Meet Elliot Drake
Role: CMO

Elliot Drake

Elliot Drake launched his first company in high-school. He was 15 when he started his tire, wheel, and car detailing business. After a family tragedy, Elliot wanted to take action and build something for himself. By 17, he had co-founded a social media marketing agency. Around this time, he partnered with a nationally known advertising company where he worked with some of the top personal brands in the US while also traveling around the world, giving talks on marketing. 

Since then, Elliot launched a second marketing agency focused on helping business owners and entrepreneurs generate leads. After building a strong marketing team, Elliot and partners realized how they could support far more businesses grow with software. That’s when they founded Master Your Network. MYN is a software company that builds software for simplifying & automating lead generation. Their flagship product, Kennected, has over 10,000 customers. 

Their vision is to build a world where people value relationships over money and are inspired to help other business professionals each and every day to have more impact, influence, and freedom.

Elliot’s personal why: I want to inspire people that there is always a new path to redemption, success, and fulfillment.