2 Comma Club Winners

What Is The Two Comma Club From ClickFunnels?​

The Two Comma Club (2 Comma Club) is an award that is granted to entrepreneurs who used ClickFunnels to grow their business to the “7 figure mark”. Let’s see what ClickFunnels has to say about the Two Comma Club, “There are two things that we love most about the Two Comma Club. 

First, it acknowledges and rewards entrepreneurs who’ve built amazing businesses. Those people deserve and award and we’re excited to provide it.  Second, it inspires entrepreneurs who haven’t yet reached the Two Comma mark that it is possible to build a million-dollar business.  Because when you see other people, just like you, build incredible businesses, that’s proof that you can do it, too. 

When that proof turns into action, that action turns into results. 

And then you get a ripple effect of success.”

Want To Work With A Company That Has Earned Their 2 Comma Club Award (2nd one coming soon)?​

Kennected gets asked multiple times a week for our blue print on “how we did it”. As in how did we grow a SaaS based product into multiple 7 figures a year in earnings?  Want to cut down on the learning curve and save yourself tens of thousands of dollars by working directly with an expert in marketing that can help you build your sales funnel, messaging and get you on the right track to earn your own 2 comma club award? Contact Kennected about our consulting packages.

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