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An SMS campaign is an invaluable asset for your business, but there are three main reasons you should be using this in your business marketing strategy.
  1. Text messaging carries a lot of influence

  2. The ease of sending a text message both for your business and for your clients

  3. How accessible the mobile phone is for communication purposes

We will delve into these three reasons, as well as some added benefits that SMS marketing campaigns can provide your business. Let’s get started!

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS stands for “short message service.”

An SMS marketing campaign involves the sending and receiving of text messages with the following main goals:

  1. Increase engagement across all company mediums

  2. Communicate quickly with your clients

  3. Use SMS as a marketing tool to promote your services

  4. Provide great customer service

  5. Provide a clear contact center for your clients

  6. Connect with your target audience

This marketing method not only targets your existing client base, but also helps you to reach potential customers without meeting face to face.

SMS messaging will first open with an “opt in” feature, giving clients the choice to not receive messages if they don’t want to.

If they are interested in communicating with you via SMS, they’ll be added to your globally adopted communication channel with their direct phone. This will allow you to send marketing messages, print media, or message individually if you prefer.

Above all, SMS text messaging is a service designed to improve communication and customer experience.

You’ll see results immediately and in a cost effective manner.

Read on to learn more about the 3 main reasons to incorporate mobile marketing into your business venture.

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The Influence of Text Messaging

Text messaging is an incredibly impactful way to reach your clients.

In recent years, there has been a substantial shift for companies moving into the digital space. Email marketing, phone calls, and SMS text messaging are beginning to reign supreme when contrasted with traditional marketing methods.

The best way to showcase the ubiquity of text messaging is through statistics:

  1. Text messaging is immediate–on average, it takes 90 minutes for an individual to respond to an email message. It takes only 90 seconds to respond to a text message!

  2. It does not require an internet connection in order to be viewed and received.

  3. 91% of all Americans have their cell phones within reach at all hours (source: Morgan Stanley).

  4. Open rates for text messages is 98%, while email messages hover at around the 15-22% range for open rates. Emails are also far more likely to be stuck in the spam box and never reached by your recipients.

Communicating via text messages is one of the most direct ways to reach millions, whether it is for personal reasons or business endeavors.

Your mobile device is extremely accessible, ensuring that your messages go to your customers quickly.

Text messaging is free for all users, making it an attractive options for businesses who want to reach their clients without a time consuming medium. The affordable results make this service a great option for seeing such affordable results.

Text message marketing offers a great deal of benefits for effective communication, especially when contrasted with email marketing or some other marketing method.

Using mobile phones to reach your clients is simple, effective, and advantageous for all parties involved.

What Can Text Messages Do For My Business?

It’s a better question to ask what text messages CAN’T do for your business.

Just kidding– but there are a plethora of ways to utilize text messaging services for your business and customer relations efforts.

  1. Communicate with your clients

  2. Promote sales efforts through content created

  3. Send information directly to your client’s phone

  4. Give your clients easy access to reach you or other employees

  5. Link your website in your texts to increase site traffic

  6. Encourage communication via mobile phones

  7. Provide a service channel for customer experience and support

  8. Get feedback from your clients in a comprehensive and direct manner

Businesses who utilize text messaging in their marketing and sales efforts see substantial improvement in the areas of communication, customer data, and the messages read by the target audience.

Your SMS campaign will not only send and receive text messages, but it will also provide you with analytics designed to help you improve your service for your customers.

You’ll receive delivery reports, texts from your customers, the ability to communicate for free, as well as the avoidance of spam and other undesirable features of email marketing.

The Accessibility of the Mobile Phone

We all know just how often we are using our cell phones.

We use them for personal reasons, company related reasons, and also for pleasure and entertainment.

Phones are used by large and small businesses alike, and SMS is designed to profit off of this accessibility.

The entire point of a mobile phone is to be able to communicate effectively, and small businesses and large corporations are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Customers are able to receive your message instantaneously, allowing you to use SMS to send whatever information is needed quickly.

It’s important to remember the variety of content that SMS can deliver to your customers.

Don’t forget to use SMS to link your website to your content, send you customers any important updates, and to maximize your sales efforts along the way.

Your customers will appreciate the ease of communication, and your SMS statistics will reflect that.

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Other Benefits of SMS

As a marketing tool, SMS texting provides a variety of benefits to your and your customers.

Your SMS will showcase your business persona as well as your content.

Don’t be afraid to show your customer the real side of your business. You want them to view you as approachable, friendly, and easy to speak to.

While your SMS efforts alone won’t give your clients the full scope of your persona, your texts will aid greatly in this purpose.

Another benefit is your improved relationships with your client base.

Giving your recipients the option to text back and forth with you directly allows you to build a relationship with them that you may not have been able to foster without SMS.

Keep these benefits in mind when you begin your SMS campaign, and see how many aspects of your business begin to thrive.

How Kennected Uses Mobile Marketing To Our Advantage

At Kennected, we pride ourselves on our mobile marketing strategies and seek to improve in this area whenever possible.

Our customers are extremely important to us, and our SMS efforts have strengthened our relationships greatly, seeing results immediately.

SMS messaging opens up many doors for your business, and it has done the same for us at Kennected.

Having direct access to our customers via their phones is a valuable asset that we love to emphasize in our day-to-day work.

Staying accessible and building our network allows us to perform at our very best for our customers, 24/7.

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