Meet Stephen Twomey
Role: CIO

Stephen Twomey CIO Kennected

Stephen Twomey is an American entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, PR expert, consultant and lead generation expert.  He is considered to be one of the preeminent practitioners of lead generation SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the United States, Stephen  has worked with companies including Quicken Loans’, One Reverse Mortgage, Jonas Paul Eyewear, and many more.

Stephen has been featured on many high tier media outlets of the country including Fortune, Forbes,, BlueHost, HuffPost, BusinessInsider, Capterra, and several others. Founder and owner of MasterMindSEO, Stephen has been operating that brand since 2014. 

As the Chief Innovations Officer, Stephen works with developers, designers to create new products that can provide greater value to our clients. Never satisfied, Stephen strives to provide better tools that can help sales people and entrepreneurs create more leverage in their life so that they can spend more time doing the things that matter, like making more money or spending time with family or on leisure activities. 

Stephen lives in Traverse City Michigan with his wife Jane and 4 children. He enjoys boating, working out, reading and shooting guns.