Meet Devin Johnson
Role: CEO

Devin Johnson CEO Kennected

Devin Johnson built his first company in high-school while also providing needed income for his family. He was 17 when he started his sneaker business.

By 18, he was organizing one of the top sneaker conventions in the midwest with over 4,000 people. He took his marketing skills and knowledge to co-founding Mission To Market, a full-service digital marketing agency with clients from Quicken Loans’ One Reverse Mortgage to Jonas Paul Eye Wear.

Through Mission To Market’s successes, Devin’s team grew very close. After aligning on a bigger mission and vision, they founded Master Your Network. MYN is a software company that builds software for automating lead generation. Their flagship product, Kennected, has over 10,000 customers.

Devin’s team is innovating the lead generation space with an entirely new integrated suite of lead generation software called ‘K-Suite’.

Their vision is to build a world where people value relationships over money and are inspired to help other business professionals each and every day.