Actor Bernard Cribbins Dies Aged 93

Bernard Cribbins, known for his roles in The Railway Children & Doctor Who has died. He was 93. 

Older generations might remember Cribbins from his appearances in the BBC’s children’s series Jackonary (1965 – 1995), while younger generations may remember him from narrating in The Wombles (1973 – 1975). 

Unlike many well-known entertainers today, the late British actor’s career spans many decades. His final televised appearance was in 2018’s British comedy Patrick

Here is what the article states –

“Cribbins’ involvement with Doctor Who also spanned five decades. He played Tom Campbell, one of the earthlings trying to resist takeover by the malevolent rolling salt cellars, in Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150AD, a movie spin-off from the original series. When Russell T Davies rebooted the show for BBC One in 2005, his scholarly interest in the show’s past led him to cast Cribbins as Wilfred Mott, an occasional companion of David Tennant’s Doctor. Older viewers recognized the actor from the film; younger ones knew his voice from his narration of The Wombles, originally screened on BBC One from 1973-75 but repeated for decades.

Appearing in shows with a long shelf life – because new child viewers arrive all the time – does not seem to have been a deliberate career strategy, but it gave Cribbins extraordinarily enduring recognisability. It helped that – as has notoriously turned out not to be the case with all stars of BBC children’s shows – no viewer would ever have hesitated to hire the warm, kindly Cribbins as a babysitter.”

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