professional abilities that you’ve seen them demonstrate. You may be asked to provide feedback on skills and endorsements.

Endorsing your colleagues can also help you to maintain strong connections with the people in your network.

This shows the team at LinkedIn is using this information in their search algorithm.

So not only are endorsements important to make you look more professional, but they also help you rank better in LinkedIn searches.

What Are LinkedIn Endorsements?

The endorsement feature on LinkedIn is a way of acknowledging someone’s professional skills and industry knowledge.

You’ll see a list of core skills on a person’s profile with a number next to it – this shows how many times that person has been endorsed or recommended by someone for that particular skill.

Your connections visit your page and endorse you for any of your listed skills by simply hitting the endorse button.

Every endorsement you get on the skills listed on your LinkedIn profile helps you to be more easily found and, just maybe, to land the job you’ve always wanted.

And of course, every LinkedIn endorsement you give helps out your colleague, so don’t hesitate to endorse the skills of others you hold in high esteem.

You should have a list of skills on your profile that correspond to the product or service you offer.

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How To Add An Endorsement Section

If your profile does not already have an endorsement or recommendation section and you’d like to add one, click on the blue “Add profile section” button in your bio and select the section you want to add.

Once you add the skill section to our profile, you can start working on getting those endorsements added!

How Do You Endorse Someone On LinkedIn?

Keep your endorsements honest. After all, when you endorse friends and colleagues, it ultimately affects your reputation.

Endorsing someone on LinkedIn is easy:

1. Scroll to the endorsement section of the profile for the person you’d like to endorse

2. Click the plus sign beside the skill you’d like to endorse the user for

3. Fill out the form that pops up

Thinking long-term about endorsements is another good strategy.

Make it a habit to connect to colleagues, clients, and freelancers you complete projects with so you can count on consistent, up-to-date endorsements.

Your skills and strengths will continue to grow with your career, and your endorsements should reflect that growth.

Message Requesting An Endorsement Example

You also can send a simple private message, such as:

John, You might have noticed that I recently added endorsements to your profile.

I am building up that component of my profile and would love to have any endorsements which you might feel comfortable adding, given our past working relationship.

Specifically, I am seeking endorsement for [the following skills].

Since I want to be a help to you, please let me know if there is/are skill(s) that you would like more endorsements for.

Thank you! Mary

How Do You Ask For Endorsements On LinkedIn?

Asking for endorsements can feel like the hardest part. It’s challenging to navigate, not sounding like you’re desperately pleading for validation.

Instead, you want to subtly remind connections of your contributions. Perhaps on shared projects, for example. You can ask that they comment on this by using a skill endorsement.

This can feel like a more natural approach and can be easier to phrase at construct in a message than the dreaded “Please endorse me.”

Can You Delete Endorsements On LinkedIn?

Once someone endorses you, it is not possible to delete them. However, you can hide them.

If you want to hide an endorsement, go to your “Me” section on LinkedIn, click “View Profile,” come to “Featured Skills & Endorsements,” click on any skill and uncheck that box, the endorsement, and the endorser will be hidden from your profile.

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Do You Need To Request A Skill Endorsement To Get One?

You don’t need to request a skill endorsement to receive one. By default, you’ll receive a notification when a connection endorses one of your skills.

However, you can manage the frequency of the skill endorsement notifications. Scroll down to your profile’s “Skills” section to see or manage skills and endorsements.

Skill endorsements are under the associated skill. You can also re-order the display order of your skills.

How To Accept Skill Endorsements

LinkedIn endorsements do not automatically appear on your profile after someone makes the endorsement; you have to accept them yourself.

You will receive a notification (on your LinkedIn account and, if you have so opted, via email) when you get an endorsement. Click on the notification and then accept the endorsement.

How To Turn Off Endorsements On Your LinkedIn Profile Page

Should you wish to turn off endorsements, here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to your profile page and scroll down to the “Skills & Endorsements” section, then click the pencil icon on the section.

  2. On the bottom of the popup window, click “Adjust endorsement settings,” then toggle “I want to be endorsed” to “No.” Toggle off the option for “I want to be endorsed.”

What's The Best Way To Receive Endorsements On LinkedIn?

The experts have weighed in, and it’s clear that one of the most effective ways of getting a LinkedIn endorsement is to endorse someone else on LinkedIn.

That doesn’t mean you should go on an endorsement rampage, giving everyone you’ve ever met credit for skills they may or may not have.

Earn Your Skill Badge

Did you know you can take assessments on LinkedIn according to your skills? You earn a skill badge if you score in the top 30%.

Though the skill assessment test is not essential, it can still be an easy way to stand out.

LinkedIn Endorsements vs. LinkedIn Recommendations

Endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn are not the same things. An endorsement is a specific skill that a colleague or friend can back you on.

A recommendation is a short note from a professional who recommends you for a job or project based on their experience with you.

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